14 Things That Annoyed Me Today

Today I decided for a bit of a laugh, and so you can understand how annoyed I get over the smallest things, that I would record some of the things that just got on my nerves today, there's definitely plenty more things that annoyed me but listing them all would make me look like more of a grumpy old women than you probably already think I am.

#1: having to go to work.
After being sick all day yesterday and having the day off on Wednesday I did not have the motivation to get up at 6:45 and be at work by 7. Just having to go to work in general really pisses me off. Who invented having to work for a living? Why was I not born into a rich family where I could be a lady who lunches? (ie. Drinks endless amounts of wine at lunch time and just flicks a hand with "put it on my card" when it's time for the cheque.)

#2: Being 5 minutes late to work.
Admittedly it was my own fault for spending too long being pissed off about actually having to go to work instead of getting ready for work. That however is not the point. I wasn't even 5 minutes late, but if you log in one minute past 7 o'clock you may as well have stayed in bed an extra four minutes because you only get paid from 7:05am. Who's stupid idea was that? Are you using that as an incentive to be early for work? Because that backfired, if I'm "five" minutes late for work I make sure I work five minutes after I'm supposed to finish to ensure I get paid for my full time, sorry work! (I can tell you this I finish soon, they aren't going to do much now.)

#3: The floor being wet.
Every morning when I get to work the floor is being cleaned by the cleaner, so I'm not sure why on this particular morning, the floor really damn annoyed me. Why must she just have cleaned right in front of my case? Can I walk on this? I'm going to walk on it anyway because I need to get my damn display. Is this going to leave marks in front of my case and make it look dirty? Argh screw this I'm going to drink my juice box until it dries. (Yes I do take juice boxes to work because I am basically a 10 year old.)

#4: dropping a whole crate of milk on my foot.
By my own fault the milk crates are stacked six high- which in case you don't know because they are bloody heavy is a bad idea, but I'm a an idiot and will continue to do it anyway. On this morning I was pulling down some 3 litre milks that due to wearing no gloves and having used moisturiser just previously slipped right out of my hands and onto my foot. Thank god you can't hear out of my cool room due to the fans because there was a whole lot of swearing and cursing (and a few tears) going on. Who drops the milk on their foot and then blames the actual milk for it? That would be me.

#5: the doors opening and customers actually entering the shop.
Eight o'clock hit and I was just not ready to deal with customers, why are you at the shop at eight in the morning? Didn't you shop yesterday? Oh you came in for milk? I JUST FILLED THAT DISPLAY!! I don't know what it is but the first customers of the day just really annoy me. It's like the alarm going off in the morning but you can't hit snooze because they're real human people, real human people who want to take stuff from your display that you just filled up.

#6: my cool room looked like a hoarders living room.
I don't know how I take one sick day and come back to my cool room having been hit by a hurricane! I admit I did miss the news yesterday so having watched that could have prepared me for the mess that took me ALL AFTERNOON to clean up. I'm an organisation freak, certain things have certain sections and nothing was in its section, absolutely nothing. Oh cheese in the yoghurt section? They do look similar don't they! No, no they don't.

#7:  bacon
Yes, today I got pissed off by bacon, however there is a plausible reason I promise. Basically at current moment there is around eighteen boxes of 'value' bacon in my cool room, and I'll be real it isn't flying off my shelves. The solution to that is quite clearly to add yet another line of bacon which is pretty much exactly the same, just payed out differently with a different name. Another twelve boxes of that? That will definitely solve the problem of two much bacon, definitely. I mean I'm surprised that I didn't think of that, genius.

#8: someone took SO long to back out of their parking space while I was waiting to back out of mine.
Okay so this person had their reverse lights on before I did so I did the courteous thing and let them go first, except they took what felt like forever to actually leave their space across the road from me. To make it worse there was not a mother car moving in the whole car park so they we seriously just sitting there with their reverse lights on. Finally as I got fed up with waiting they decided that then was the time to make their move, seriously I try to be nice and this is what happens.

#9: having to think of something for dinner.
This the actual worst thing about being an adult- I have no problem cleaning, cooking whatever, but finding something new or dinner every night is the absolute worst! Brodie is absolutely no help when it comes to this either, sometimes- when I'm really bloody stuck I ask him what he wants for dinner and his reply is the same EVERY time "whatever babe, I don't mind". Oh you don't mind? What's that dish? Italian? Mexican? And to make it worse he doesn't like to try new things, for example I made chicken, mushroom and asparagus risotto, which I love, I used to cook it for my family all the time. However because of how it looked, apparently 'like dogs vomit' he wouldn't eat it. DO YOU SEE WHY I GET ANNOYED!!!

#10: my iPod was on the wrong playlist.
I was already set out on my run, jogging along, when suddenly the music changed and it was then that I realised I was not listening to the upbeat songs that are on on running playlist- no instead I was listening to a playlist of the slowest songs I have on my iPod. It is quite hard to be motivated to keep running while listening to Fix You by Coldplay or Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt- yes I do listen to those songs when I'm in a bad mood what about it? Anyway what annoyed me most was that just when I was starting to get into the groove of running, I had to stop just to change playlists, argh.

#11: when I actually thought of something for dinner I had to go back to the shop.
How annoying is leaving work, going home and thinking 'oh yes, no more of that place until Monday morning' only to realise two hours later that you need to go back and get food. SO ANNOYING. And then someone just HAS to make a comment about it, ha ha yes I am back, is that a problem? Sorry I forgot my food, do you want me to starve to death? No you don't you want me to show up to work on Monday.

#12: The cat tripped me over on my way in the door.
Yes okay you're happy to see me, I'm sorry we left you at home all day by yourself but don't attack me as soon as I walk in the damn door. I swore at her a few times and accidentally stood on her tail, however all has been forgiven by this point because she's currently sitting right up against me watching my fingers move while I type.

#13: I realised it was 8:45 and I hadn't even cooked dinner yet.
In fact I considered having popcorn for dinner. You see Brodie isn't home so I really didn't see the point in making dinner for one person. However once I stood up to get popcorn it really didn't seem that appealing and I realised that I hadn't eaten all afternoon so it was probably a good idea to have an actual meal. Like thank you body for making me hungry- now I have to put in more effort just to make dinner THANK YOU.

#14: dinner turned out liquidy.
Okay maybe I went overboard with the cream, maybe I puréed the vegetables to much I DONT KNOW. Whatever it was its damn annoyed me. What didn't annoy me was the amount of cheese I got to put in my pasta to make it not liquidy- yes I know that is not a word and yes I know I've used it twice but what are you going to do.

Thank you for reading this quite petty post about the smallest things that get me so annoyed! It's quite amusing- including to me who just read it back and realised how easily I get annoyed! Don't forget that I now have a Facebook page for this blog- search The Introvert Archive and give it a like so you can be updated when I post something and get to see the funny things I like to share! 
Stay lovely x