10 Ways To Annoy Elyssa

Raise your hand (figurative obviously) if you are one of the people of the world who get annoyed by things SO EASILY. Oh, your hands up as well? Come join the club of easily irritated beings, I've just made myself president, sorry not sorry. I have always been like this, however I think of late its gotten worse and you just have to look at me the wrong way and I've planned your death in my head in the next few seconds, so probably don't look at me the wrong way. What is the wrong way you ask? I don't actually know, it's probably safer to just not look in my direction at all. To help me vent about all the annoying things happening lately, I have compiled a list of ten ways you can annoy the hell out of me.

  1. Make plans, and then change them on me. Only to change them again a day later. Look mate I don't wanna hang out with you that badly.
  2. Drive 20kms/hour under the speed limit. Nah it's okay man, you drive that slow while the five other cars behind you enjoy the ride.
  3. Speed up when I go to overtake you. ARE YOU JOKING WHY CAN'T YOU GO THAT FAST ALL THE TIME IDIOT.
  4. Send me a message saying "hey" when I haven't replied to your last nine "hey" messages. LOOK PAL fair enough try once or twice but come on give it up!!!
  5. Give me your personal opinion on something about my physical appearance. I don't really give a toss if you liked my hair dark or you think I look better with less makeup, I'll do what I want with my body and that's the end of it.
  6. Be Netflix Australia and not have all the Cheaper By The Dozen movies and Blue Water High. I think this saddens me way too much but hey.
  7. Be one of those idiots who talks WAY too loud to their friends on a packed train. Yo we get it, you got boy issues, don't we all? You don't see the rest of us broadcasting them to the whole carriage during peak hour though!
  8. Be the NSW State of Origin team and loose by THAT much in the final game. Enough said.
  9. Take your time replying to an important question, or you know just don't reply at all. Because I really would have asked if I DIDN'T WANT AN ANSWER MATE.
  10. Lie about something that can so easily be proven wrong. I don't see the point like ??? I'm going to find out the truth why would you lie?? Logic.
There is a million and one other things you can do to annoy me, the list could go on for days, but we'll leave it right there to spare the frustration I'm feeling just thinking about these things happening.