New Year, New Goals | 2018 Resolutions

Since I was absolutely no state to be posting on social media on New Years Eve/ New Years Day I will take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to everyone. 2017 wasn’t my best year but it by far wasn’t my worst and for that I am truly grateful. I want to take the opportunity also to say thank you to each and every person who read this blog, commented, shared, liked and helped me to grow this blog a bit further in 2017. Today’s post is a bit of a typical one, but I think its pretty important to set yourself goals, not just at the start of each new year but always. I find that setting myself goals and having something to work towards gives me a little bit of a push and motivation. So for 2018 I’m setting myself some more goals, attainable goals that I know I can work towards and achieve by the end of the year. Here is a list of my goals, enjoy the read.

  • Find time to read again.

I so often find myself starting a book and never finishing it because stuff gets in the way and you need to make priorities and more often than not I have to dump the book less than halfway through. Currently I’m actually MORE than half way through a book at the moment, yay for holidays! I want to keep this up, I want to read at LEAST twelve books by the end of the year- that’s one a month, attainable right?
  •  Educate myself.

I don’t mean go back to school because God no. I’m going to continue to educate myself on the world around me this year. I’m going to continue to use that education to write blog posts about the things in the world that are truly important and help other people to educate themselves.
  •  Learn to control my anxiety.

Over the past few months my anxiety has continued to increase and increase and this year I will get a handle on it. I want to eliminate the things that give me the worst anxiety, I want to work on fixing my ways of thinking that cause this anxiety.
  •  Learn to be a morning person.

God I am not a morning person at all, like at all. I am a night person, I would much rather stay up late and get up late than go to sleep early and get up early. BUT I am going to change that I am going to teach myself to get up in the morning at an acceptable hour rather than say ten o’clock.
  •  Be able to do pull ups with out assistance.

By the end of the year I WILL do at least five pull ups without the assistance of a band. I will continue to work on my fitness and yep five pull ups by the end of the year, I got this.
  •  Do more things that make me happy.

I definitely think that in 2017 I didn’t do enough of this, I put other things before my won happiness and this year that’s going to stop. I’m going to put myself first and foremost and be happier than I was this year.
  •  Write more.

I didn’t write as much as I would have liked this year again due to priorities. So this year I’m going to write more, I’m going to write whatever I want, whenever I want. I’m not going to post what I think other people want to read, I am going to write what I want too.
  •  Save money.

Brodie and I have the worst habit of spending too much money all at once, we’ll save for a while and then a big weekend with happen or whatever and money blown. This year we are going to save money, whether Brodie likes it or not (he is not going to like it.)
  •  Be kinder to myself.

That means no beating myself up when I miss a day of exercise. It means not judging myself by the numbers on the scale. This means not being mad at myself for my mental health. I am going to be kinder to myself.
  •  Put myself out there.

We are all very aware that I am an extremely introverted person, well duh. This year I’m going to do things that make me leave my comfort zone. I want to be a person who lives without harrowing fears, and I will be.

Well here it is, ten attainable goals that I have set for 2018, what are your goals?