How To Be Broke But Treat Yourself

As a young person who doesn't feel like an adult trying to live in an adults world, its hard not to spend your money on the most important things in life. Basically, I get paid every week and that goes to paying my phone bill, an electricity bill, rent every second week, paying for food and usually paying for whatever social event is coming up in the calendar. That doesn't leave much money for anything else really. However, every now and then you have to go out and by yourself something nice. I'm no talking every pay, I'm talking ever now an then, its good to make yourself feel good with something new. For this post I thought I would let you know some tips on how to buy yourself something nice without worrying about missing the money for something else.

  • When it comes to clothes, especially Australian online boutiques, most of them sell either the same or very similar clothing. So before you settle on buying something for one price check out similar boutiques because quite often you'll find that another store has similar clothing for a less expensive price.
  • Use discount codes. Stores always have discount codes up for grabs, so sign up to their email subscription service to make sure you get emails about them. They can also be posted on social medias so make sure you follow them on those too so you don't miss them!
  • Often having a student ID number will get you a discount. Even big websites like ASOS do this. All you have to do is have your number handy if you're a University student, type that in and you will often get a discount.
  •  Let me introduce you to my favorite thing ever, its called Afterpay and it will change your online clothes and beauty shopping life.This feature, that a lot of websites are using now, allows you to split the payment into four repayments each spread two weeks apart. Basically, you just do your order as normal and pay a quarter of the total up front, they send you your order right away and you continue to pay it off with the other three repayments. The payments are directly taken off your card, or if you want to pay for your repayment earlier you can do that too, just by logging into your Afterpay account.
  • Something that I've done successfully lately is putting a few dollars from each pay into a separate account (not your savings account) or even just putting your gold coins into a jar and once you get to a certain amount spending that on a treat for yourself. As I said you don't need to treat yourself every week, so this gives you a few weeks to save up in between your treats.
  • If possible, either go in store to buy your treats or use a website that has free postage. Postage is getting more and more expensive and can sometimes cost more than what you actually want to order, wtf right!
  • A secret that I heard from a friend of mine is to do your shopping online, but leave your items sitting in your cart for a day or two. Not only will you avoid an impulse buy but the store will see your unfinished order and try to regain your order. Usually you will receive an email about it, and most will give you a coupon code to entice you into finishing your order. 
  • Join loyalty programs. A lot of stores offer a loyalty program or a rewards system, sign up for it! not only can you save money but you can gain some free products. When it comes to beauty Priceline has a Sisters Club which gives you money back for every dollar that you spend in the store. Mecca Maxima and Mecca Cosmetica have their loyalty program that you receive a gift bag for whatever level you have reached depending on how much money you spend there. 
  • This tip is something that I didn't really know about until I did some research into i. It is called Eschew Dynamic Pricing and it looks at your previous purchases and emails, sometimes even your location to determine your ideal price point. If you close your emails and accounts on your computer and shop anonymously you are likely to get things at a lesser cost.
  •  Trade in the things you don't want anymore. This works especially well for video games games. You go in store with your old purchases that you don't use anymore and this will give you a credit towards new things that you want to purchase.
Theses are the tips and tricks that I use to save money but still treat myself (and sometimes Brodie) at the same time. Just because you don't have a lot of money doesn't mean you cant have nice things!