7 Tips For Getting The Guy/Girl You Want

Someone on Tumblr asked me to write a post about dealing with the boy you like... are you sure you're asking the right person? Did you click the wrong blog you poor, misguided soul?
I definitely cannot tell you what to do because I have no idea either (obviously), but I can give you a heads up on what not to do when it comes to boys from my prior experiences. So for the benefit of every other girl who is clueless when it comes to boys or girls, whatever you fancy, I have compiled a detailed (kind of) list of 7 things I can tell you for sure when it comes to trying to land the person you want!

Can I also just stress that having a boyfriend/girlfriend really isn't an essential part of life, like please never feel like you NEED to have someone because everyone else has one, or for any other reason, if you wanna be single you go for gold gal! 

  1. Don't change yourself. Seriously golden rule number one when it comes to liking someone or trying to get their attention: NEVER change who you are because you think it means they'll like you more or anything like that, because seriously the only people worth being with are the ones that want you for you.
  2. If they're not interested you cant force them to be. This is SO important and something that people often have to learn the hard way (lol me). As much as you want someone to be interested in you, and you try to make them be interested in you, if they aren't feeling ti they just aren't feeling it, it happens and it will continue to happen.
  3. Don't be clingy, but don't seem uninterested. Basically what i'm saying is play hard to get but not overly hard to get that they don't bother trying. It's really hard to find the right amount to get this right and you're going to have to experiment a little to find thee balance that works but once you got it, you got it girl!
  4. Don't be the only one putting in effort. Sometimes it can be hard to recognise if the other person isn't putting in as much effort as you, especially if you like them enough to be blindsided. But if you get to the point where the only reason you talk is because you start the conversation or anything like that, then my best advice is to back off and if they like you they'll realise that they need to life their game and if not well then, someone better is definitely out there.
  5. Do not have a "back up plan". Seriously, I've learnt the hard way that chatting up more than one person at a time is a recipe for making yourself look like an idiot, especially when all is revealed. AND also don't chat up best friends/ siblings/ people who are going to talk to each other. Never. Ends. Well. Ever.
  6. Do be flirty. This is one thing I am good at, like seriously I will unintentionally flirt with people everyday, it really just comes naturally and half the time I don't even realise I am doing it until my friends look at me like 'girl are you serious?'. It's not overly hard to flirt with someone, you just gotta put off some hints that you're interested.
  7. Do be confident with what you want. You have to know what you want and be sure of what it is that you want. It really isn't fair on anyone if you put in the effort only to decide a few days later that you were totally wrong about it all together.
Okay so here are my tried and tested tips on how to get the person you want, this was requested like I've said above, but please remember I wouldn't call me an expert on this topic given that I'm single haha!

Until next time, stay lovely x