22 Songs That Made My Childhood (and the memories to go with them)

I've been very absent lately from not only this blog but a lot of my The Introvert Archive social media. I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to better myself and set myself right from a bit of a bad patch- but I'm back on track now, at least from the time being. During my time away I've been spending a lot of one getting active and working out, which of course you can't do without a bit of music. I've found that the mood of the music doesn't actually affect me at all so I can seriously listen to whatever while I'm working out and as long as I don't have to listen to silence I'll be all good. So I have a playlist for you today, songs that I listened to during my childhood, the absolute bangers that I hear and think !!!! I remember this song !!!! If you go to my Spotify- profile name is Elyssa Giedraitis- you can find a playlist here

  1. Thnks fr th mmrs- Fall Out Boy
Honestly this was probably my first FOB song ever and the reason I started listening to the whole pop punk kind of genre. I LOVED this song, seriously it was my first ringtone on my shitty little Nokia that I had, probably cost me like $2 to download it. 

  1. Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
Every god damn time I here this song do you want to know what I think of!!! The season final of Greys Anatomy season two when Denny dies, that is what I think of. My heart still breaks when I watch the episode. 

  1. How To Save A Life- The Fray
We may as well chuck this one in here too because this reminds me of Greys Anatomy every time I here it. As the promotional song for season three how could I not relate this to the show, which reminds me I need to start again- from the start. 

  1. Crazy In Love- BeyoncĂ© 
What tween girl didn't love a bit of BeyoncĂ© to get you hyped up for those lollie filled ragers that were school socials! I actually saw some photos the other day from what I wore to said socials and let me tell you I'm not sure what the hell I was thinking but my parents should never have let me leave the house ever. 

  1. It Girl- Jason Derulo
In my school the highlight of leaving primary school behind for year 8 was the fact that in the third term you got to go on an all week sporting trip called "Country Week" and it's all the smaller school that aren't in the city coming together for one big sporting competition. Every year the Tuesday night is all about the river cruise (it still is, just ask the two of my sisters that went this year!) and the teachers would allow you an hour and a bit to get ready for said river cruise. In year eight this song was in the top charts and I still remember this song being played over and over in the girls room while we were getting ready (and the distinct smell of Impulse). 

  1. Rescue Me- You Me At Six 
Okay Christmas when I was about 13 I would say, I got this little pink MP3 player and back in those days it was the LimeWire illegal downloading days and this was the first song I downloaded to put onto my new iPod, I walked around thinking I was soooo cool listening to this song. 

  1. Low- Flo Rida featuring T-Pain
Another one that I distinctly remember "getting low" to (now referred to as the slut drop) at school socials in the art room. Usually people only danced in their art room because it was dark and no one could laugh at you (not really), if it was held in the assembly area no one except the real confident kids moved from their spot because it was waaaay to brightly lit. 

  1. Poker Face- Lady Gaga
Back when we were younger, a lot younger, my friend and I (I won't mention her name but she'll read this and shake her head at the memory) would have sleepovers and during said sleepovers we liked to think we were spectacular dancers and choreographers. At this time Lady Gaga was all the rage and I remember a hideously preformed dance/acrobatic type thing that's was staged outside at my parents house and incorporated a very large area- including the pool and area and I think ended with an argument over who had better ideas. These days we jus like to get drunk together!

  1. Voodoo Child- Rouge Traders 
I used to LOVE this song, and I remember my uncle coming over and being like "oh yeah I went to their concert" and as a child I was soo impressed by that, like god I was so jealous. 

  1. Ridin' Solo- Jason Derulo 
Woah I didn't realise that Jason Derulo had quite a few hits back in the day- haven't heard much of him lately though, he still alive or? This song was, and probably still is the single anthem of all time (along with Single Ladies by Beyonce). But I do remember when my first high school boyfriend (cough, who also happens to be my actual boyfriend now, cough) broke up with me on year eight. It wasn't an actual relationship- it was a very awkward thing that I think was more just for "omg I have a boyfriend" factor and lasted like a month. But that heartbroken little year eight used this as her anthem post break up and probably even posted the lyrics on her Facebook page- because that was the cool thing to do back then okay. 

  1. 3AM- Matchbox Twenty
This song was defiantly something that I listened to because my mum used to listen to it, and back then my CDs would get scratched as hell and I would have to go and steal hers if I wanted to play something in my little pink, transportable CD player. 

  1. It's My Life- Bon Jovi 
Another one that was one of my Mum's favourites. This was her signature song to listen to while mopping the floors and we were confined to outside because heaven forbid we step on her wet floors! 

  1. 7 Things- Miley Cyrus 
God this song was my JAM back in the day, of course everyone loved a bit of Miley- pre-VMA performance. I definitely remember rocking out this, complete with head banging and not correctly measuring the space between my bunk bed and my head and as you can imagine this did not turn out well. 

  1. Shake It- Metro Station 
In year 3/4 i had the coolest teacher who used to let us listen to music while we were working (her music of course) and this song got played a few times. 

  1. We're All In This Together- High School Musical
Around the same time the school decided to create this event called the performance project and it was a competition between our school and two others, to create the best performance. Our end song was a very out of time choreographically attempt at this song. On the actual day of the performance in front of a whole hall filled with people the music stopped during this song and we all stood around looking like idiots. Surprisingly we didn't win. 

  1. Baby- Justin Bieber
You just knew this song was going to be on here didn't you. Yes, I will admit back in the day I was a diehard Belieber, as was just about every other girl my age, the hair flick and the pre puberty voice was every girls dream, every girl wished to be that girl in the video clip, how could I resist? 

  1. Black Finger Nails, Red Wine- Eskimo Joe
This was an absolute banger of a song back in the day! Perfect for long car rides when your younger sister whined about having to sit in the back so you were forced to give up you front seat. So with a pout and folded arms you listened to your blaring music the whole way home. 

  1. Love Don't Cost A Thing- Jennifer Lopez 
This song was used as our end of year piece for senior jazz class when I was like 12 and it was a god damn mess. There is video evidence and I will die if it ever surfaces, but I won an award that year so I was happy. 

  1. Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood 
SUCH a single girl jam! No that I was all that worried about being an independent white girl when this came out but hey it was fun to rock out too and pretend I was older than I was. 

  1. Pay Phone- Maroon 5 
Ah, the unofficial song of bivouac camp in year nine. Because after three days of 24 hour company of the same people, exactly what you want is them singing terribly in your face. By this stage I was an angry bitch and as you can imagine this did not sit well with me, not one little bit. 

  1. Good Girls Go Bad- Cobra Starship featuring Leighton Meester 
AH this song, what a jam. Every time I here it I want to watch Gossip Girl. This was most definitely on my little pink iPod. 

  1. Party Rock Anthem- LMFAO
This one reminds me of the four hour bus trip home after Cadet Camp in year nine. It was THAT over played I can still hardly listen to it now. 

Here's just 22 songs that make me think back to the carefree days of having little o no responsibility what so ever. Like I said above my Spotify has a whole playlist (that keeps getting bigger) of these songs so you can also take a trip down memory lane!