16 Ways To Motivate Yourself (From Someone Who Loses Motivation At The Click Of Your Fingers)

As a person who, as the title states loses motivation at the click of your fingers I have needed to learn how to motivate myself on the days when I have absolutely NONE what so ever. Some days I wake up and already have no motivation to do anything, I would much rather stay in bed than perform as a fully functioning human. So what are some ways that I have learnt to motivate myself?

        In The Gym:
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  1. Put your activewear on. So simple yet so effective. Once my activewear is on I am 75% more likely to get my arse into gear and put in the effort. If I'm still not feeling it, I force myself to drink pre workout, because once that stuff is in my system I have enough energy to run a marathon.
  2. Group fitness. I took this one up last year. More people = more motivation not only to put in the effort but more motivation to push yourself to not look like an idiot in front of other people.
  3. Social media inspiration. Social media is a very powerful tool and if used the right way can help to motivate you with your fitness goals. I use Instagram as my main source of fitspo (yes I did just say that, apologies.) My feed is a constant stream of girls who are active and achieving their goals. In need of some inspiration? My fave girls to get some from are Tammy Hembrow, Sophie Allen, Madalin Giorgetta and Georgie Stevenson just to name a few.
  4. Set mini challenges for yourself. If I am having a particularly bad week mental health wise I tend to set myself mini challenges that will last me anywhere from the next day to all week. When I am feeling particularly shitty and run down I struggle to get through a whole workout, I start out going well and then I start to over analyse things and I lose all hope. So to get me through I set myself come mini challenges. Last week was a pretty shitty week so I set the mini goals for the week: attend both of my normal group fitness classes, do an hour of cardio and two half an hour workouts- one focusing on upper body and one on lower. I smashed my goals for the week and now I'm motivated to get myself back to my normal routine.
  5. Think about the people you are proving wrong. I use this one all the time. One of Brodies friends said to me once that "girls shouldn't train arms." I was a bit shocked at first, but now I use his stupidity to motivate myself on arms days because I am 100% sure that one day I will have bigger arms than him.
  6. Compete. I am a highly competitive person (just ask Brodie and my sisters) and find that I can push myself if I am in competition with myself (or someone else who has no idea that we're competing). At the end of it I'm never really that fussed if I won or not but I like knowing that I did push myself that extra bit further.
  7. Track your progress with photos. I haven't checked my weight on the scales in a long time, I don't fret over it anymore. I take photos of what I look like every now and then and compare it to my starting photo, the progress that I have made motivates me to keep going.

    In General Life:

  8. Music. This one can be applied to both in general life and in the gym to be realistic and it works so well in both. In the gym I use whatever music comes up on the workout playlist on Spotify. Having pumped up music always gets me just a bit more motivated. In general life if I am feeling particularly shitty, I take some time to myself, chuck my headphones in and just chill out all together. That small break to just take a breath really gives me a little bit of time to think about my goals.
  9. Have a reward system. I don't mean reward yourself with a gummy bear every time you read a line of your study notes. I mean have realist rewards for hard work. Set yourself the task and then set yourself the reward, work hard and reach the goal to reward yourself.
  10. Prepare early. I have found that leaving everything to the last minutes decreases my motivation very rapidly. So I've learnt to be prepared ie. Have my fitness clothes laid out on the bead ready for me to wear them, have my work plan set out for my blog post before I start writing, have a clear idea in my head of what I want to get achieved in the day at work. Preparation is key, always.
  11. Rely on yourself for a push. Its easier said than done, I know, but sometimes you just have to get up one morning and think "fuck this, lets get shit done." You have to be your main motivator.
  12. Remember your goals. I now that feeling when you get halfway through something and it just isn't going to plan, you feel like your goal is no where in sight and that your work is absolutely pointless- trust me I have been there so many damn times. You just have to re-fcous. you have to take the time to remember why you set this goal in the first place. What made you set this goal?
  13. Set deadlines. I am one of those weird arse people who thrive off deadlines. I love working towards something and knowing that by that set time I should've achieved it. Just make sure that the deadlines you're setting for yourself are realistic and not ridiculous.
  14. Have a clean working area. I cannot deal with my working area being overly messy. It's distracting and I swear by messy desk = messy head. Especially at work I like everything to be neatly organised so I know where I what I need is at all times (well, most of the time.)
  15. Dress to impress yourself. This is something I use quite a lot of the time, I dress to make myself feel good and don't really give a second thought to what anyone else thinks. Sometimes I got to work in jeans and my work shirt with a bare face because that makes me feel good. Sometimes I go to work  in a button up shirt and nice pants with a full face of makeup and my hair done perfectly because that makes me feel good, it all about how I feel and not a lot about how I look.
  16. Create a routine. I lost my daily routine after having one particularly bad week and since then I have really struggled to get back into it. But I find that having a routine motivates me to get shit done because I know what needs to be done and when.

So there is my tips on how to keep yourself from falling into the deep, dark hole of being unmotivated. Do you have any tips to add?