A Note To The NSW Governement

Dear every member of the NSW parliament that voted against decriminalising abortion today, 

I was scrolling through my social media this morning as I normally do and came across a news story written about the your parliament and how today you would be debating a bill to decriminalise abortion. Because that's right, in your state the procedure is still apart of the criminal code, because abortion is totally a crime. Because a women wanting the right to decide what happens with their own body is totally a crime. But you didn't remove abortion from the criminal code. The 100 year old law that NSW women are being forced to abide by is still in tact tonight, do you, the twenty five people who voted against this feel good about yourselves? Can you sleep peacefully knowing that all around your state women, the women you are supposed to protect, are shaking their heads and are exasperated at the fact that this has happened, that they still don't get a say in what happens with their own reproduction? Surprisingly, four of you are women, do you not believe in the girl code? Would you not want to have the option to have abortion and not be thrown in jail for ten years should you have to make that decision? Did every single one of the twenty five of you not consider the women in your lives? Your sisters, your daughters, you have just stood in the way of their rights to their own body.

Dr Mehreen Garqi proposed to you a bill that made absolutely no changes to the rules that warrant how abortion is performed in your state and would have had no impact on the health process either. The bill was simply to make abortion legal, to give the women of your state a choice in what happens with their own bodies. "It just makes sure that abortion comes out of the crimes act and is dealt as a health procedure"
There was two other amendments to this bill, neither of them unreasonable, well to anyone besides you obviously. It was stated that any doctor who was morally opposed to performing an abortion would be obligated to refer the patient to a doctor that would help them, sounds fair?
I put this scenario to you, if your daughter was to come home, absolutely devastated, in floods of tears, telling you she was pregnant and she couldn't do it. How do you feel now knowing that because of you she HAS to have this baby, that she doesn't want, how do you feel knowing that you took away her rights?
The second part was to create a 150 metre "safe access" zone around every abortion clinic to prevent the harassment of staff and patients. I bet you're the type of people that would stand outside an abortion clinic handing out anti-abortion flyers to a women just about to undergo a very sensitive and private procedure, aren't you?

Have you considered the risks that you have failed to close for pregnant women who want to terminate their pregnancy? Do you know what an unsafe abortion is? A backyard abortion? Let me tell you some of the ways that a women in your state will consider using to terminate her pregnancy because you have said she can't. Can you imagine a women you love scowling the internet for backyard remedies to a procedure that should be preformed in a hygienic and safe environment by someone who is supportive and trained to do this? Consuming turpentine, throwing herself down stairs, putting a cayenne pepper up her vagina, consuming opium, these are just some of the things that women are going to see when they look up how to terminate a pregnancy without going to jail. You are responsible for a women feeling the need to resort to such dangerous measures.

You, along with Queensland are the only states in Australia where abortion is still illegal, obviously something to with your time zones because the rest of Australia seems to be getting things right. Here in WA, women have had a say in what happens to their bodies since 1998, nearly 20 years ago. We have 20 weeks from conception to get our heads right and if we want to, terminate the pregnancy. Because the WA parliment gets it, they get that we need to be able to have a choice in what happens with our own bodies. They know that they shouldn't be governing our own damn reproductive decisions.

New South Wales it's time to get with the times and give women their own freedom.