Princess Polly Black Friday Haul

Before I even go anywhere with this post please let me tell you that this post isn't sponsored and I pad for all of these clothes with my own money during the Black Friday Sales because I have absolutely no control what so ever. 
During the sales Princess Polly had a sale and if you spent I think it was $200 you got $50 off, so naturally I just HAD to spend $200 to get my $50, saving right??
Also a side note: if you want to do a bit of PP haul yourself, they do offer After Pay, which is the angel and the devil wrapped up all in one. 

Babylon Strapless Romper

I am in LOVE with this play suit, the print and the style, its just, I love it okay. It also strangely makes me look slightly more thin than usual which I will be honest I am quite stoked about. 
I got a size 10 and as you can see it fits perfectly. This one is $50.00 and the link is right here, you are welcome.

Sloan denim overalls in Black


I'll be honest I don't like these overalls, not because of the actual item of clothing but because it just doesn't look right on my body, as you can see from above. I didn't return these because I figured I could just wear these as a cover up for say the beach or whatever, just chuck them over my bather and I am good to go. I however DO love how they look on every other girl I have seen wearing them, they look incredible. 
Also Sloan as in Mark Sloan, no? No one? Mark Sloan from Greys Anatomy? McSteamy?
These were $65.00 and I got a medium, the link is here but there is so many beautiful colours of these overalls so you should definitely have a look at those too. 

MinkPink Trashed Micro Shorts


I own waaaaaay to many pairs of denim shorts and I'll be honest I rarely wear them because they are just so uncomfortable. But I brought these ones, obviously, God knows why. HOWEVER I do hav quite a love for these ones, they aren't SUPER short and ride up your arse allowing the whole world to see what you had for breakfast. 
I got a size 10, these ones are $79.95 and can be brought from this link. 

Seven Wonders Tie Front One Piece


How cute is this one piece. I am a huge fan of high waisted anything, it just makes you feel more secure and fitted in and it is just a God send, s obviously I had to buy these. The only thing is thank God I have small boobs because I feel like big boobs would just fall out all over the place and if you're up for that woo these are the bathers for you, if not maybe pass. 
So these were $70.00 and can be purchased from this link. 

So there is my PP Black Friday haul! I haven't done a haul in sooo long (not that I haven't been buying things). Let me know if you want to see more hauls.