A Note to Young Girls Everywhere

I don't know if I'm just getting grumpier or the age of posting half naked photos on social media has dropped from the time when I was in high school (seriously like two years ago and yet I feel so out of the loop) but wherever I look I see young girls trying WAY too hard to be older than they are. I've  actually been thinking about this post for some time and it springs back into my mind every time mum asks me to share my wisdom (she would probably not call it that) with one of my younger siblings. You see the sister below me skipped the whole 'I'm 14 but act like I'm 20' thing ENTIRELY, I mean she's nearly eighteen and I still have to encourage her to do dumb shit. The next sister down however, holy shits she is so like how I used to be (pre and post never wanting to leave the house phase, is two years still considered a phase, have I been gone that long) its ridiculous. So because she refuses to take my advice either a. in person, b. by commenting on all her selfies and statuses (they get deleted as soon as posted usually) or c. In the Giedraitis Sisters group chat that she hardly ever responds to, I have taken it upon myself to share my wisdom with not only her, but with every young girl on a social media platform. So she can also share this with her friends, bet she's wishing she'd just replied in the group chat now.

1. Not everything is about boys.
OMG SHOCK HORROR. So, high school, everything is about boys and who has a boyfriend and who's breaking up and all that jazz. BUT while you're spending all this time thinking about boys and whatever else you do with them, you could be missing out on other fun. Ditching friends for boys, ditching family for boys, fighting with friends over boys, boys, boys, boys BLAH. They are never going to be the be all and end all of your life and certainly not while you're still in school. Just maintain the mindset that all boys have cooties (because some of them damn well probably will do but that's a different thing entirely.)

2. Don't let anyone peer pressure you into doing something you don't want to do.
This includes not doing things just because it is the 'in' thing to do, and because everyone else is doing it. Mum used to drill "would you jump off a cliff just because everyone else is doing it" into us and God damn I hated it BECAUSE she was right. You shouldn't change who you are or your ideals because you friends are doing it, if they're truly your friends they won't force you to do it. I have things that I only did because everyone else was doing it and damn I wish I hadn't, I also wish there wasn't photographic evidence of some certain fashion and beauty choices that fall into this subject, but you can't win them all.

3. People lie.
This includes boys trying to chat you up and girls you think are your friends. One person you can count on not lying to you is your big sister because she is as blunt as it's going to get. If you are without a big sister I will gladly tell you like it is. But seriously people will lie to get what they want, to mess with you, to get ahead of you, to pull you down. Being someone who is trusting is a good thing, but it also puts you in the firing line to be lied to. So trust people, but be cautious doing so.

4. The first time you get drunk, do it around people you trust.
I can't say don't underage drink because sure it is illegal and frowned upon but it's going to happen, and no this part of the post won't encourage your children to drink, calm down parents. The thing is underage drinking, while yes illegal it still happens and it will continue to happen for a long time to come. So, no I want say don't underage drunk because that's pointless. But I will say do it around people you trust and people that would drop anything to help if you needed it. The first time you get drunk I would seriously considering doing it somewhere either your parents or a trusted adult is nearby, because all your drunken mates aren't going to be up for holding your hair back while you vomit, or changing your vomit stained clothes, or staying nearby just in case you choke on your vomit while your sleeping. Your mates will laugh if you hurt yourself, and if you pass out in the driveway, and won't notice if you drunkenly decide to wander off into the night. Don't drink anything that you don't I what's in, ever.

5. The number of likes and comments you get on a selfie doesn't mean shit.
The number of likes you get on a bikini selfie, or the amount of boys that comment on a mirror selfie, THAT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. It's fake appreciation and it should let mean absolutely anything to your confidence, and by that I mean don't rely on those likes and comments as the soul purpose of your confidence in how you look. I'm not saying don't take the selfies (seriously though not once a day and no one wants to see a half naked fifteen year old on their newsfeed in a bikini) I'm not saying don't be flattered by the comments you get, I want girls to know that the amount of beauty you have doesn't depend on the social media approval of other people. I seriously hope that you have it in yourself to know that your beautiful without all the likes and the comments.

6. You're friends and family are just looking out for you.

No they aren't trying to ruin your life they are actually doing things out of your best interest. By grounding you from that party your parents are doing what they think is best for you, by warning you about that boy you like your best friend is looking out for your best interests. Stop thinking that the whole world is against you, because it's not, it's time to see that people are on your side.

7. Dirty laundry goes in the washing machine and not on social media.
Have a problem with someone? Deal with it. Don't like the way some is acting? Tell them. Someone do something bitchy? Don't put it all over your Facebook with some cryptic status ending in "you know who you are." Don't post in on snapchat as the caption of a black screen. I mean, while you may be entertainment to some people, to you it's embarrassing and shouldn't happen.

8. When you are in high school there is such a thing as too old.
Once you're a legal adult and in the wide world date and mess around with who ever you want, go nuts, get a sugar daddy, do what you gotta do. But while you're in high school it's weird to date anyone more than two grades above (and below FYI) you and probably illegal to date someone who is already finished school. Moral of this one, see someone your own age/maturity/everything else.

9. You do actually have to try in school.
This one is sure to ruffle a few feathers, but omg school is not just a place for you to go and socialise. Those teachers that you're down right pissing off are trying their best to help you to brighten your future. Just because everyone else is slacking off and mouthing back doesn't mean you can't take your classes seriously. I feel like, being completely honest here, you can mostly get away with messing around up until year ten, which as I see it is the practice year for the real shit. Year 11 and 12 is hard, the real world is harder.

10. Don't be a bitch.
For real, just be a nice person. Treat people with kindness, because everyone's dealing with something and being a horrible person in the interest of being funny or gaining some popularity isn't worth it.

11. Be smart about sex.
So, I did some googling and apparently year tens are having sex now, who would have known. Use protection, always. And not just the pill either because while that may decrease your chances of getting pregnant, it doesn't stop STI's. If you don't give consent, it's rape and it's not okay, you need to tell someone. The morning after pill is available for a reason, don't be embarrassed to purchase it. You can seriously get it from any pharmacy, they make you fill in a few questions but it's only,  I think around $30 and it's better to be safe than sorry.

I feel like I have so many more things that I just want to say but I'm not sure how far this message will actually go, will these girls actually listen? Probably not, but hey they can't say I didn't warn them!