Doing Less | Unhealthy Habits To Give Up On

I've just got home from two weeks of holidaying- the beach, the sun and two weeks away from all the normality that is being at home. While I was on holiday I became a carefree person, who smiled more, who was willing to go out and do more things. Granted that I did get a bit home sick, and towards the end my mind started doing it's usual tricks, I somehow made it to the end without ending up as an emotional wreck.

While I was away I had more free time (we camped, there was no TV and WIFI) to think about how I could better myself- which is something I have really been thinking about lately. I've have purchased so many self help, do better, be better books lately, I am almost obsessed. 

In all my thinking time I came up with a few unhealthy habits I need to do a little less of when trying to better myself. I mean I don't have habits like smoking or drugs to give up so I have a few more mental characteristics that it is time to start cutting back on. Welcome to my list of unhealthy habits to start cutting back on, make yourself a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable. 

1. Comparing myself to other people. 
God I am guilty of this a thousand times over, social media can be my biggest enemy when it comes to comparing myself to other women. She's more successful than me, her stomach is flatter than mine, she's more put together than I am. But the thing is, I am comparing myself to other peoples highlight reel, Instagram isn't real, and it isn't the full picture. You can't compare your full picture to someone else's highlight reel. 

2. Binge drinking every damn weekend. 
I got so good at giving this one up in the middle of 2017, I would be able to go out and say 'no' to drinking alcohol a lot of the time. November/ December hit and all the willpower to say no to drinking went out the window. I started looking after myself during the week and writing myself off on the weekends. Time to cut back on the binge drinking.

3. Suppressing my anxiety.
I have coping strategies, and yet I continue to ignore them and push the anxiety deep down to the point that it builds up to a gigantic pile that I struggle to work through. I need to not suppress my anxiety feelings and work through them as they come up. 

4. Stop hanging around toxic people. 
God, I hang around that little people that I resort to hanging out with people I truly know are bad- usually because they hang around my actual friends. I want to stop subjecting myself to that, they put me down, and mock me and I am done with putting up with it just to keep everyone happy.

5. Being afraid to fail. 
I need to stop avoiding doing things because I think I am going to fail. I need to learn that failure is a good thing, it helps you grow. I need to let myself fail every now and then, but not too often.

6. Saying 'yes' to things I want to say 'no' too. 
People pleasing at its finest. Forcing a smile and a nod, while cursing myself and my inability to say no in my head. Is it really that hard? It's a damn two letter word and yet ridiculously hard to say, go figure. 

7. Overspending.
After many failed attempts at saving, this year I vow to master the art of saving. And make Brodie master it as well. 

And there you have it, seven things I am going to work on reducing, do you have some to add to the list? Let me know.