12 Actual Adult Things to Think About

In September I will no longer be a teenager, which means I'm an actual adult, yes I'm using the years of being 18 and 19 as a practice run for being an adult. I've already got the living out of home thing down pat and I mean I can do other adult things like pay the bills and I even got my own car loan, so I'm not doing particularly badly. But now that I'm nearly an ACTUAL real life adult there is other things that I kind of need to deal with, and I'm sure that there is other people in the same boat as me. (Hint: someone needs to link this to my boyfriend please, haha!) To make life easier for all of us, I've taken the time to go through and make a list of actual adult things for all of us to use as a guide. You are welcome.
1.     Learn car things- (wow, adult-y!) 
Most people probably know how to do this kind of stuff- changing the oil, checking the water, changing the tyre blah blah. I, however cannot do any of those, that's the perks of having a boyfriend (and dad) who does all that kind of stuff for you. But, as I have pointed out to me regularly I should know how to do this stuff myself as should every other actual adult. I also need to learn to drive manual, but that is a whole other story let's no go there.
2.     Invest in a simple tool kit. 
I've learnt this the hard way, ie. I need to borrow dads tools every time something happens, and then he nags at me until he gets them back haha. For real, there's only a few things that you need in your 'simple tool kit' that could make your life SO much easier: screw drivers, a decent drill, nails, a hammer all that kind of stuff. 
3.     Have a fireproof box with all your important stuff in it.
I haven't done this one yet, but I will eventually. Basically all you need is a fire proof box and then all you need to put in there is important documents/ stuff that should the house burn down you wouldn't want to loose. Things to store in said box- birth certificates, spare cash, photos ect. 
4.     Health Insurance- you should get it.
So this is kind of an important one. It's all well and good while you're still on your parents health insurance but once you aren't you should definitely get your own. Without health insurance you may not be able to afford expensive medical services when you need them, leaving you out of pocket when you already feel bad. Definitely think about this one, even if you think your invincible. 
5.     Think about organ donation. 
While we're in the subject of health, should you die are you willing to donate your organs to someone who truly needs it? If you are, register yourself on the organ donation registry so if you do die, it's documented that you want to help others. Also make your wishes known to your family so when it comes down to it they are aware of what you want to do. 
6.     Have a savings account. 
I used to have one of these pre-18 and wanting to go out and spend my money on drinking and partying and all those good things. Once you hit 20 you should definitely have a savings account for all those things that cost actual large sums of money ie. owning your own home and having children (and having holidays) ect ect.
7.     But things in bulk. 
Now I'm starting to sound like an old mother but I've learnt this one pretty quickly. Not only is it cheaper to buy things in bulk when it's on sale, it makes for less trips to the local store. (Which if, like me you recently quit said store and it makes it a little awkward with certain bosses, the less trips to the place the better) seriously though buying in bulk and meal planning for a week at a time can really save you money and effort!
8.     Budget- and stick to it.
This one is important and probably the hardest one to follow. You need to budget for upcoming bills and plan around your income. This means budgeting how much you can spend on alcohol and food, and sticking to it. 
9.     Sometimes it's better to have a night in than a night out. 
I'm already at this point (I am lost definitely a grandma in the body of a 19 year old), I would much prefer to stay in my house watching movies and cooking dinner than going out and getting drunk. My boyfriend has other ideas about this one, and cannot stay in the house for one night to save his life. 
10. Know when it's time to see a doctor/dentist.
This one means making your own appointments because you know you need to see someone for professional help. This does not mean having people nag at you for weeks on end to go to a doctor and then eventually making an appointment with your mum standing over you. (Okay I'm still working on this one.) 
11. Do your taxes.
This one isn't a hard one, if I can do it, you can do it. My advice is to do it online. I do mine through H&R Block (if you're in Australia) and you just have to fill in the easy questions, and they lodge your tax return for you. It's such a simple way to get some of your tax money back, and there's so many people that don't do it, I don't understand why! 
12. Learn to react to big announcement with happiness (even if your surprised and confused)
This one is so important! At some point (I have no idea when, if I'm being honest) people stop avoiding things such as pregnancy and marriage and when they announce them expect people to be happy and not shocked and offer a reassuring statement. I see people I used to go to school with having babies and getting married and it just doesn't make sense to me, but they're happy so you have to be happy too, this is one skill you definitely have to perfect and quickly. 
Do you have something else to add to this list? Let me know, maybe we can do a part 2!