Pro's & Cons of Being the Oldest Sibling

Raise yo' hands all the oldest siblings. Yep, me too. For those of you who don't know what it is like to be the oldest sibling, let me list the pro's and con's for you.

  • The younger siblings get away with more shit than you ever did.
    I bring this up ALL the time with my family because hey, it happened and I am not going to let my mother ever forget it. One time when I was say fourteen-fifteen my mother grounded me for approximately a week because I was TWO MINUTES LATE in the gate. You see if we wanted to stay in town after school we had to walk home, through some bush land and be in the gate by five or else. So I go grounded for being two minutes late. My sister who is at about the same age now, is allowed to stay in town for as long as she want's too and doesn't have to walk anywhere- one phone call and someone picks her up. RUDE. 
  • You usually have to take your siblings EVERYWHERE you go, no matter how much of a hissy fit you through about it.
  • When you come home drunk af and do/ admit to doing stupid things the younger sisters will remember it and bring it up for a very long time. My sisters are still talking about the time I came home drunk and meowed at the cat for a solid ten minutes, or the time one sister had to help me get changed because I was too drunk to do so myself, OR that one time I told a somewhat "famous" (at the time) person I loved him on the phone. Remember, younger siblings NEVER forget.
  • You have to be the "bigger person" god damn this is the worst. Even when you don't want to be the bigger person your parents will stand there with their hand folded and that look on their face like "be the bigger person because you are the bigger person."
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  • You have to share EVERYTHING. You have to share your clothes and your food and your personal space. EVERYTHING.
  • The younger ones will most defiantly gang up against you. In my family sibling alliances change like I change my underwear. One minute the younger two girls are conspiring against everyone, next minute they're against each other. Who you are working with all depends the topic of argument, or who you're most likely not to want to kill by the end of day. Funnily enough the only sibling that we (all female siblings) are allied to at all times is Harry, and that is probably only because hes the youngest and the only boy. 
  • You can blame your younger siblings and they will 90% get the blame. Not that I ever did this, obviously. 
  • You get brand new clothes, while your sisters get your hand-me-downs. I seriously still do this with my sisters, but they don't care because most of the clothes that I'm handing down are expensive af, and sometimes they still have tags attached because I've never even worn them. 
  • You get to be the 'cool older sister'. When I was in school I'm pretty sure I was defiantly not seen as the cool older sister on account of anyone that looked at me getting dirty looks shot in their direction. However, I am now most definitely the cool older sister. They want alcohol, who do they call? They want a free lift somewhere, who do they call? That's right the cool older sister. 
  • You get to stand up for your younger siblings. As the oldest I am the only one who gets to mess with my younger siblings, any other person, including adults who should know better are not allowed to. Basically, if you mess with one of siblings, you mess with all six of us, is six people enough for a gang?
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  • You get first dibs on pretty much everything. First dibs on the family car, first dibs on the bigger bedroom, first dibs on EVERYTHING I'm telling you. 
  • You get the honour of passing on your wisdom to those younger than you. I regularly pull the wisdom card with my sisters. I pass on my wisdom regarding boy- which ones to stay away from (although some certain people don't listen to me), which ones will treat you nicely, what alcohol you shouldn't try and snort through your nose, what alcohol you can snort through your nose, what drugs you DEFINITELY should stay away from, I will forever pass my wisdom onto my sisters, and eventually when he isn't six year old- my brother.  
  • They always have to be your friends. Even when you piss off every single god damn person you know, they are built in life long friends who have very little chance to escape.      
  • You always got to be "in charge" when your parents went out. That meant that while you could do whatever you wanted, alas anyone younger than you did not have the same advantages. 
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  • You can tell them your deepest, darkest secrets, and then make sure they don't tell your parents through the art of threatening them. And they won't tell on you because they damn well know you are being deadly serious.