'It's Not You, It's Me' | Q&A #5

Yes it is that time once again, question and answer number 5 is now a reality! Quick shout out to the people who ask me questions for these, you are the real MVP's. Don't forget that you can ask me questions for Q&A's at my Tumblr, which you can ask anonymously or whatever because I don't publish names on the blog.

Did you get any hate for your 5SOS post? tbh I agreed with everything that you said :)
I'm glad you agree gal/guy! I did get a little bit, but I have comments disabled so it was mainly people just going onto my Tumblr and anonymously being tough guys from behind a screen, most of the comments were for the stuff I directed at Luke I think, but I shouldn't have to justify my own opinion and thoughts. 

How would you respond if someone said "it's not you, its me".
Oh this is a hard one! I wouldn't even know how to respond I don't think, I would probably laugh and use a colourful word to describe them and that would be the end of it. I feel like most of the time that excuse is used its total bullshit, so if someone tries to legitimately give you that as an excuse, they aren't worth it girlfriend.

Do you think you could go the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
If I didn't leave the house for the rest of my life I would be perfectly fine without alcohol, but my friends are bad influences and I have every little self control when it comes to drinking so I'm going to go with no, probably not.

What is the most expensive thing you've ever brought?
This got me thinking and I'm fairly sure it would have to be my phone? Like I haven't payed for it all in one go obviously as I'm on a phone plan but yeah that was pretty expensive.

Did you go to Neck Deep and State Champs??!! How was it?! 
I did!!! It was so so good! But yeah I saw the same gig twice in one day because Perth got a matinee all ages show at HQ and then a overage show at The Rosemount so I got the day off work and saw three freaking amazing bands play twice in one day.

Favourite make-up brand?
This is like someone asking me to choose a favourite child except makeup is my child considering I don't have kids. I love Too Faced for one, their products are so fun and they're such great quality for a reasonable price and I would also have to go with Urban Decay just because (insert love heart eyes).

Do you get easily offended? Like when someone talks badly about you, do you get upset about it?
If its someone I don't really know then I usually just brush it off like yeah okay thank you goodbye. but if its someone that I know and care about I'll probably get a little bit, not upset more like pissed off. I usually just make it into something sarcastic haha.

Didn't you just get 5SOS Soundcheck tickets and now you're hating on them?
UM yes I did, have you got a problem with that? I think I need like a complaint box or something.

Did you get your first preference for Uni?
Nope, I didn't sit my WACE exams so my application for Uni that I made when I was still planning on doing the exams didn't go through, obviously I knew this was going to happen when I decided to withdraw from exams.

That's all for now, stay lovely xx