I've Learnt To Be A Morning Person! | Morning Routine

I could never have written this post four months ago- because my idea of a morning routine was wake up ten minutes before I was supposed to be at work and rush around trying to make myself look like I hadn't just got out of bed. I realised I needed to change up my mornings in order to have a better and more productive day, because I was just feeling so shitty throughout the day that I just didn't want to do anything. So I decided to become a morning person. Did I hate it at first? Hell yeah! Was it bloody hard? Hell yeah! Do I regret forcing myself to become a morning person? Hell no!

So how did I do it? The first week was the toughest, I was SO tired and out of "routine" that it as giving me anxiety. This was not something I was used to and the feeling of doing something that was essentially out of my comfort zone was stressing me out. Obviously through out the process things changed, I added and omitted aspects from my morning routine depending on what suited me and what didn't. Essentially what it came down to, I think was the motivation that I knew I needed to make a change and I was going to feel better for making that change. That was my motivation to not just turn my alarm off and tuck myself back under the rugs for a few more hours of shut eye. 

I thought, in this post I would set out my new, current morning routine for you an give you an idea of what I would have been doing at the same time, had I not have changed my routine. 

7am Then: I would have groaned at Brodie, told him to turn his stupid alarm off and rolled over to go back to sleep. 

7am now: Brodie's alarm goes off for work and he goes off to get ready for the day. I don't get up now, I use the time that he is in the shower to have some water (I always have some first thing in the morning!), and just kind of chill out a little bit, collect my thoughts. 

7.15am then: Open one eye to say goodbye to Brodie and roll back into a deep sleep. 

7.15am now: Once Brodie is out the door for work I use this time to do five minutes of meditation. Believe me I was one of those people who would scoff at the thought of mediation and would never have thought I would be a person who does it EVERY day, but apparently I now am, growth, am I right? I only added this one into my routine when I realised the anxiety that changing up my routine was giving me. The app that I use is called "Stop, Breath, Think" and you can grab that one on the app store. The first time that I tried meditation, I 100% thought it was going to do absolutely nothing for me, but I didn't have anything to lose- so I gave it a go anyway. It is not a miracle worker obviously, but I do find that a few minutes of meditation will put me in a good frame of mind to tackle the rest of the day. 

7.20am then: Still snoozing. 

7.20am now: At this point of the morning I am up and making my pre-workout drink, getting myself dressed for my workout. Social anxiety still has me working out at home, instead of in an actual gym and I prefer to workout at home where I am not worrying about what I look like to other people or being intimidated so that I can actually go hard with my workout. 

7.30am then: probably drooling slightly on my pillow. 

7.25am now: I like to be warming up by this point at least. I find that I don't need to wait long for my pre-workout to be effective, usually once I've warmed up I am ready to go. Monday-Wednesday-Friday you will find me lifting weights (yes I've literally purchased my own weights so I don't have to use a gym). At the moment I am doing the Body by MG home program- trying to grow that booty! If it is a Tuesday-Thursday you'll find me doing some kind of a circuit, usually a HIIT one. For a while there I did like doing sprints outside but its winter now and I am not freezing my arse off for no sprints. If it's a Saturday I'll usually do some kind of a full body type workout, usually one from YouTube or something like that. 

8.20am then: hit first alarm repeatedly until it shuts off with its god awful noise. 

8.20am now: I like to finish off my workout with something that will really get my heart rate up- usually an ab finisher, that shit will leave you huuuurting. Straight after a workout you will find me in the shower because I cannot deal with being sweaty- ever. My shower routine is pretty much wash body and wash face, pretty standard.You will also find me with a great deal of dry shampoo in my hair because that stuff is my actual best friend- especially after a really sweaty HIIT circuit. 

8.30am then: Second alarm goes off, hits snooze.  

8.30am now: At this point I will be out of the shower and dressed in whatever I am planning on wearing to work that day.  So, obviously it's time for breakfast. I am not a big breakfast person- period, not a fan at all. Sometimes, if am running late I will make myself a smoothie to drink while I finish off getting ready. If I am on time I don't usually have anything big- some avocado toast or two weetbix or sometimes even just a little bowl of yoghurt with fruit and chia seeds

8.40am then: Finally open both eyes. Consider going back to sleep for ten minutes. 

8.40am now: By now I should have brushed my teeth and be fixing my face and hair. I never used to even brush my hair let alone wear make up to work- but alas I am a changed women. I don't put a full face on everyday because who can really be bothered with all that effort? Usually I just stick with tinted moisturiser, mascara and some lip gloss. My hair is usually pretty neat, I just brush and straighten my fringe- well ah!

8.50am then: finally rolling myself out of bed and into the bathroom. 

8.50am now: I always make sure I feed the cat and dog before I go to work. I don't know why I always wait until the last minute to do this because more often than not the dog will jump on me with muddy paws and I ALWAYS leave the house with muddy paw prints on my clothes. I use this time to find my various items that are scattered throughout the house ie. my Macbook and charger which are in completely different rooms to each other. I obviously have a computer at work but when I have spare time I whip my laptop out to do some writing/ research for blog post, you know how it is. 

8.55am them: leave the house looking slightly disheveled, is very apparent that I have just rolled out of bed. 

8.55am now: leave the house looking actually awake and ready to tackle the day.

I want to use this post to prove to you how important a good morning routine is to having a good day. When I was literally rolling out of bed and leaving the house within twenty minutes, I would usually get to work in a shitty mood and not prepared to do anything- I mean I was still half asleep. Now that I wake up two-ish hours before I actually get to work I feel like I am better prepared for the day, I have more energy to get shit done as soon as I get to work and I am in a better mood 90% of the time (the other 10% it can be guaranteed that something has pissed me off). An added bonus to a good morning routine is scheduling in time for breakfast, I have always been notorious for not eating breakfast, now I don't think I could skip it.