I'm Back Baby | Whats Been Happening?

Hello people of the Internet, it's been a while, hasn't it? With being an adult and such its so hard to find time to sit down and actually just write, hence why I'm writing this at eleven o'clock at night with Brodie snoring away next to me. I have no real plan for this post, not a set out structure, it's more of an update of what's been happening in my world since the last time we spoke, which was quite a while. 

It's so hard to think back to some of the things that have happened because it really doesn't feel like all that much time has passed, but it's been months. You would think I would have millions of things to recount but I'm struggling to even think of a few. This is probably because my life it's get up, go to work, come home, do some type of exercise (like I go to bootcamp or I go for a run, yes I can run now what a surprise). I've also learnt a new appreciation for my mothers frustration at having to find a new thing for dinner every night, seriously! I'm one of those people who likes to try new things and experiment with different foods, Brodie however is one of those people who prefers to stay with what they know. Honestly if I let him survive off steak, eggs and rice every night he probably would. 

At the start of October I spent a few days on the other side of the country, in Sydney, with my mum and my sister. Officially it was our birthday presents, unofficially it was to see 5 Seconds Of Summer (how fan girl of us). In four days we managed to fit most of the tourist things in- cocktails overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Opera House, shopping in the city, the view from the top of the Sky Tower, caught the ferry to Manly, afternoon at Luna Park, watched the sunset at Bondi Beach. Thanks to a little better understanding of the Sydney public transport system than the last time we visited it was SO much easier to navigate our way around the city to be able to do these things (all hail the opal card). Cailee and I even had Starbucks for the first time, my unpopular opinion however was that I really didn't like it, sorry. While we were in Martin Place we visited the Lindt Cafe, when I say visited I mean we walked inside maybe five steps before this overwhelming feeling hit us and we retreated. It's the eeriest feeling of knowing something so horrific had happened right where we were, it just hits you. You recognise the Windows they were forced to gold flags up against, you begin to piece together things that you couldn't understand without seeing it. All in all it was a good trip, four days felt like quite a long time but in reality it isn't really, is it? Shoutout to Melbourne for the bad weather and the plane delays on the way home, what a way to end the trip. 

I'm seriously scratching my head for things to tell you about, I'm an old grandma now I hardly leave the house. Something that might be a bit of a surprise due to the fact you all know how much anxiety I have, I jumped 15,000 feet out of a bloody plane. That is right, I, Elyssa Giedraits, jumped (kind of had to be pushed by my instructor) out of a plane, 15,000 feet above the ocean!!! I mean on the video you can definitely see me have a mini panic attack on the way down, which was before he pulled the parachute. Once he pulled the cord it wasn't AS bad for me, I mean I still wasn't about to let him do the turns and spins and tricky shit that he tried to do, the only thing I was interested in was landing and getting that bloody harness off me, signalling that the whole thing was over!

Something else we also didn't get to celebrate together was my birthday! Way back (a slight over-exaggeration) I turned 19, which is a pretty shit year, I mean it's a nothing year, not that special. Highlight of the whole day probably should have been Brodie taking me out to dinner but I was SO excited that my family brought me a punching bag, now I can take my anger out on something! The weekend of my birthday I actually spent at the Pithara Burnouts. Basically all that is, is a place where people (who like the smell of burnt rubber) go to, well, burn some rubber and try and be the alpha, the top dog, the best. It's also a good place to get drunk if you aren't all that interested in the burnouts (ie. me). 

Thank you for reading this catch up of what's been going on in my life lately, a mental health side of what's been going on is coming to you shortly. Below is a short gallery of photos from my time away from the computer! 

Stay lovely x