The Sensitive Skin Chronicles: Bronzers & Blush

Let me put this equation to you: Sensitive skin + Bronzer/ Blush = ?????? 

I'll give you the answer- with the wrong bronzer/ blush and you can end up either looking like a muddy mess or a clown who has been putting the hard yards at the gym for a few hours. All in all, choosing the wrong products can really mess up your makeup- and your day. I have been having a total bad-skin-month, the cold weather and not drinking enough water has really been wreaking havoc on my face and chest. Acne, dry skin and skin that is red and blotchy 24/7 is not my idea of fun, but it is my reality at the moment. Because of the state of my skin I have been wearing makeup pretty much everyday- I know that it isn't ideal and I should be allowing my skin to breathe- BUT I would rather be confident and done up than not confident and makeup free.

Due to the fact that my outer area of my face has been highly dry and patchy of late, I have had to experiment with a few bronzers and blushes to find out which ones would work with the flakiness and which ones would not. It's hard task, but someone has to do it right? Some days I will come home looking like I have just stepped of a plane home from Hawaii, other days I will come home looking like someone who has no idea how to fake tan- the consequences I am willing to face in the name of someone else suffering with this skin not having to go through. So without further ado.. let me present to you my top four blushes and brozers that work, even when you're having a shitty-skin-month. 

Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit by Revlon with Chloe Morello

I have had this one in my makeup collection since it was released, like I love Chloe Morello and everything she does so when this was released and I just happened to be Priceline, of course I had to buy it. This is one of those products you love for a while and then you find something else to love and bang! you forget how much you love it. However, while I was on my hunt for bronzers that were going to work for me I figured there was no better time than now to rediscover my love.
There are four shades in this palette- a banana shade, a highlight (very subtle and good for everyday wear), a contour shade and a bronzer shade. I have the light/medium shades which work for both the days when I am white as a ghost and the days I have made an effort to fake tan because the bronzer shade is build-able. Obviously having patchy and flaky skins means I need something that isn't going to exaggerate the texture of my skin and this one works quite well with that because it is quite a creamy formula and it is very blendable. The only thing is you need to start out lightly and build up when necessary, too much and you can be left with an orange cast. Unfortunately there are only two different shade ranges for this product, the light as pictured and a slightly darker version, so those with darker skin tones are not well catered for. 
Where can I buy? I purchased mine from Priceline for $24.95.

Hoola by Benefit

This is a cult classic, everyone knows what this product is, everyone probably already has this product in their makeup kit. This is a more cooler toned bronzer in comparison to the Revlon one we just talked about. There is no shimmer, no glitter, its a very neutral colour as well, so it takes a fair bit of product before you will see muddiness. The secret to using this on dry skin is doing so sparingly, you really need to have a light hand for this one. Obviously, if I wanted a more bronzed Godess look with my dry skin, I would not be doing so with this bronzer, but for every day simple it is a good choice. My best tip, if you have sensitive skin- don't use the brush that comes with the product, it can be very harsh. I made the mistake of using it the other day and I had used it and put the brush down I could still feel where the brush had been on my face. 
Where can I buy? I purchased mine from Princess Polly for $51.00.

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer by Too Faced

Did I buy this product for the simple fact that it smells like chocolate? Why, yes, yes I did. Am I sorry about that? not at all. This is another bronzer that you have to have a light hand with, too much and you will see orange- literally, orange on your face, everywhere- so use sparingly. It is a matte brown colour (obviously), but it isn't flat- you know how sometimes you can look more flat then just 'just back from jet setting somewhere sunny'. I will use this on my cheek bones where there is less flakiness and dry skin, but I can't get away with it on my forehead at the moment. So in slightly dry areas of the face= go for gold, in the areas where you are VERY dry= stay away from. 
Where can I buy? I purchased mine from Mecca for $44.00

Orgasm Blush by Nars

I am not a blush person, never have been and probably never will be, HOWEVER I make an exception to the rule for this blush, yes another cult classic- how cliche. This is the most flattering blush I own, and now for the added bonus that it doesn't exaggerate my dry cheeks any further than they already are. Due to the blush being so pigmented you do need to have a light hand (and for the love of Jesus please tap your brush post putting it in the pan, before you apply to your face). I hate blush for the fact that I usually end up looking like IT, and you know what that look doesn't go well on anyone, but when using this blush- it just applies so easily. How would I describe the colour? peachy-pink flush, with maybe the slightest sheen of gold. Another bonus? It doesn't fade through out the day- so you don't leave the house looking peachy and come back looking flat. 
Where can I buy? I picked mine up from Mecca for $44.00

Well ah! There we have it my favourite products to not exaggerate my dry af skin this winter. I apologise for the lack of drug store, I just cannot seem to grab a good drugstore bronzer lately! Do you have a recommendation for me? Leave it below!