The Sensitive Skin Chronicles: Lips

NOTE: The Sensitive Skin Chronicles is a series of posts all written and researched by yours truly. I have normal skin but because of whatever reason my skin is so sensitive to anything and everything and it is quite hard to find products that aren't turning my skin red and blotchy underneath. A product that works for my sensitive skin may not work for yours as we are all different. Please be mindful that these posts have come from my own experiences, opinions and research and that I am in no way professional, just a person who owns way too much skin care and makeup products.

Does anyone else get the WORST, most dehydrated lips ever?! I used to think it was only in winter but I have found that my lips are so dry all year round. Not only are they dry, the skin sheds ridiculously often and not only that its the kind of shedding skin that stings. Through lots of trial and error I have found three products that I LOVE and if you're in the same kind of situation as me (even if you aren't) these products could really help you!

my lips with the Frank Lip Scrub
The first product is an exfoliating product that I use to kind of get rid of that skin that is hanging on my lips. I found this in the little displays at the counter of Mecca and I am so bloody glad I did. It is the Frank Body Lip Scrub and from Mecca it is $12.95. I found that some lip scrubs are very exfoliating and almost too harsh for my very sensitive skin, this one however isn't too harsh but still does an amazing job at making my lips feel SO good. If you are a coffee lover, or even just love the taste of coffee, this is best tasting product for you, I mean you aren't suppose to actually eat it but any product that is going on your lips is going to be tasted to some extent. The little container says to put the product onto dry lips, but I found that by doing that I was irritating the skin around my lips, SO to fix that I just dampen my lips and the skin around my lips and that reduces irritation and makes the product glade along your lips seamlessly. According to the website this product has ingredients that are all naturally derived and free from parabens which is always a good thing when it comes to sensitive skin.

Note: Don't exfoliate your lips when they are very chapped, this can cause more damage to your sore lips. 

my lips with the Lip De Luscious
The second product that I want to talk about is also from Mecca but this time from their own Mecca Cosmetica brand, it is the Lip De Luscious lip conditioning treatment. As I said my lips are dry so much of the time that I need a product that is going to seriously condition them and this is the product for me. I use this mostly as a night treatment but I do also (when I remember) put it on before I start my makeup and then by the time it is lipstick time it has dried to a point where I can put another lippy over it. When I am having a natural, not-so-much makeup day I do use this as my lip colour as it has a cute pink sheen to it. The ingredients in this one are so good as well, including shea butter, Mecca but it works and that is why I keep repurchasing it!
hyaluronic acid (which occurs naturally in the body and helps to softly plumpen your lips!), pomegranate seed oil and vitamin E. This is also a good one for during the day as it has SPF 25 in it, no sunburn on those lips honey! The Lip De Luscious is a little bi pricey in my opinion, for a small 11 gram container it will cost you $28 from

My last product is probably widely known but I thought I would throw it anyway in case one person in the world suffering from saw lips didn't know about it. Paw Paw Cream! It says right there on the pack that it is great for treating minor skin conditions, so it is going to be a savior for you dry, sore lips. I use the Lucas' Papaw Ointment which is readily available from your local supermarkets for only around $4-$5. This product has natural ingredients and a petroleum base which makes it ideal for anyone suffering sensitive skin. Again, I won't go on about this one too much because Paw Paw cream is the worlds worst kept secret.

Other lip tips for sensitive skin:

  • If your having a particularly bad shedding skin day I would recommend  gently brushing over your lips with a toothbrush, but do it softly! This kind of just peels back the gross, dying skin that makes your lips feel soooo gross. 
  • No matter how tempting it is, don't bite the loose skin on your lips. First of all ew and second of all it is painful af. 
  • This one is said on repeat but I'll say it again because drinking lots of water is so important, especially for you lips.
  • I was always told as a child not to lick my lips and I'm telling you now, don't do it!!The saliva that you are leaving on your lips is taking away more moisture while it dries. 
There we go my loves, chapter one of the sensitive skin Chronicles!