Catch Up With Me!

Hello! Yes I am still alive and breathing, today I am back (finally) with a bit of an update post. I have a few questions on my tumblr from you guys like "Where are you?", "why haven't you been posting?", "hurry up and post", "you've been gone for ages!". Yes I know and I am sorry, things have been super hectic lately and when I try to set a time for me to sit down and actually just write, something, without fail gets in the way, so to get this done I am staying home and staying sober, not that I even drink that much anymore (more on that below) on a Friday night to make sure that I get some content up and everyone is kept happy. Upon review I have realised how long this post actually is, I highly recommend getting a cup of tea and a snack if you plan on sticking it out for the whole thing.

So the last time I posted was the 12th of May, so just over a month ago, but that was quite a randomly posted blog because I'd been gone for a while before that. So for everything to make sense I am going to go back to April. Okay so if you know me personally you would probably know that I was (and still kind of am) having so much trouble with feeling physically ill all the time, like day in, day out, physically feeling like utter crap. I will admit that as of late my mental health hadn't been to crash hot, but I hadn't really let that on to anyone, so I kind of just thought that the reason I felt that sick was a reflection of my mind being in a not great state. ie. head was in a bad place, so my stomach was going out in sympathy for my mind, that was my reasoning behind feeling ill. The point that I realised that my stomach had nothing to do with my head was when I woke my boyfriend up and had to get him to drive me to my house for stronger painkillers because I was in so much pain, like I'm talking three or four o'clock in the morning. It was then that I was like 'maybe this isn't so much my head as it is something is actually wrong.' After that I was sent home from work a few times and and on one occasion I was sent straight from work to the doctors because I was just in that much pain but all they could really do was give me antibiotics and do some testing. So I did what I was told and took the antibiotics, finished the course and was still feeling like crap really. The one day I was sent home from work again, it was Friday of a long weekend, so I went home and just tried to sleep it off, because I mean it was a long weekend and I had plans so I just wanted to feel moderately well enough to enjoy having the next three days off work. That however did not go to plan at all because my Mum somewhat convinced me, somewhat forced me to go to the hospital. But because where I live, we had a period where we had visiting doctors and no permanent doctor they had to contact a doctor via video link and obviously there certain limitations when it comes to your doctor being two hours away. With that I was sent to the nearest base hospital which was an hour and away and I 100% was not going without a fight. I made my boyfriend (who once again was sleeping on account of the fact it was like eleven oclock at night) get out of bed and come with me to the hospital because I just didn't want to go, even though I knew that I probably needed too. I ended up spending two nights in hospital with a kidney infection and a lady down the hall who liked spiritual music in the mornings and a man in the next room who got a little too involved in watching his football games. But I mean you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to your health and I am probably not the best advocate for that because I let things linger for SO long before I get them checked out so probably do as I say and not as I do.This also explains a comment I made above, about not drinking as much anymore. For a while there I could hardly have two sips without going back to feeling like crap. I've manged to make it to I think four drinks now and thats taken some effort, not that my skin (pimples!!!!) is complaining about not drinking every weekend.

So after I was released from hospital, seriously like that day we salvaged what was left of our long weekend that wasn't a long weekend anymore it was basically just a weekend now, but we stuck with our original plan and decided we would stay in a nice hotel and pretend that we did actually belong there.
When I say nice hotel, I mean Hotel Rendezvous in Scarborough, so nice but not nice, nice if you know what I mean. This was basically just planned so we could hang out away from home and like the town we live in because in this town if you don't get out every once in a while you will get claustrophobic. So really we just hung out and went out for dinner and then like two hours after we got back from dinner decided we wanted dessert. Okay I don't know about you but that weekend I discovered that the desserts from Dominoes are really not worth paying $30 for, even if you just want it delivered to your door, Not even really to the door because Brodie still had to go down to the reception to get the food, so whatever. But I mean, after getting out of hospital and kind of feeling a little bit better than I had in a while, it was just fun to relax and do something different.

Seriously like that same week I began working in the dairy and freezer department of my store. So long checkout and rude customers and hello wearing multiple layers of clothes and working five days a week without having to rely on a roster. So now, I go to the same place every day, I just don't have to work on the weekends, I have the same hours every week and I get to do things at my own pace. Like obviously I still have my bosses but I look after the whole department and get to make the majority of the decisions about it, hello more responsibility!

What else has been going on? Oh! I went to the zoo, again! The first time that Brodie and I went, we managed to get around the zoo in probably just over two hours. This time we went with my whole
family for mothers day, so my parents, my aunty, my grandma and all five of my siblings. This time it took us, I think six hours or something ridiculous like that, six hours! Regardless of how long we spent walking around and looking at all the animals, it was a lot of fun to spend that time with my family, we hadn't really done something all together in a while and it was fun watching all my siblings, especially my little brother get excited over the animals (and terrified over the life size dinosaurs that they currently have!)

Next exciting topic to talk about, I moved out of home! I was going to make a comment about independence but I'm still not that independent. I've only moved into town from the five acres that my family lives on, so I still go home and see them all, seriously like once a day I go out there haha. My sisters and brother are always at my house too, Harry likes to come over and pick the flowers by the front door and eat the foods that mum won't let him have at home (fruit loops, roll ups, oops.) So, Brodie and I have rented this house and obviously live in it together. Surprisingly, I haven't cried at all about moving out. Me!!! I haven't cried!! I cry over everything!! So obviously I'm super proud of that fact. I always said before we moved in together that I wouldn't pick up after Brodie and all this stuff. Okay seriously, I think I am the only person in this house that knows how to use the washing machine and the location of the washing line. However it isn't all bad because he does the cooking a lot of the time (this is a win for someone who burns cookies.(In my defence I put them in and then got distracted, I also had made a pretty good brownie before that, just ask my family!.) The only advice that I have about moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend is to be completely sure that you both want to move in together because that person is seriously the first person you're going to see in the morning when you wake up and the last person you see before you go to sleep. You have to be sure that you both want this or things can end up pear shaped.

I think this is where we end things, I've rambled on enough. Now that things have kind of settled a bit I'm hoping to get back into writing, to be producing content more often than once every two months. I do apologise for the irregularity of my posts and I say that all the time but as you all know, life happens.

Until next time, stay lovely x.