I Am Learning To Let Go Of...

The half way mark of the year is almost upon us, when it hits July first- that's it, its half way through the year- six months from last New Years and six months until next New Years. Something I have really worked on for the past few months was myself, as you would all know. While I've made some progress since the start of the year, I've decided that my main focus for the next few months will be letting things go, learning to be okay with things that I can't control. So what better way to keep myself accountable than publishing it here for everyone to see?

I am learning to let go of... the fact that I might never have my "ideal body". In a perfect world where I got everything I wanted and you could eat hundred of calories without gaining a gram of fat- I would be thinner and have longer hair and be one of those girls who look like they have just stepped out of magazine. I am learning to accept my body the way it it, I'm learning to love how I look and not be caught up on what I think I should look like.

I am learning to let go of... the past. Every one says that you shouldn't hold onto the past, but I feel it more easier said than done. Slowly, I'm learning to be okay with the past and use the things I learned from those experiences to enhance the future. I am trying to remember that the things in my past, the people in my past, they don't define who I am as a person- they've been the stepping stones to growing to be the person I am today.

I am learning to let go of... control. I am learning that it is okay if things don't work out how they were supposed to, or if thing go completely tits-up or if I don't have all the answers in life. I am learning to go with the flow and trust that the path I am taken on is the right one for me to become the person I was supposed to be.

I am learning to let go of... toxic relationships. I have recognised the people who don't bring out the best in me, that drag me down and put me in a bad head space. The connections that I used to hold onto so dearly, they just aren't there any more and that means its time to move on and find friendships that bring happiness.

I am learning to let go of... impatience with myself. This is one of the things I am worst at- being patient with myself and allowing myself to take the time necessary to achieve the things I want to achieve. More often than not I want things done and I want them done now. But I need to be patient with myself and with the process and trust (and hope to hell) that it will all workout how it was supposed to in the end.

I am learning to let go of... putting other people before myself. Putting the needs of those around me before my own needs and best interests, something I can be particularly good at, but something I want to let go of. I often forget to look after myself until its too late and I am already in a downward spiral, I need to learn to take care of myself first.

I am learning to let go of... people pleasing. Saying yes to things that I really want to say no too, acting the way the people around me expect me to act, pretending that someone has not just pissed me off. Time to let go of people pleasing and do it without apologising.

I am learning to let go of... self doubt. The single biggest factor to me not attempting things is me thinking that I can't do it. I can do it and I need to remind myself of that. The self doubt needs to be replaced with the opportunity to grow as a person.

I am learning to let go of... my mistakes. I am learning to accept that I might not always do the right thing, or make the right decisions but that is okay. Everyone is human, no one is perfect and mistakes are stepping stones in life, you have to make them in order to know what not to do in the future.

Is there things that you know you need to let go of? Why not enter the second half of 2018 with some goals to let go of the things holding you back and hindering you.