Acne Cleansers on a Budget

Alright lets talk face cleansers, better yet lets talk face cleansers on a budget. I'm all about not having to spend money where I don't have too and I have discovered that when it comes to skin care the most expensive one on the shelf isn't necessarily the best one on that shelf. I've been through many different brands of face cleansers and its been very hit and miss in my experience. However, after however many years I have been looking for the perfect skin cleansers I have found not one, but three cleansers, all in-expensive to share with you!

Firstly, I want to tell you a bit about my skin because while some products work for me they might not work for people with different skin traits, please keep that in mind.In regards to oi on my skin, it isn't oily and it isn't dry, its quite normal in that regard. It is however, very sensitive to many things that can be present in both skin care and makeup so I try to steer clear of things with perfumes in them just for the sake of my skin. My skin in quite clear and tends to stay that way given the right products, I always get the random pimples that show up from time to time but I've been told that my face acne is very hormonal. So that's my skin and the products that I'm about to show you work well for me.

Two of the products I'm going to talk to you about are from the brand Neutrogena which is available everywhere- Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Coles, Woolworths, everywhere.

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The first is the Neutrogena Oil- Free Daily Scrub. This stuff was my SAVIOUR in high school! Back in the day I used to wear a full face of makeup everyday and as you can imagine that damaged my skin quite a bit, I had new pimples everyday and to cover them up I just piled on more makeup, smart thinking there Elyssa. I would say I've been using this scrub for a good five years, because no matter how many different scrubs I try I ALWAYS go back to this one, it just works for me, every-time.
The one thing I love in a scrub is how much it feels like its working, if I just put a cleanser on my face and it doesn't have the little micro beads in it I probably won't like it because it doesn't feel to me like its doing anything. Like it might be, I don't know, but if it doesn't feel like it, I don't like the products. This grapefruit does have the microbeads in it, but not the harsh "omg that hurts so much" type that seriously leaves your skin feeling like you've just grazed your face on the gravel road. These beads are just firm enough that they feel like they're working and they scrub away the impurities from your skin without taking a layer of that skin off as well.
This product doesn't really smell like anything, it just smells like, well a skin care product. BUT THATS OKAY because I'm really not a fan of something that smells going on my face and leaving that smell on my face. Seriously some smell like old Grandma and you don't want to be walking around with that smell on your face.
The oil free daily scrub does have salicylic acid in it, which is a good thing if you have acne, hence why it's an acne scrub. Whats salicylic acid I hear you ask? The word acid does make it sound a bit scary "why the hell would I want to put acid on my face?!" but no, salicylic acid is the best thing for fighting acne. The structure of the acid makes it oil soluble, meaning that it can penetrate the pores on your face. Okay so basically upon contact with your skin the acid softens the keratin making it easier to remove dead skin cells and impurities. You can now understand why its beneficial to an acne wash?
When I say inexpensive I mean seriously its only $11.69 from Chemist Wearhouse! 

The next wash I want to show you is also from Neutrogena, its their Acne Stress Control Scrub. I only picked this scrub up a few months ago when my skin was in a severe state of crisis due to my hormones. So I took the opportunity to try out some new washes. This one at first I was so sure it was making my skin break more, but after persisting for a week it really started to calm down the situation happening on my face.
This one also have the little beads throughout, which makes it feel like you're really getting in there and washing away those impurities without being too harsh on the skin at all. This is good because sometimes I find that if you overuse even the gentlest of cleansers, you still get dry skin, for me its particularly around the nose!
My favorite part of this cleanser is how calming and nourishing it feels. With ingredients such as green tea and cucumber you get out the shower feeling like your skin in completely perfect and relaxed and fit for the skin of a Godess.
This product does however contain the alpha hydroxy acid group, which is highly used and regarded throughout the cosmetic industry. This group of acids are derived from natural acids found in foods, such as citric acid found in citrus fruits, lactic acid found in sour milk and glycolic acid found in sugar cane. This acid has shown to improve acne and the appearance of acne scars, it works by removing the top layers of the skin and strengthening the other layers of skin, which can promote firmness in the skin- which is why it is regarded in wrinkle reducing products. A downside, however is that this acid does increase the sensitivity of the skin when you're exposed to this sun, I never really had an issue with this however. It also contains 2% salicylic acid like we discussed a moment ago.
When it comes to cost this one is also in-expensive, if you want to try it out, Chemist Warehouse has it for just $12.69

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The product that I'm currently using at the moment on my face, and which I think has helped improved it quite a lot is the Spotless Skin Triple Action Facewash from Simple Skincare. I brought this because Simple are a brad targeted at sensitive skin and my skin has gotten so sensitive in the last few weeks, like I'm talking red splotchy patches on my face, this used to only happen on my legs and now I'm basically being taken over by red splotchy patches. So I set out for an even kinder cleanser for my skin that still has the micro-beads because if I'm putting it on my skin it has to feel like its working.
As I just mentioned this also has the micro-beads but compared to the other two products we've talked about these are SO much finer. You can still feel them rubbing on your skin and working away but they're very soft.
This one leaves your skin feeling refreshed and calmed HOWEVER I have found that it leaves a gel residue behind, which I don't mind because I tone and then moisturise after cleaning, but I think if you don't moisturise after using this your skin will probably get quite dry if you use this consecutively.
This product has no perfumes and no colourant and one antibacterial, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It does have citric acid but that's a natural acid. Basically this product is no way harsh on your skin, has no nasties and is going to be a great product for you if you have sensitive skin but you also have some acne problems.
This product is the cheapest of all three, at just $9.99 from Priceline.

So there is my three favourite, inexpensive face cleansers for acne prone skin. With cleansers like this a little goes a long way, when using you only need a pea size to do your whole face so a 150ml bottle of this stuff can last you a long time. If you have any other cleansers you think I should have a look at let me know in the comments below!