Women Defending Women

I am quite the opinionated person, shock horror I know, and sometimes I just don't get around to voicing them all either on the blog or on my facebook page (shameless plug I know) so I'm writing a whole heap of my opinion on topics that have been in the media lately. Some of the topics are important but some are just fluffy, so enjoy my opinions whether you asked for them or not.

1. A women should be able to leave a hotel room at 6.41am in the morning in the same clothes as the previous night and not be called out on national television for on it.
Does no one abide by the girl code anymore? Yes I'm looking at you Sonia Kruger! If you missed it: the morning after the Logies Sonia spotted Sam Frost leaving Crown Melbourne in the same dress she wore to the Logies, and proceeded to tell the whole of Australia by announcing it on her breakfast show. The disrespect though, let a girl do the quick dash to the safety of their own hotel without telling the whole damn world.

2. Everyone needs to be tougher on domestic violence.
I know that the case I'm about to talk about isn't Australia, its from the UK, but that doesn't mean its not important. Callum Wearing, he's only eighteen, looks innocent enough, but then again how deceiving can looks be. If you saw this guy out on the street you wouldn't know that he has pretty much just walked free from a disgusting act of domestic abuse. You wouldn't know that he sent his ex-girlfriend abusive text messages and Snapchats, or that he threatened to bash her "face in wit a hammer?" you can't tell that just by looking at someone. What you also can't tell is that he stomped on her head five times and then dragged her across the room by her hair and basically got a slap on the wrist for it. He was given a 90 day suspended sentence and 125 hours of unpaid work. He was ordered to pay AU$430 compensation to Jodie (girlfriend). Because $430 and some unpaid work really punishing him for attacking his girlfriend, for literally stomping on her head. The result of his actions left Jodie in hospital having over 350 fits but it left her mentally scarred as well, and just because he "showed remorse" he gets such a small punishment. What is wrong with court system? Why are we so reluctant to stand up to domestic violence? Why!

3. "Reported rapes are the only rapes that count" WHAT THE HELL
I'm not the biggest fan of Abigail Breslin, however in this case that is not important at all. Basically she came out and said that she had been raped and she had never reported it on her Instagram. She gave her reasons such as the fact that she knew her assailant, a man she was in a relationship and feared that because o that she wouldn't be believed. She also listed being in fear of him and him hurting her even more, and not wanting to hurt her family and friends by confessing what had happened. Someone seriously commented "reported rapes ae the only rapes that count." How bloody disgusting is that! For someone to be opening up about something as serious as rape and experiencing that, and someone thinks that they have the right to comment such a disgusting this. Here is the bottom line, reported or not, all rape is rape and it counts.

4. We need to stop defining kick-arse business women by their relationships.
Okay this opinion is quite similar to the first opinion I gave on Sam Frost above, but it's a bit different. Does everyone here know who Roxy Jacenko is? You should do, however if you still have not entered into the world of Instagram (where she has 164k followers) I will elaborate. She's beautiful, she's successful in her public relations business, she's a mother doing it on her own, she's a kick arse business women with a stunning sense in designer fashion and she managed to workout (and look good doing it) more times than I could ever hope for myself. Her husband Oliver Curtis is currently in jail but that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to say who give a shit who the women is seen kissing. No kidding I look at so many different Australian news websites every day (looking for something to rant about) and yesterday, almost every single one that I looked at had an article saying one thing or another about Roxy being spotted kissing a man THE HORROR. Sydney Morning Herald, news.com.au, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, the list goes on, all had articles about her love life, but where no where to be seen when Roxy hosted her annual In Conversation seminar on Friday. Why not report on the fact that this women is killing in the public relations industry, or that people packed into the Ballroom at The Westin Sydney just to here her speak. I am SO mad that society cares more about who a women is seen canoodling (yes I just used that word) with than how much business and personal success she is having.

5. A picture of someones son is not the place for a vegan debate.
I've found a reoccurring trend in this post, all of these opinions are in support of females, so let's end it with another one. As I was innocently scrawling through Instagram the other night I came across the cutest photo posted by winner of The Bachelor and Richies heart, Alex Nation. When I say it was cute, I mean it was her adorable son Elijah cuddling with a chicken. This is all well and good, I mean Elijah is clearly happy to be cuddling with a chicken and Alex can be happy that she has such an adorable kid. Then you read some of the comments.

"Love them don't eat them or their eggs. Make the connection. Why do we teach out children to eat slaughtered animals yet pay them in artificial environments like petting zoos? all lives matter." 

"Hopefully he doesn't each chicken burgers... you cant love an animal and then eat them."

OH MY GOD I am all for veganism and vegetarianism and whatever else there is out there but damn honey don't comment on someones picture OF THEIR SON HOLDING A DAMN CHICKEN and tell them that he can't love a chicken and then go home and ask for chicken nuggets. Don't shove your views down someone else's throat. Don't ruin a picture of a little boy so happy by commenting that kind of stuff. Not everyone every views the world how you view it, accept it and move on. Don't like a photo? Don't comment, just keep that finger scrawling and get on with your day.

This definitely turned into a whole "women defending women" post and that wasn't really what I set out for BUT I love this post regardless (or do I just love sharing my opinion) who knows!