Confidence & Positivity? | Q&A #6

I seriously haven't done a question and answer post in so long, so to rectify that I'm coming to you right now with a bunch of questions that people have sent to me over the past few months (months is a really long time I'm sorry haha).
These questions have come from both my tumblr and through the contact form on my blog. As of now I won't be taking questions through Tumblr- I'm seriously never on there anymore, I only go on to get these questions so there is not interaction from me on there. So, for the next Q&A your questions can come through the contact form on the blog if you're on a computer (you can't get that contact form on the blogs mobile layout). Fear not mobile users The Introvert Archive actually has an email address, so if you have a question you want answered in the next post email with the subject line "question and answer" and I'll be sure you put it in the next post! Onto the questions that you have sent me.

•••TV/ movie recommendations for a bad day?
I feel like your first movie to watch is definitely your all time favourite movie- so mine is 10 Things I Hate About You, I watch that movie religiously when I'm having a bad time. Other funny movies are good to cheer you up as well, I like movies such as Bad Neighbours (the first one, the second one was pretty shitty), Ride Along (1&2 are just as funny as each other!) and Dirty Grandpa (another Zac Efron movie what a surprise). As well as funny movies go for the classic ones that never get old, like Mean Girls and Clueless and High School Musical (1,2&3 lets be real).

•••What is your biggest pet peeve?
I feel like one things doesn't annoy me more than the others so I have a few to list- you all know I'm easily irritated, this isn't new information. The first one is people who invade my personal space even when I have a look on my face that says 'don't bloody come near me'. Like do you have a death wish? I'm not in the mood for you leave me alone! The second one I don't have to deal with anymore (praise the lord) but it was when customers are so rude to staff over things that we couldn't control- (story time!) like on my last day of working at IGA, Harvey Fresh who are the main supplier of milk in the store had left a note in the invoice of a few items that were unavailable at the warehouse for whatever reason, and I mean that's not a irregular occurrence, it's always going to happen that a supplier can't give you something you ordered, it's not odd, like you deal with it, work around it. On this particular day an older lady was looking for whipping cream and was looking for the Harvey Fresh one and asked if I had any out the back. I told her that I had none due to a circumstance in the warehouse where they didn't have any either and suggested the other brands that I did have in stock. All of a sudden it was just all my fault that I didn't have the exact one that she wanted even though we had a heap of whipping cream just a different brand. She even threatened to make a complaint while in I was just thinking 'go ahead I only have an hour left here anyway'.

•••Where do you get the confidence to write about your personal life?
I write for myself and not for anyone else. I write these posts because it's something that I love doing and it really feels like it gets things off my chest. I can write better than I can talk, I have a hard time talking about my feelings and all that cringeworthy stuff so I prefer to write it all down and then I choose to put it into the blog because other people can read it, relate to it and know that they aren't alone, know that they aren't the only ones feeling like this. I think the confidence to press publish honestly comes from knowing that I have the potential to help someone- I'm happy with even just helping one person.

•••Have you lost friends because of your mental illness/writing about it?
In a short answer, yes. I don't think people have cut me off because I'm depressed per say, I think we've just lost contact because of my behaviours. For example I'm not up for going out all the time, it's exhausting to be out and about all the time for me, and most of the time when I do go out I get to a point where I'm not really having fun anymore and want to go home. It's very hard for me to interact with people all day, every day because I really need alone time to sort my head out. Another behaviour my lack of contact with people, if I have nothing to say I won't message you. I have always been like- I won't text people first unnecessarily, I hardly call people, I just find it hard to be the one to reach out rather than the reached out too.

•••Who is A?
I am SO behind in Pretty Little Liars, whatever season just finished, I haven't watched that. I feel like A is probably some new character who no one knows about/ really cares about. Ideally I would love for A to be someone that's a main character- someone like Caleb or Mona.

•••Do you have a posting schedule?
I've tried posting schedules before and it just creates this pressure to have a post up and I found that it was the taking the fun out of witting for me, I was less motivated to do it. So now I do aim to post at least weekly- not necessarily the same day each week. But sometimes I have a good week you get up to three posts a week, so some weeks you might get one post, others you might get two or three. It all just depends on my motivation, my mood and how much time I have to sit down and write a post.

•••Where do you get positivity from when you're feeling low?
I draw a lot of my positivity from the people around me. Obviously I spend the most time with Brodie because we live together- I see him in the morning when I wake up and I see him at night before I go to sleep. So when I'm with him my mood often reflects his, if he's in a good mood I'm usually in a good mood, same goes if he's in a bad mood. I also draw positivity from my family when I'm around them- especially my Mum and Dad. I find that going to visit my family most of the time puts me in a better mood. I also draw some positivity from old photos- especially ones where I'm happy, I use myself as my own goals to try and get back to that instead of comparing myself to someone else.

•••Scariest you have ever done? Would you do it again?
 I would have to say the scariest thing I have ever done is skydiving, and I would absolutely bloody not do it again. I know that there's people out there who absolutely love it, and I'm not even scared of heights, I just cannot deal with the feeling of falling. Being pushed out of the plane was ridiculously scary, but the free fall was definitely the worst bit for me, like the feeling of plummeting to the ground made me feel sick, even though it didn't feel like it lasted very long. The parachuting bit was fine, I mean it had to be fine if I wanted to get to the ground but I would not let the instructor do like the circles and stuff, no way. During the free fall I had started to have a panic attack so during the parachute bit my chest was so tight, it was a real struggle to feel like I was breathing. So yep not jumping out of a plane from 15000 feet again anytime soon.

•••Would you ever be vegan/ vegetarian?
Okay so I live in a farming community and I have done for most of my life and because of how I've been brought up I don't think I would be able to be a vegan/vegetarian. Don't get me wrong I absolutely respect people's decisions to be one, and I completely understand the morals and attitudes behind those decisions by me personally I don't think I could do it. I think the behaviours in the farming community largely contributes to that- for example during my childhood as repayment for a favour a lot of farmers use their produce to say thank you. Many times my family has been give the meat off a whole cow or sheep as repayment for the odd jobs that my dad would do. I don't know, that's just my kind of perspective on it and obviously other people have different ideas and that is okay.

•••Tips for being confident?
Fake it until you make it is my best tip. If you fake having all the confidence in the world, eventually you are going to be that confident person you want to be. Also to care less about what other people think and see that the only opinion that matters is yours- don't waste your time living by other people's thoughts and opinions of you.

Thank you so much for all your questions over the last few months, obviously I can't answer them all or we would be here for hours, so if I haven't answered yours resend it via one of the options I listed in the introduction and I'll try and answer it for next time!