Lets Talk About LipSense

I have a question ladies: who here likes to go for a night out, wear a bold, beautiful colour on your lips AND not have to worry about it smudging, transliterating or rubbing off completely? Who wants to be able to kiss as many (or as less) people as you want and not have them all walking around with your colour on? Yeah you do!

I am probably late to the party (as always) but I have THE lipstick for you! This lipstick will stay in place for hours on end, it will not transfer at all and will leave your lips looking like you've just re-applied for a very long time. No lipstick on the straw of your drink, no lipstick on the cheek of your best friend, better yet, no walking around clueless about the bright lipstick on your teeth.

The answer is LipSense.

As I said I am probably late to the party with this, but if, like me you're stuck in traffic let me give you the lowdown on this incredible product. LipSense is an affordable, cruelty free, vegan lipstick that is completely smudge proof.

The first ingredient on the list is denatured alcohol which is found in quite a lot of beauty products the LipSense colour included. In this product the denatured alcohol is the reason for the initial sting you feel when you apply the colour for the first few applications. The alcohol is ridding your lips of bacteria. Denatured alcohol is known to be quite weakening for the lips, which is why the main ingredient of the gloss is dimethicone. This ingredient is a topical emollient, which counteracts the alcohol by treating the dry and sensitive skin. The main ingredient of the Oops Remover is isohexadecane which is also a skin conditioning agent- so when you're removing the colour you're getting more moisture in the process.

So how do I apply? The first few applications you do have to really think about what you are doing and remain yourself of the process. You apply three thin layers of the colour, BUT you have to put apply all in the same direction or it will go streaky. After the first few goes it becomes like second nature, like riding a bike, but with lipstick. So the process is basically, apply the first layer, give it a few seconds to dry and then repeat that two more times. Then you use the gloss over the top (you don't have to worry about the directions with that one.) and well-ah great looking lips!

Once the gloss is dried you are free to do whatever you want with your great looking lips- which brings me to my next point. There is no unpleasant taste with this product, you can lip your lips as many times as you want and it wont leave a bad taste in your mouth. You can get those products that taste disgusting and leave the back of your throat dry and scratchy, but this isn't one of them!

To remove you have to use the Oops remover, every other method is pretty much guaranteed to fail. Even with the remover it is a bit of a task to get the colour off, but persistence is key.

So, how I discovered LipSense was through a party help by distributor Chenaye (you can find her Facebook page here) where I left with three colours, Praline Rose, Plum and limited edition colour Godess. The below image is the three colours swatched on my arm. Praline rose, followed by plum and then Godess. All similar colors, I am aware but these are my usual colours and I don't like change you all know that!

Lets talk about longevity, it claims to last for four to eighteen hours but are they being serious? YES! I will put mine on before work at about 8:30am and the colour is still looking fabulous at 1pm after I've eaten lunch, By 5pm the colour is till looking great, and the only place it had really rubbed off was near my water line. I absolutely love wearing Godess to work, it is very much a "my lips but better colour!" as you can see below. (Please ignore my terrible skin at the moment, damn hormones, argh)

If you are interested in LipSense, have some questions, want to see the lip colours on Chenaye herself or place an order go to Chenaye's LipKits on Facebook to have a look for yourself!