6 Things That Really "Got Up My Goat" This Week

I have a lot of opinions, you know that, I am such an opinionated person. However, I have discovered as of late I have been keeping my opinions to myself... WHAT. I have all these opinions and all these thoughts and I just leave them running around in my mind because I just don't voice my opinions anymore. Today we are here to change that.

I just heard someone say "that really got up my goat" while I was doing some grocery shopping and it gave me some inspiration, lets talk about things that really get up my goat.

NOTE: if you don't understand the whole "got up my goat" it means things that, to put it simply: piss me off. Lets get started. This will probably get intense, be warned.

1. NARS announcing they are no longer cruelty free.
I am someone who will never, ever stand for makeup and beauty brands who test or consent to their products being tested on animals. Let me explain this to you, if a brand sells to main land China they are not cruelty free. Why you ask? Because any foreign beauty brand sold here must be tested on animals before it can actually be sold. All your favourite makeup brands are sold in China, ie. they are not cruelty free. This includes Benefit, Estee Lauder, Maybelline and now as of the announcement last week NARS as well. This really pissed me off if I'm being honest, that another company is choosing money (which they have plenty of already) over morals. According to a counter-statement released by NARS after their Instagram was absolutely flooded with people who were less then impressed they state that the move into China is because "we feel it is important to bring our vision of beauty and artistry to fans in the region." it obviously has absolutely nothing to wanting a slice of the $50 billion a year beauty market that China has, absolutely nothing.
I value nothing more than a brand that chooses their morals over money and as proven NARS no longer adheres to their morals.

2. The whole Blac Chyna vs Rob Kardashian saga.
God damn I was not in support of this relationship from the start, in a time when life was simpler and I actually cared about what happened in the lives of famous people. The only reason this one is annoying me? because it is everywhere, and it is damn right petty. Alright, you break up, you eat some ice cream, you write yourself off partying a few times, you sleep with someone you regret, you move on. What you don't do is post explicit photos of your ex-fiancee all over Instagram. I am not saying Blac Chyna (is that like one name or a first and last name idk?) is innocent, I am saying they are as bloody petty and immature as each other. Going around posting photos and comments directed at each other, HUNNIES YOU ARE PARENTS, grow up and deal with your problems like adults for the sake of everyone. That's all I have to say.

3. Womens Day having not learnt a thing from Rebel Wilson court case. 
You would thing that after being taken to court by a movie star and loosing said court case Bauer Media would be pushing for the magazine in question to stop exaggerating their articles to a point where they are STILL being called out for it on social media. This week it was House Rules presenter and well known Australian identity Johanna Griggs turn (again) to use her Instagram to slam the magazine and set the record straight. Womens Day published an article firstly misleading the public into thinking Griggs had an influence on the words being written, that she had actually given quote for the publication when she hadn't. According to Griggs the entire article about the health of her husband was filled with inaccurate and made-up information. When will misinformation and damn well untrue information stop being used to make money? If your going to sell a story at least make it an honest one not filled with someones creative licence.

4. Pauline Hanson.
A lot of things that Pauline Hanson does and says pisses me off and this week has delivered yet again. On Wednesday the Senator posted a video to her Twitter of her flying a drone off a balcony. In case you aren't aware of Australia's current drone laws let me inform you.You are not allowed to fly a drone over a populated area, where if it was to fail it would fall and potentially injure someone. You are also not allowed to fly a drone less than 30 meters away from a vehicles, boats, buildings or people. From the video Senator Hanson is in what many would consider to be a populated area and she definitely flies it within 30 meters of the building next door. So is she in trouble for breaking the law? According to the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, they just want to have a chat with the Senator and her team. Does being a Senator mean that you don't have to abide by the laws that should a normal person not follow (ie. guy that flew his drone to Bunnings) would be fined for?

5. People calling out Keira Maguire for making changes to her OWN body.
As you all know I am all for natural beauty and embracing your natural beauty, but something I am also for is making changes to your own body if it makes you happy. Keira, who was on both The Bachelor and I'm A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here, showed off her banging body this week for NW Magazine and then faced a huge wall of backlash because the damn girl made cosmetic changes to her OWN BODY because it made her happy, god forbid. She had a nose job last year (I want one too, so sue me) because SHE WANTED TOO, she had a boob job recently BECAUSE SHE WANTED TOO, I'm pretty sure she said she gets lip fillers as well because she damn well wants too. If a person wants to make changes to their own body because it will make them feel more comfortable in their own skin, who is anyone else to say anything about it. God it makes me so angry that society frowns upon cosmetic work, let people live.

6. The White House pay gap.
Much like Pauline Hanson a lot of things that Donald Trump does really piss me off, I mean the man isn't even my President and still I get so incredibly made by some of the things he says and does. The article that promoted this anger came from here and apparently the pay gap between male and female staff has as much as tripled since Trump came into power, let me say that again TRIPLED. So apparently a female working in the White House will earn around US $72.650.00 this year, while having a penis will get you around US $115,000.00. I just cannot deal with this. It bloody 2017 and still we have a wage gap, not only that, but that Trump has either decreased women's pay or hes gone and increased the men's (I'm going to go with the latter to be honest.) I am so mad that having a penis as opposed to having a vagina means that you earn more.