The Sensitive Skin Chronicles: Fake Tan

NOTE: The Sensitive Skin Chronicles is a series of posts all written and researched by yours truly. I have normal skin but because of whatever reason my skin in so sensitive to anything and everything and it is quite hard to find products that aren't turning my skin red and blotchy underneath. A product that works for my sensitive skin may not work for yours as we are all different. Please be mindful that these posts have come from my own experiences, opinions and research and that I am in no way professional, just a person who owns way too much skin care and makeup products.
before vs after

I don't fake tan very often (pale sisters unite!!) because a. it is a hell of a lot of effort and b. that means waiting around for it to dry and I am just not about that life, I have shit to do. For special events and going out I do like to have a bit of a tan so in photos I don't look like Caspar the ghost making an appearance in some random club. I don't fake tan to be dark, dark because I feel that probably doesn't suit me, I fake tan to have a slight amount of colour so the tan that I use isn't extremely dark as you can see in the photos.
 Does anyone else know how hard it is to fake tan when even the slightest thing will cause your skin to break out in bright red, sometimes itchy blotches? So freaking hard, I'll insert a photo of my legs post-fake tan with bright red blotches below so you know what I am talking about. I've tried expensive tans and the cheaper ones available in supermarkets, and Priceline is where I found my holy grail. Introducing to you Jergens, every single tanning product that I use is from this brand.

My fake tanning routine starts with a nice hot shower (it would be a bath but I don't have on in my house), while in the shower I obviously wash/shave but I also exfoliate using the Jergens Natural Glow Colour Primer and any old exfoliating mitt. This just resurfaces your skin, gets rid of dead skin and any old tan that might happen to be on you skin. Which is all in preparation for leaving you skin ready for that fake tanning mousse and ensuring that there is no build up in any one spot and the mousse goes on streak free. The product has little beads in it which is the exfoliating ingredien , but it doesn't leave your skin feeling red raw, instead it leaves you skin feeling fresh and moisturised. This product is $10.99 at Priceline, and probably isn't essential to your fake tanning routine, I mean you could just use an exfoliating mitt but I do like this product as it does add moisture to your skin without adding oil.

Ingredients in the colour primer include: (this is just some of the ingredients listed, please check the actual products for full list)
  • water;
  • glycerin; (which is found in many beauty products and is a skin conditioning agent)
  • alumina; (abrasive and thickening agent)
  • sodium laureth sulfate; (cleansing agent)
  • prunus armeniaca (apricot) seed powder; (abrasive agent)
  • acrylates copolymer; (adhesive agent)
  • sodium lauryl; (denaturant, cleansing agent)
  • cocamidopropyl betaine (skin conditioning agent)
  • fragrance;
  • sodium PCA (skin conditioing agent)
  • sodium chloride (viscosity increasing agent)
  • ethlhexyglecerin 

The actual tanning mousse I use is the Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Tanning Mousse and it works wonders for sensitive skin. Well not really wonders but damn it doesn't make my skin feel itchy or flaky, its such a nice colour and it leaves no red marks on my body, sounds like a winner doesn't it? So, it is available in both light bronze and deep bronze but both are extremely build-able colours- so if you want to chuck one layer on in the morning and a second one on before bed you will be a bronzed goddess time two. I use the lighter one because sometimes I want to be just slightly sun kissed and other times I want to look like I have been laying on a fancy yacht in Croatia for far too long lapping up the sun. For $15.99 at Priceline you will get 177ml worth of product which is most definitely a reasonable price for fake tan, in my opinion. I would seriously recommend using a tanning mitt to apply this even though the bottle says to use your hand (fake tan hands don't look good on anyone, especially me) and like any tanning mousse you just put it all over your body nice and evenly. The product isn't odorless, it does have a smell to it which will transfer to your sheets if you, like me put it on before bed and then sleep with the solution on, it isn't an unpleasant and overpowering smell though. As well, I haven't noticed it stain my sheets or clothes before.

The ingredients in this one include: (this is just some of the ingredients listed, please check the actual products for full list)
  • water;
  • glycerin; (which is found in many beauty products and is a skin conditioning agent),
  • dihydroxyacetone; (this one is a colourant skin agent)
  • denatured alcohol; (reading this I was a bit what!!! but after doing some more research it acts as an agent to make the product non-oily, so it is used in very small amounts)
  • decyl glucoside; (this one is a glucose based agent commonly used in shampoo and conditioner and it is a cleaning agent)
  • ceteareth-25; (which is associated with enhanced skin absorption)
  • hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer (a stabilizer and texture enhancer)
  • methylparaben (fragrance ingredient)
  • fragrance, citric acid (chelating ingredient and fragrance)
  • sodium benzoate (a fragrance ingredient and preservative)
  • benyl alcohol (used to decrease the thickness of the product)
  • erythrulose (the tanning colourant agent)
  • orange 4 (colourant)
  • violet 2 (colourant)
  • yellow 10 (colourant) 
  • red 4 (colourant). 
So the next morning post using the solution I get up and shower because I don't know if I am imagining it or its actually there but I feel slightly sticky from sleeping in the solution. In the morning I have a shower and my skin gets SO dry even from just having a shower, so I use the Jergens Tan Extender. This product can actually be used not only on the Jergens tanning range but can be used to extend the longevity of a tan that you've gotten from the sun (which I don't promote because I've seen the effects of skin cancer!!!). I have been using this for a while and have found that it reduces patchiness. So I work out quite a lot and I find that sweat makes my tan go all patchy and gross, but when I use this product it definitely reduces the look of patchiness but it also makes the whole tan fade nicer than I have found some other tans to do. With some tans they fade in patches and leave gross patches and streaks, this product however makes it fade all at one time with no streaks. This product can also be purchased from Priceline for $12.99 for 221mls. This is just a moisturiser and thats how I apply it, all over my body with my hands, the standard.

Ingredients in this product include: (this is just some of the ingredients listed, please check the actual products for full list).

  • Water;
  • Glycerin; (a skin conditioning agent)
  • Cetrearyl alcohol; ( a texturising agent)
  • Zea Mays (corn starch); (an absorbent)
  • Dimethicone; (anti foaming agent)
  • Petrolatum; (skin conditioning agent, skin protectent)
  • Mineral oil; (fragrance)
  • Ethlyhexyl Isononanoate; (skin conditioning agent)
  • Ceteareth-20 (surfectant, reduces surface tension with your skin)
  • Dihydroxyacetone; (colourant)
  • Phenyl trimethicone; (anti foaming agent, skin conditioning)
  • Steareth-2; (surfetant) 
  • Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter; (fragrance ingredient)
  • Fragrance;
  • Stearic Acid; (fragrance)
  • Octyldodecyl myristate; (skin conditioning agent)

This product deposits a small amount of colour with every application (because I am so white it does take to my skin quite quickly though.) The Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturiser in fair to medium, I use this every night after my evening shower. So the above in the morning and this one in the afternoon, can you all please think about how smooth and soft my skin is! Very. I also love this product because of the "firming", I am a women I naturally have a bit of cellulite on me, duh, this I have found just reduces the appearance of said cellulite. For $14.99 you can get this product in 221mls from Priceline. This product is also good for blending in any accidents with the mousse, for example I ALWAYS mess up the tan around my wrists and this product just blends it in nicely so you can hardly tell. As for application, I don't use a mitt for this, I mean its essentially just a moisturiser so I treat it as one (but be wary of it between your fingers because it can get a bit dark if you don't wash your hands after). I smother this product all over my body as you would with any moisturiser.

Ingredients in this one include: (this is just some of the ingredients listed, please check the actual products for full list)

  • Water;
  • Glycerin; (which is found in many beauty products and is a skin conditioning agent),
  • Zea Mays (corn starch); (used as an absorbent),
  • Cetearyl alchohol; (gives texture to the product),
  • Dihydroxyacetone; (colourant),
  • Petrolatum (skin conditioning agent, skin protectent)
  • Mineral oil; (fragrance)
  • Ceteareth-20; (cleansing agent) 
  • Ethlyhexyl Isononanoate; (skin conditioning agent)
  • Steareth-2; (surfactant, reduces surface tension with your skin)
  • Dimethicone; (anti foaming agent)
  • Octyldodecyl myristate; (skin conditioning agent) 
  • Stearic acid; (fragrance ingredient)
  • Fragrance;