A Trip Down Memory Lane

Yesterday while a very hungover Brodie slept on the couch, I sat in front of the TV watching old re-runs of Gossip Girl and going through some boxes of old photos that I had put away when we moved house.As I went through all the photos I decided that they were fit for a post- a post showing you some of my favorite photos and sharing some of the memories that go with them.

Firstly, here are some from the 'earlier years'- the ones that aren't highly embarrassing.

For real though, how much did I rock that hat? I was clearly very impressed with the newest addition to the family.
Same spot on the couch, same pillow, same expression on my face, slightly older haha!

Finally a photo that Cailee hasn't intruded on. I have so many questions about this photo though, Why am I sitting in a washing basket? Why does the Christmas tree look like its falling apart? Is that flower real?

I like this one for three reasons- I look slightly normal, Cailee has no bottom, front teeth and Isabella obviously hasn't developed the ability to smile at this age (late bloomer.) Thank God the school got rid of those dresses though, so ugly haha.

While we're here lets look at some photos with my family.

This one is from my Aunty's wedding, Dad came to this but didn't want to get in the photo, was too busy sitting under a tree complaining about having to dress nicely. No, I didn't realise how on show y boobs were, we had probably 15 minutes to get ready and most of that was spent trying to make my face not melt off.

He might not have gotten in the other photo but I managed to get a selfie with him in the bar later that afternoon, as you can see he was very impressed by that.

Somehow I even managed to get my Pop, who is usually dead set against photos in a selfie as well. I later found out that he only wanted photos of us all so he could show his girlfriend who we were, here I was thinking he actually wanted a photo with me haha.

This photo is Isabella and I at my last ever bivouac camp in year 12. Bivouac is a camp to the middle of the bus for four days for Cadets in year 7-12, with no hot water and most people living on two minute noodles and fruit loops. My life was always made increasingly harder due to my hatred for two minute noodles!
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This ones from a show that Cailee and I went to with Mum (who refused to get in a photo.) We were actually the youngest people in the crowd by far and ended up leaving at the interval because we were so damn bored.. and the vodka didn't taste good at all.

 These two pictures were the result of Mum leaving Harry and I at home one day while she went to the city. Two people, a mountain load of pancakes and a whole tub of ice cream left me with an interesting morning once all the sugar kicked in.

This one is from my 18th birthday party, as you can see I was very drunk and mum was clearly not ready to deal with this shit for the rest of the night (in case you can't tell shes making herself a coffee haha!).

This one is from the day that we were stuck in the car for a few hours so I tried to teach Harry how to do the peace sign and the thumbs up, as you can see he successfully taught himself how to put four fingers up.

I thought it might be a bit mean to put all the other family up on the blog and not these two- Molly and Milayna.
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A photo from Wongan's version of Dinner En Blanc, too much wine was drunk with this dinner. 

I think the remainder of the photos I'm going to show you are just random ones I've found.

The day we graduated high school forever! I definitely think we were more looking forward to getting drunk later on that about the fact we had finished. 

This was the last formal that any of us went too, probably the last time we dressed up THIS nicely as well haha! Mind you we had left by eight o'clock in favour of getting drunk.
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This one was from the formal as well, and i would just like everyone to observe the look on my face, because I still give Brodie this look when he does something dumb.

These ones were our last athletics carnival, which I'm pretty sure I only attended because I was house captain, and only actually participated in one event. No wonder our house lost.
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Another from this dinner, but with Sav this time, how girly do we both look omg.
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The morning before this was taken I had gotten out of hospital but we had already made plans to stay in the city, hence why can't see my pace in this because I looked like absolute shit.
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For the last photo I thought I would leave with one of the first time Monique and I properly hung out for the first time, back in out Masketta Fall fan girl days (embarrassed face emoji).

Thanks for having a snoop.