THAT 5SOS x Rolling Stone Interview

Cover of January issue Rolling St

Up until I realised someone wanted my opinion on this I hadn't actually read the whole thing, I'd read the introduction and that was pretty much it, I didn't really have an interest in it all, BUT now I guess I have a reason to have a read, so this is pretty going to be a straight up, no bullshit at all opinion. 

Can we please all remember that before this article severely pissed me off I was a massive 5sos fangirl, don't hate on me yo'. 

First things that pisses me off is literally the whole of the second paragraph, the Luke coming down stairs, getting something to eat, mumbling an apology and going back to bed! Mate you have a reporter sitting in your house waiting to talk to you and your band mates and all you do is gather a 'sorry' and go back to your bedroom? He did offer the excuse of being a tad hungover, however, hungover doesn't excuse being rude to guests and people that are about to change your image as a band, forever. 

The next thing I'm going to rant is a quote that also comes from none other then Mr Luke Hemmings, the rockstar himself. When talking about the AMA's, which they had just performed at, "It's just viners and internet personalities, those kind of people. Fucking pisses me off! Why are you here?" WHY ARE THEY HERE? Perhaps because they're trying to make something of themselves, which was not unlike you a few years ago. This seriously grinds my gears (lol did I actually just use that phrase? apparently), like congrats you ""made"" it, don't change your attitude just because you've already reached what other people are striving for. 

Something that perhaps made me giggle a little bit was the next paragraph, with Michael talking about how he and Luke had crashed Justin Biebers AMA's after party- but didn't talk to the host. "I think he hates us." Michael told the magazine, good. Maybe having some high power enemies in the music industry might bring down some ego's a bit. 

I feel like someone is probably going to rage at me for what seems like some pointed attack on Luke Hemmings but, honestly how many jerk remarks come one person make in the amount of time it takes to do an interview? And this is coming from someone who is a self confessed Luke Hemmo fangirl! They were introduced to some members of a new group who innocently said "we're in a boy band, too." Which seems like a fairly normal thing to say, like they were just trying to establish a connection by pointing out what they had in common and Luke's reaction was "I was like, 'I'm walking away not." ARE YOU FREAKING JOKING ME! This was at an industry party, so it was all people who have something to do with the music industry. These poor guys were just trying to make small talk because obviously first introductions are usually pretty awkward, so what the hell does he do? Walk's away! Like there was no lie in what the guy had said, 5SOS are pretty much a bloody boyband! 

There is a paragraph where the band talks about co-writing with Chad Kroeger of Nickleback, here is a quote from Ashton that should give you giggle, "It was just a fucking Nickleback song" FANCY THAT, you're writing with a member of Nickleback and the song came out sound like something that they would sing, that. is, astounding. truly.

This is probably another thing that is going to get me in trouble but guess what I don't really care. The article goes on to talk about Lukes girlfriend, Arzaylea, did someone forget to tell me she was now a member of 5SOS? Arzaylea counts her career as an "internet influencer." lol okay girl, you do you, that's cool. Apparently she has also credited being a trust fund baby to her carefree-about-her-future attitude, I mean would you be worried if you have a trust fund and a boyfriend who is mega cashed up? Nah didn't think so. 
"When the VIP row gets crowded, Arzaylea climbs onto his lap, and they make out." BITCH YOU AT A GOOD CHARLOTTE GIG AND YOU'RE MAKING OUT WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND INSTEAD? YOU CRAZY? 

"Thanks to Hemmings' looks and shaky but endearing performance, the video scored 40,000 views in a few months." Honestly though, I was probably more of those views than I care to admit, oh the fourteen year old fangirl days!

I love that Rolling Stone got some information from their ex-manager, Adam Wilkinson, if I remember the earlier 5sos fans used to call him Wilko and could easily get a conversation out of him on Twitter. 

I'm not someone who will shame someone for having sex, that really isn't my thing. But what I'm not down with is using your fame to get some action and then using that to try and change your image from boy band to punk rock or whatever the hell they are trying to achieve with this article. Yes, here's looking at you Luke Hemmings, jerk, maybe that's how you should start signing all those autographs? Just a thought?

Something that always riles me up is when people talk about mental health, I love that Michael is being really open about the struggles that he's having in regards to his mental health. But saying in one quote that he's an 'advocate for mental health' and in the same paragraph saying how he takes too many sleeping pills at night, really doesn't sit well with me at all. Surely these guys understand how much influence they have on their fans. 

Side note: Ashton seems very modest and doesn't seem to have his head stuck up his arse unlike certain other band mates, I like that. 

While filming an appearance the reporter comments that "Clifford is sluggish and a little sour; he was out late partying.." and "with the crowd still cheering, he darts offstage and storms down a backstage hallway to the dressing room." Friendly reminder, Michael, those people cheering for you are the ones that got you to the point that you're at in your career, fucking show them some respect. 

The last paragraphs, the ones detailing the prank they pulled on their managers is probably my favourite part of the whole article. Like, oh look, its the four boys from Sydney who used to reply to every tweet they got, played acoustic shows in the park and then legged it when it was about to get shut down. 

In all, if their aim was too start being perceived as self-righteous dickheads, I would say they did pretty well, top job lads.