Decode The Look | Everyday Simple

For my first Decode The Look look I decided to start out simple, something that can be worn on an everyday basis. Today I'm wearing the look out for a bit of shopping but you could easily get away with wearing this look to work, out to lunch, it's just a chic, versatile look that can be worn for so many different occasions.


I will not go a day without wearing a primer under my make up, not only does it make my makeup last longer throughout the day but it also helps to make my foundation look more flawless. Today I chose to use the Hangover Primer from Too Faced. This is a silicone free primer that is so hydrating on the skin which is always a good thing. I applies all my primers with my fingers to ensure they are properly placed on my skin, and then leave a good few minutes in between primer and foundation to make sure the primer settles on my skin how it is meant too.
 Since I am fake tanned today I went with one of my favourite foundations the Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline, mine is in the shade 210, which matches my fake tan brilliantly. Today I applied my foundation with a flat top kabuki brush, which made the foundation even and didn't leave any patches or streaks on my face, which you obviously don't want. 

To brighten up and conceal under the eyes i opted for a new drugstore favourite of mine the Dream Lumi Touch concealer by Maybelline. This concealer does exactly what it claims to do, brightens and conceals to make you look more awake an ready to face the day. To apply the concealer to my under eyes I simply use a concealer brush to pat the product in to my face.
To set my whole face today I took my trusted Fit Me Pressed Powder by Maybelline. I use this product in the shade 115 which is my colour only when I am very, very pale, but I also use this when I am fake tanned because it almost completely translucent and doesn't leave a white cast on my face.
Now for my favourite part of doing my makeup, bronzer!!! Today I'm using two bronzers, one as an actual bronzer to make me look well bronze, and then one to contour my cheekbones a little bit more.First up to bronze up myself I used the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer by Too Faced in the colour light/medium. So this goes on my cheekbones (obviously), up on my temples, across my forehead, on my chin and then a little bit down on my neck. I will also put this bronzer on my nose to make it look thinner if I feel like I need it on that day. My second bronzer is the Bronze Patrol Bronzer by Napoleon Perdis, this is darker than the Too Faced one and perfect to carve out my check bones more (ie. make them appear, without contouring I have no check bones haha). Finally for my base is highlighter, yet another favourite of mine, today I went for Albatross by Nars which leaves you with such a pretty, golden glow. This goes on the top of my cheeckbones, down the bridge of nose, a little bit on my forehead and then on my cupids bow. I always apply highlighter sparingly with a fan brush. 


Due to this being a simple makeup look I used only three products for my brows and eyes. Starting with brows, today I went for cult favourite Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills in the colour soft brown. This product was just used to fill in my brows where they are a little sparse as well as define the shape of my brows a little bit more than they are naturally. I find that this product last well even when I don't set it with a powder or a gel, so today I didn't use either. Normally I would go for an eye primer before I do my eye makeup, but the simple fact is today I just forgot so woops.

For my eye palette today  I literally closed my eyes and chose a random product from my draw and the Naked 3 by Urban Decay was the lucky chosen winner. Firstly I took Strange on a small shade brush and applied that on my brow bone, using it as a highlight. On the actual eye lid, the first colour I took was Limit on a blending brush and as the name suggests, I blended the colour into my crease. Using a flat shader brush, I picked up Burnout and placed that carefully all over the lid, making sure to blend it into the crease colour. Because this is a simple look I only took one other colour on my eyes and that was Mugshot, which I simply blended into the outer corner to make it a little bit more defined than the rest of the eye, and then blending it down slightly on the lower lash line. Finally, for mascara I took the Roller Lash Mascara by Benefit on my top and bottom lash lines. This product creates longer lashes which is definitely what I wanted for this look.


I am a big fan of using lip liner to slightly over draw your lips, on me I only really need to overdraw my top lip as it is quite a bit skinnier than my bottom lip and I just use the liner to help even them out a little. Today I picked up Number 40 by Maybelline and used that to draw out the desired shape of my lips. Following that I used Caramel by Napoleon Perdis which is almost a lip gloss, almost a lip gloss, but it does have some pinky colour to it. I put that all over my lips and used it to blend that lip liner in. 

Well Ah! That is the first "Decode The Look" piece on my blog, a simple look that can be worn everyday. There will be more of these posts to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time, stay lovely x