Rant:The Worst Types Of People

Sometimes, on  nights like tonight I get in a mood that is me being pissed off with the entire world, seriously look at me the wrong way and I am 100% guaranteed to snap, that's just the way it is. I probably shouldn't write when I'm angry but tonight I decided that that rule is going out the door and I am taking advantage of my bad mood and entertaining you all with a rant on the types of people that I really cannot stand. I think I have done a similar post to this quite a while ago, so think of this as a re-write and update on that if you will.

Without further ado I give you my (probably going to be quite extensive) list of people that plainly piss me off, enjoy.

People that lie. 

Okay I am completely down with little white lies, you know like the ones that just spare peoples feelings, you know make them feel good or whatever, that's cool, that's fine, do what you gotta do girl. What I am not down with is people that tell those really, really big lies that you seriously cannot come back from. The type of lies that make you seriously question every damn thing that the person has ever said to you throughout the time you've known them. HOW DAMN HARD IS IT TO BE AN HONEST PERSON!!? Seriously how hard is it? It seems like honesty is foreign concept to some people, they're pathological liars and every word that comes out of their mouth is nothing short of  pure bullshit. It is these types of people that really do my head in! Seriously, why tell a lie when you know that eventually you're going to get called out on it, why just not be truthful to begin with and save everyone the hassle of dealing with your bullshit. IT'S NOT THAT DAMN HARD TO RAP YOUR HEAD AROUND!Honesty is not a hard concept. 

People that are self obsessed. 

There is a line. On one side of the line there is being self-confident, you know being happy with yourself and who you are and being comfortable in your own skin.On the other side of that line is being self-obsessed, self-absorbed, acting like the only person in the world that has any importance is you. This is the side of the line that you don't want to be on, at all. You focus on yourself way too much, like if you were to open your eyes past yourself you would see the great big wold that's out there. This may be shocking to some readers, however I would like to inform you that you are not the most important thing in the world, there is bigger things to focus on other than yourself, NEWSFLASH!

People that are narrow minded. 

Those people who just cannot get past their own views and opinions and theirs is the only one that's right and there is just no reasoning with them, at all. Its like they don't want to progress, they don't want to change their views, don't want to see a different way of looking at it. They're stubborn and it seriously makes me want to tear my hair out when people just cannot see a different side of things to what they want to see. It's like hey're looking at it from one angle and then other angles are just unattainable. Like do they just not want to believe that there is different sides to the story or? I can understand people that are older being narrow minded, not that age excuses anything, but it's like they are pretty much set in their ways, and I know that its harder to change beliefs that you've been with for a long time. However, younger people who are plain and simply ignorant and narrow minded, nope, nah, cannot deal with. 

People that try to shove their views and beliefs down other peoples throats.

Fair enough have a view, have an opinion, have a belief but do not shove that opinion, belief, view, whatever the hell it is that you have, do not try to force that upon any one else. Its a right to have your own opinion and all that stuff and no one should ever think it is okay to try and change someones views just because they don't line up with your own. You should be able to have enough respect for a person that you can value that not everyone holds the same beliefs as you do, you should be able to accept that and just move on with your life. If it's not directly affecting you then it really shouldn't matter. 

People that are pretentious.

Pretentious, arrogant, self-important, basically a dickhead to be quite honest. They are the people that feel like they have a sense of superiority over everyone else. there's such a high level of self importance, kind of like they are higher on the food chain then every other human being in the world. Here's the second newsflash for this post, honey we are all on the same damn level, and just because in your head you're better than everyone else, doesn't mean you are in reality, I feel like its not that hard to understand. 

I have had to physically stop this post right now because just thinking and writing about these people is honestly frustrating me so much its ridiculous.  

Until next time, stay lovely x