Things That Should Stay In 2017

I've been a bit M.I.A for the past week and a bit, probably nearly two weeks, because helloooo its December and December is stressful as hell. I was still writing away, you know in between Christmas shopping and end of year parties and TAFE work, and actual work, you know all the stuff that still needs to be done even though the end of the year is SO close.

I decided today that this post would be on things that should be left behind in 2017- you know a bit of a fun one, whatever. These things are more than likely going to follow us all into 2018 but God damn I wish they wouldn't. Without further ado, here is my list.

  • Making new seasons or sequels to TV shows and movies that are OVER.I am looking at you Pitch Perfect 3, it is o-v-e-r, it was over at the beginning of the second movie, I mean I'm still going to watch it just so I can whinge that it was pointless and look at Anna Kendrick but whatever.

  • The WA Liberal Party *dancing* to Daft Punk.I use the term 'dancing' very sparingly here. And just like as a nobody on t internet I would advise every single one of them to never do this again. I've put the video below for anyone who hasn't witnessed how excruciating awkward it truly was, like even just watching through the computer screen made me cringe, spare a thought for their kids and partners. 

  • Musicians/ Sports stars/ movie stars/ any one with a little bit of influence using said influence to get nudes/ have sex.
    Everywhere people are coming out and telling their stories of this and I think it is time for sexual harassment and sexual abuse to be left in 2017, don't you? Don't you think as the human species we should have evolved past thinking with out genitals?
  • "If you want to buy a house, stop buying avo toast!"
    LEAVE IT IN 2017!!! Hunnies, as proven by SO MANY people I know you can buy a house and eat your avo toast, so if everyone would just be quiet about it, that would be fantastic. Also the average price of avocado toast is apparently $6.78 according to Google, that ain't even going to pay for a tile on the bathroom floor.
  • The hard questions.
    "Have you got a boyfriend yet?"
    "What are you doing with your life?"
    "Have you gained weight?"

    Get absolutely fucked, goodbye.
  •  Clickbait.
    Oh man, this is my least favourite thing ever- god I clicked on your article/video;/whatever because I wanted to see what was actually said in the title BUT when I came here I just got a whole heap of other useless shit that I don't give two shits about.
  • Fidget spinners
    I know they were made with a good intention but obviously we bypassed that and went straight into using them for anything and everything they don't need to be used for. Stop.
  • Donald Trump.
    Scratch that, lets just leave every single member of the US Government in 20147 and start the 1st of January as a new page, you know one where the President isn't a misogynist who hasn't the first clue about how to run a country. Someone get this man "How To Be A President For Dummies" stat.
  • Finding a cute T-shirt only for it to have a dumbass slogan on it. 
    God, is it that hard to make cute plain tee's these days? I mean you buy one online, thinking 'oh, cute casual top" only for it to arrive and have a fucking sequined moon on the back of it. Yes this happened to me and yes I am still pissed about it.
  • Applying makeup with anything other than a sponge or brush.
    A list of things that have been used to apply makeup which most definitely should not have been used for this purpose:
    • A testicle;
    • A condom;
    • A Barbie dolls head;
    • A cotton ball;
    • A tampon;
  • Pom poms on shoes.
    I don't get it, you look like you are walking around with a chihuahuas tail stuck to your shoe. Is it supposed to be cute? Did I miss that part? 

Good God, I am sure there is so many more things that shouldn't be brought into 2018- Salt Bae, look I just thought of another one! But really, I am beginning to sound like an old women with my complaining about "young people things"" so we'll leave it right here.