Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving (Nope, I'm Not American)

Thanksgiving is an American Holiday and well, obviously I am not American but you know what are you going to do about it?
As an Australian I know absolutely nothing about Thanksgiving, so, naturally I went to Google to find out some information. 
What is Thanksgiving? When is it? Where is it celebrated? What is Black Friday and why does it give us SO many killer sales?  
This post IS about some of the things I am thankful for, but I'm going to assume most of you have about as much knowledge as I do about Thanksgiving and throw some useful interesting knowledge at you. 

Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of Novemeber every year and began in 1621 to celebrate the first harvest. So, Thanksgiving is The Blessing Of The Harvest, the opportunity of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and for the proceeding year. Thanksgiving is celebrated not on in the US but also in Canada, Grenada, the Philippines, Saint Lucia, Liberia and the Netherlands HOWEVER Canadians don't celebrate at the same time as the US and instead celebrate on the second Monday of October. 
So what is Black Friday and why do I spend so much money on it?
Because you have no self control Elyssa that's why. 
No but seriously, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and was named as so because workers would call in sick in order to have a four day weekend, but it also kick starts the Christmas shopping season with promotional sales (aka takes all my money).

Just because as Australians we don't celebrate Thanksgiving it doesn't mean we shouldn't take some time to reflect on the things we are truly thankful for, so here goes. 
NB: This is both a serious list and a funny one so please take with a grain of salt. 

  • My family- an obvious one but still a necessary addition to the list.;
  • Brodie STILL putting up with my bullshit- I'm 100% sure of the reaction not putting him on this list would get and I am not here for it;
  • Taco- as in the cat Taco, but then again I am pretty thankful that Mexican food exists also;
  • Funny cat videos- talking about the cat reminded me of this one, but how good are they at making you laugh even when you feel shitty;
  • Friends- people who are down to get drunk with you most of the time;
  • Being alive- I was going to write my health BUT that is still not the greatest thing so I'm not that thankful for it;
  • Afterpay- God bless the creator of this incredible system that is also extremely dangerous;
  • Telephones and emails- without which I would be forced into face to face interaction more regularly than I would like; 
  • Anxiety- this is a weird one I know, I'm not thankful for the feelings that anxiety brings me, I'm thankful that I can use it as a tool to know when I need to change things around me or in my life; 
  • Puppies- need I say more?
  • Being able to voice my opinions- and not get too much backlash for it;
  • The fact that I made it through the year without accidentally getting pregnant- I'm sure this would be on Brodie's list as well;
  • Netflix- and the fact that I've still got access to the Netflix account that Mum pays for;
  • The chance to become healthier- through exercise, diet, healthy habits; 
  • My Dad's new found obsession with wood work- hello to never having to buy shitty Ikea furniture very again;
  • The face people make when you give them a gift- is there anything better?;
  • Slow cookers- you just put all the ingredients in and leave it for a few hours WHILE it makes your house smell good, what an invention!;
  • My sisters getting older- As they get older I seem to like them more; 
  • Matching socks- how good is it when you put a load of washing away and ALL the socks actually match;
  • Freedom of religion- I feel like a lot of people take this one for granted but how bloody lucky are we to be able to choose what we want to believe in;
  • Lactose free ice cream- God bless the person who created this incredible gift;
  • Having a job I enjoy- EVEN when people keep coming in my office and interrupting whatever I am watching on Netflix;
  • When a stranger smiles at you in passing- God bless the people of this world that don't walk around permanently looking grumpy;
  • Living in the country- less people to have to deal with, less traffic, less time spent at the bar trying to get service;
  • Autocorrect- without which I would be looking like an idiot more times a day than I already do;
  • Payday- and then spending ALL of said pay on bills because debt collectors are almost scarier than murders;
  • Access to mediation- without which getting your wisdom teeth taken out would be much more painful than it needs to be;
  • The inappropriate yet hilarious comments my six year old brother makes- for instance "who's that old man?" as we walk past a customer in the street and "Oh fuckin' hell" as I tell him he isn't allowed a lolly AND a milkshake;
  • Open minded people- nothing worse than trying to have a discussion close minded person;
  • Lush bath bombs- because they're pretty, they make your skin feel nice and they just make you feel better.
So, here is a list of just some of the things I am extremely thankful for not just at Thanksgiving but all the time. What are you thankful for?

Thankful for... my Mum and my sister (who is now 18 and can leg come to the pub with me)

Thankful for.. My Dad and having a job I love.

Thankful for... Harry and his inappropriate yet hilarious comments.

Thankful for... Brodie and his ability to put up with my bullshit

Thankful for... these two dorks