I Hate Cardio | My Favourite HIIT Movements

I am not a cardio person, period. I used to be, I used to be able to run and run and I loved it. Yep, nah not anymore, I HATE cardio. Enter: HIIT. High intensity interval training ie. the solution to getting your heart pounding and burning some calories- quickly! I will admit that I was not a big fan of interval training when I first trie dit- all the stopping and starting was not my idea of fun. But after pushing myself to incorporate my HIIT into my work out routines, slowly but surely I learned to love it. So today, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite HIIT movements.

I like to do HIIT in a few different ways, just to keep things interesting. The first way is however many seconds of one movement followed by a period of rest. For instance: 30 seconds of one set of a movement followed by 10 seconds break, or you can increase the seconds, perhaps 45 seconds on, and 15 seconds off. Another way to you can perform HIIT is by doing a number of movements for a long period of time, followed by a period of rest. So that could be 7 minutes of a circuit of exercises followed by 3 minutes to catch your breath.

HIIT is great workout when you only have a limited amount of time to exercise but you still want to get sweaty and feel like you've done the hard yards.

Note: I am not an exercise professional, merely a person who likes to workout. Enjoy.

We all know about the more classic HITT moves like the burpee, the squat and the lunge, but they get boring and repetitive. To cure the boredom try some of these HIIT movements, some incorporate weights for the added burn.

  • Burpee --> exercise ball press. Basically you do your burpee but instead of the jump at the end you press your exercise ball upwards above your shoulders. A little bit less high intensity than the traditional burpee with the full jump, but after a few of these your arms will definitely be feeling it. 
  • Bench hop overs. Place two hands on either side of the bench and use your whole body to propel yourself over the bench. An insane full body move.
  • Squat pulse x 4 --> tuck jump. Complete four squat pulses (squats where you don't come all the way up) and after the fourth pulse bring yourself up into a tuck jump. Sounds easy doesn't it? Not after a few goes. 
  • Russian twist x 2 (per side) --> In-out extension. Perform your Russian twists either with your feet in the air or with them lightly touching the floor, after completing two per side extend your feet out (mid air) and your back slightly further back before coming back up. Your abs will be on fiiiiiyah. 
  • Jumping rope. The most simple movement, if you are a coordinated person, if you're like me and you are very uncoordinated you may spend more time trying to untangle your skipping rope than actually jumping but it is fine. 
  • Broad jump --> fast feet. Using your whole body jump forward as far as you can, usually landing with your feet apart and knees slightly bent, from here return to your current position using fast feet. A good one to take your breath away.
  • Spider mountain climber. Basically a mountain climber but you land in a very awkward lunge position with your foot near your hand (like Spiderman). These will kill. 
  • Inchworms. God I HATE inchworms but only after like ten of them in a row. You have your feet straight and walk your hands out until you're in a plank position and then you walk yourself right back up again, sounds alright until you're fifteen deep and you can reallllly feel your core. 
  • Squat jumps in-out. Who doesn't love a good old squat jump? Its the same as that except when you come up for the jump you jump your feet in and then jump them right back out again when you go to squat back down. 
  • Jumping jacks. A standard jumping jack will burn, but a cross body jumping jack where you cross your arms/ legs over the body, alternating each time will burn even more. 
  • Sprints. perfect for people who don't like running because its over in like thirty seconds to one minute. These can be done in your driveway (unless you have people regularly driving past and you don't want them to see you) or on a treadmill.
  • Raised leg crunches. These are now the only crunches I do, you raise your legs straight up and then crunch and reach your arms up to your toes. It hurts after while believe me, for an extra burn add in a dumbbell on your hands. 
  • Commando --> shoulder tap. They sound like a hard core exercise- because they are. Raise yourself into a plank position with your elbows on the floor, from there raise each of your arms onto their hands, followed by a shoulder tap with each hand. Repeat. 
  • Mountain climber x 4 (per leg) --> push up. Good one for the arms and the core, very simple yet effective. 
Okay so here are a few of my favourite HIIT workouts, I personally think you can turn any combination of exercises into a sweaty and effective HIIT workout.