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Holla! I am back with another haul/ clothing review for your eyes. This time I am going to be chatting about some workout clothes, because other than my work clothes and my pajamas they seem to be all I wear. Today's haul (which is a small haul) is two different style leggings and a crop top from Australian brand ECHT Apparel, which you have probably seen on my Instagram (@theintrovertarchive) because I love their clothes. However, as you all know I like to tell it as it is so you can be assured this post will give you my honest opinions on the clothes.

Usually if I am buying fitness clothes all I really buy is leggings, I just don't see a need for shirts when I have endless amounts of band tshirts sitting in my wardrobe that I don't wear, so I may as well use them for working out. Same goes with sports bras, I tend to not buy them because I already have one that are supportive. So, I just buy many pairs of leggings that I don't need because I like leggings.

Let me tell you a little bit about ECHT before I begin the review. They are a brand based in Melbourne but they now ship to over fifty countries world wide, which is incredible considering they only began their brand in 2014. Owned by cousins Jeremy and Darren the brand has a very on trend approach to both their fitness and leisurewear clothing pieces, offering them up at very inexpensive prices.You can find them on the gram @echt_apparel.

The first pair of leggings I have had for a few months now but because how bloody hot it has been I needed the months to road test them. They are the Arise Leggings in charcoal. These are full length leggings with a seamless waist band and some contouring on the leg. I find these to be quite compressing which I am all about, you feel very secures., and they are squat proof, which I mean if you're in gym is kind of essential. These have been through the washing machine a few times now and the material itself has no issues, it just the little "ECHT" logo on the leg that is staring to get a bit tatty. My only issue with the leggings is how high the waistband does come up, like it reaches above my ribs, but you know I know do fold them over and its fine. I wear a size small and I am usually a size ten, so I have sized down one, but if you don't like the whole snug fit of leggings then just stay with your size. As a general rule I don't wear grey or any light colour on leg day because no one wants to look like they have wet themselves, but alas you can't review leggings without putting them through leg day, and I give these an A for absolutely no bum sweat. These ones are $55 which is a pretty affordable price for leggings.

The second pair of leggings that I have is the force dry leggings in stealth black. I bloody love these leggings. They are comfortable af, AND they make my legs and booty look better than they are, so they're a winner all around. They have a little pocket detailing at the back, above the booty which is cute, but I don't really understand, like what am I going to put in there? They're high waisted which is something I always look for, and they're very flexible which you know is always good when your working out, isn't it? These ones are also very good with sweat in a way that you can't really feel it there, until you take them off. Again, I wear a size small which is tight- just how I like them, so stay true to size if you don't like the snug fit. These ones are only $50, again very inexpensive, and yes they are squat proof.

The third and final item I have to show you all, is something that I am not sure why I brought, because, did i need it? No. Will I wear it when working out? probably not. So I did wear it once on arm day for review purposes, but I don't usually wear anything over my sports bra because hello I work out at home. It is the BnR Short Sleeve Crop in black. Again, not sure what prompted me to purchase this, but it is cute. It is made out of the same material as the force dry leggings, so it is very breathable when working out, always good. I feel like some crops just make me uncomfortable with their length, I don't know why, but this one doesn't its a good length to go with all the leggings- to make a perfect outfit. I got a size small and the only issue is the length of the sleeves, obviously I got short sleeved but when doing movements with arms raised, it kind of digs into my armpit. Like it wouldn't be a problem on cardio or lower body days. But, because I don't workout in crops it probably just annoyed me because I am not used to it, but I love the shirt and will definitely use it again in times I need to cover up, or even just on a casual day for a bit of a sporty look.

Now, I do have an affiliate code for this website, so if you click on it and make a purchase I do get a small commission, because guess what hunnies running a blog does not pay well and a girls gotta live. My affiliate link is right here:

But obviously I do love these clothes and I am not just saying that so you make a purchase, I wouldn't tell you about them if I didn't like them. I just think that some fitness clothes can be so expensive and if there is cheaper alternatives, that are just as good in quality, why not support them?


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