Who Am I Crushing On? | Q&A #3

It is this moment that I sit here answering questions and being completely confused because people are actually asking me these, like they actually want to know the answers and I'm so completely dumbfounded by that. Regardless thank you to the people who have been asking me questions to answer on my Tumblr, which is www.wasted-guilt.tumblr.com (shameless self promotion I will not apologise).

Hi, I love your blog... what are five things you use everyday, like your essentials for everyday life? x 
Hello and thank you! I definitely underestimated how hard this question would be. My five daily essentials would have to be my phone (for music, aimlessly scrolling through social media, you understand), my iPad or laptop (Used to watch Netflix, do some online shopping, the usual), my bed (we have a connection I feel, no but seriously I have a weird attachment with my bed and only being able to sleep in my bed, if I try to sleep anywhere else I can guarantee I will wake up so much because I just need my bed, you can judge me now its okay), my eyebrows (I laughed out loud while typing that. Yes I do have eyebrows on my face, however they are sparse and not in good shape at the moment so I don't like not having them on in the morning, I just feel a lot more confident with them drawn on) and finally, my skincare and dental routine (I actually cannot function if I haven't taken my makeup off, cleansed and moisturised and brushed my teeth. I'll come home in the early hours of the morning after a night out and no matter how tired I am the first thing is going to the bathroom and doing all of these things or I cannot sleep at all.)

Do you get worried about how people you know will react to your blog? 
Yes all the time! I have moments where I would like to completely shield everyone I know from seeing this blog, but this on the internet and a lot of my friends and family already see the posts I make so why shouldn't other people? It's very daunting having people know the in's and out's of whats going on in your life but you deal with it.

Who are your top 3 OTP's?
I am ridiculously thankful you didn't want me to just choose one, you have no idea. One of them would have to be Monica and Chandler from Friends. I feel like everyone goes from the Ross-Rachel ship but I'm definitely all about Monica-Chandler! Another is for sure Hermione and Ron if you even need me to explain this one to you, my suggestion is please go and read the entire Harry Potter series immediately. Finally, I'm going to have to put it out there, my final OTP (which is one true pairing, < inserting that because my Mum reads this blog and I'm pretty certain she would have no idea what OTP is) Me and Alex Gaskarth, I mean he has a fiance and there is a bit of age gap there but a girl can still ship it right?

What are three bands you wish to see live that you haven't already seen? 
I feel like all these questions are ones that I really have to think about and my brain is working in over time. I'm pretty pleased that I'm slowly ticking all my wishlist of bands off, but there is still a while to go. Lets kick off this list with the on and only Blink 182 the last time they were in Australia was for Soundwave 2013, I believe? And guess who didn't go that Soundwave? Me. Secondly I'm going to go with Echosmith who I am absolutely obsessed with at the moment, such a good band! Lastly, I'm going to go with Sleeping With Sirens but only if they were to play all of their old stuff (and bring Jesse back).
Photo credit: Tom Falcone

You seem so laid back, do you ever get jealous? Love your blog! 
Thank you lovely! I had to laugh at this question, if you ask some people this about me they would tell you it takes a lot to make me jealous because that's how I am around them. However if you were to go and ask the friends that see me everyday, they'd probably scoff and call me a crazy, jealous bitch! But that's only sometimes I promise!

Opinion on Alex's new hair okay go. (I'm not a fan)
For those of you not familiar with Alex Gaskarth or his new hair I will insert a photo of it right next to this so you can see what we're talking about. I don't know what to say because at first I was not a fan either, but slowly after quite a few Alex selfies I'm all for it! I mean bring back the pink fringe but whatever.

Give us your best pick up line! 
I feel like I can't actually use pick up lines because half way through I would start laughing just thinking about what I'm doing! I did however read one the other day that made me giggle, are you a corn field? because I'm stalking you. I love how much that really would be something I'd say haha!

I need new songs to listen to, suggest some? 
My favourites right now include: Dynamite- Asta featuring Allday which is more pop than anything but Allday is clearly rapping, I mean, well he is a rapper. The Buzz- Hermitude I'm not even sure what genre this is, like electronic, I don't really know but its really not my normal genre. Change For Love- Little Sea I mean every 5SOS fan knows who Little Sea are because they're all good mates or whatever, but this new song is my jam seriously! And finally Obelisk- Northlane which is probably for those of you who are into the heavier stuff. Thank you to this question for highlighting how much diversity there is in my music taste.

I stalked your tumblr to see who you reblog pictures of most for this question hehe. Kiss, marry, avoid: Luke Hemmo, Alex Gaskarth, Jenna McDougall?
Hahaha thats so embarassing! Can you tell I clearly have a thing for the lead vocalists? This is such a hard question and I have backspaced my answer quite a few times before settling on: Kiss: Jenna McDougall I mean have you seen Jenna, biggest babe! Marry: Luke Hemmings do I even have to justify that one? Avoid Alex Gaskarth okay this is a lie because I really wouldn't avoid him but I feel his girl wouldn't be stoked if I were to kiss/marry him!

I love how into Origin you get on Twitter its so cute! Who are you backing for the final game?
I loose so many followers during Origin games because my twitter feed is literally one big live commentary on the game! Obviously, I'm backing the blues for the final game. I mean you wouldn't catch me backing QLD, however nice Billy Slater looks.

Who is your current girl crush and man crush?
Current girl crush is defiantly Halsey! For three reasons: her music (which you should be subjecting yourself too!), she's beautiful, and I mean seriously she has this kick-ass attitude that I admire so much! Man crush (is it acceptable to say there is to many to name or?), no seriously I'll go with Tyler Blackburn because Pretty Little Liars is on in the background right now and he is just everything!

What annoys you more than anything in the world? I read your blog religiously btw.
Haha thank you! What annoys me more than anything? Excuse me while I spin around in my chair trying to think of an answer to this one! Okay I'm back and I'm going to with people who lie this actually does my head in so much! Like come on people is it really that hard to honest? Little white lies I can understand, but only when they are necessary, if you're going to lie about something big maybe you should make the effort to make sure the other person doesn't find out the truth or you know don't lie in the first place, just a thought.

Thank you for all your questions and apologies if I didn't get to answering yours because I did have more but I didn't want to overload the whole post with a million and one questions (slight exagerration there, Elyssa!) Regardless, thank you for making me think on this Sunday night!

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