Songs From My Childhood | Playlist #1

So I thought that I would start a new feature on my blog, a playlist feature! It'll be a regular thing and it'll feature a whole bunch of songs that I'm jamming at the moment. Today, I want to start with a 'songs from my childhood' playlist. Granted I'm not that old, only 19 so these songs, to be from my childhood are all from the early 00's.

Come Clean- Hilary Duff
Does this song remind anyone else of being a young girl and wishing you had a more dramatic life than you did? Because it does to me. I was a BIG Hilary Duff fan when I was younger, I was ALL about Lizzy McGuire, all about it!
Dont Cha- The Pussycat Dolls
Listening back now I think I understand why I used to get in trouble for walking around singing it in public, even more so for trying to copy the dance moves from the music video, I was a real Nicole Scherzinger, trust me.
Pokerface- Lady Gaga
Okay I'm having real flashback of my friend and I making up a dance to this song one weekend when we had a sleepover at my house. A few dance lessons definitely did not warrant for those dance moves, I am cringing. 
Tik Tok- Ke$ha
When this song first came out and when you were allowed to have music at school we would blare this song in sport lessons and those of us who weren't that keen on the actual sport side of the lesson would sit on the sidelines singing this song. Here's a confession: it took me SO long to remember the words to this song so sometimes I had to kind of mumble and look like I knew exactly what I was singing. 
One, Two Step- Ciara 
OH MY GOD. Okay when we were younger we had this after school dance/acro class that we did and at the end of year presented at the town Christmas party. So this was the song for the dance and we had been trying to learn the steps to the actual dance moves and oh god it was such a disaster, I'm still so embarrassed. 
Fuck You- Lily Allen
For real I remember feeling so hard core mumbling the explicit version of this song while the clean version was playing, as you can see I lived life on the edge as a child. 
Grenade- Bruno Mars
Seriously I remember this being such a hit at school socials and I do not understand why, I really do not like this song, at all.
Fireflies- Owl City
This song was sung religiously on a school camp for a whole five days and since then I cannot deal with it anymore, I cannot deal with it. 
Thats it for songs that remind me of my childhood! Any other songs that remind you or you childhood? let me know in the comments.