Using Instagram For Fitness Motivation | Six Women To Follow

I've read countless articles that tell us that we shouldn't be following certain fit females on Instagram, why? Because apparently they make you feel bad about ourselves. Which I'll be honest, if you are in a bad place- I can see how that could happen. However, if you're someone who can thrive off other womens successes and use it as motivation for your own- I have a few Instagram accounts you should be following. These women are not only fit, healthy and seemingly happy- some post workouts for you to be inspired by, some post real and raw images to comfort you when you need it, some write powerful captions that will give you that inspirational boost when you need it. These women are coming straight from my Insta-feed, I follow them, do their workouts, follow their recipes, use the inspiration they're putting out to inspire and motivate myself. This is my number one tip for people who find themselves unmotivated regularly- to see people who motivate you every time you look at your social media. These women are the women I look to when I need social media to give me a bit of a nudge of motivation.

A lot of the articles I read have said that following these fit and seemingly perfect people on social media can really affect how you look at yourself and really drag down you confidence. However, I think that in the right mind set and with the right goals, social media can really be used for your advantage. Not only is it an excellent tool that can be used in order to change up your workouts (I love accounts that post their workouts in video, you just hit the 'save to collection' button and hey, you've got a new workout to try). A lot of these women see the influence they have on people and therefore don't use their account to push people into living their lives, they help people to see that they can make a healthy change if they want too, if they want to use the 'follow' button as motivation.

Social media is such a big part of our lives in this day and age, why not use it to our advantage?

I would honestly say then when making my huge lifestyle change a early last year- a huge motivation behind that what I saw on social media. I saw these healthy, happy, successful women and I thought- fuck yeah that's what I want to be! 

I also think that one thing to remember is that social media is the highlight reel of peoples lives, we rarely post the low lights. So while it is all well and good to use these women as inspiration and motivation it also pays to remember that we don't see behind the scene, we don't see the low points. Please remember that no one is perfect despite the image they may portray on social media. 

Madalin Giorgetta / @madalingiorgetta
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Perth girls represent, you all know I love fellow West Aussies. I have been following Maddy for a while now- drawn in by her envy worthy behind and lovely online persona. I follow her Body by Madalin Giorgetta at home guide, I've joined her Facebook group- I really just love everything that Maddy is about. From her videos (including on YouTube, which you can find here ) you can tell that she doesn't take herself too seriously and knows how to have fun, see the lighter side in life. Maddy is also a sponsored GymShark athlete and has her own cookbook that was recently released called 'Not Another Diet Cookbook.'
What you will find in her feed: You'll find her famous booty pics (and learn what poses do and do not work for said pictures), workout videos that aren't completely serious, and a tonne of selfies (that absolutely no one is complaining about.)

Sophie Allen / @sophactivelife

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I felt it was only fair to put Sophie in the list somewhere near Maddy seen as how these two are quite close friends. I probably started following Sophie much around the same time as I started following Maddy and have not regretted it since, I mean look at her, as if I would not want to see her in my feed daily. She's a Clean Health Fitness Institute athlete, is training for her first competition, and offers online coaching.
What you will find in her feed: workout videos (motivation right there), shots of her incredible body in the lead up to her competition, a bit of Ryderwear and a selfie or two. 

Grace (okay I can't find her last name anywhere!!!) / @GraceFitUK

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I love following Grace because as much as she is fitness, she's also lifestyle, which is something that I love- I love seeing inside peoples lives (yes, I am nosey af.) I found Grace originally through GymShark (who she no longer works with). Grace is also balancing living a healthy lifestyle with completing a degree at Oxford University and offering her own guide Grace Fit Guide. She also released some booty bands that I am dying to get my hands on!!!
What you will find in her feed: Her life. From in the gym to at festivals, I love her feed because it's so relatable. You'll find workouts for you to try, as well as some killer outfit inspo.

Steph Claire Smith / @stephclairesmith

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One half of the Keep It Cleaner program, successful business women (for multiple businesses), model and brand ambassador. Steph is killing it at life- providing some major motivation not just for your fitness goals but for life in general. I also love that Steph has always been open about her battles with an eating disorder. Boasting 1.3 million followers, Steph is provisioned some serious inspiration for women everywhere.
What you will find on her feed: Modelling shots, some videos of her doing her KIC workouts, and her enjoying her life in general.

Laura Henshaw / @laura.henshaw

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The second half of Keep It Cleaner, Laura is another women on a mission! She's a law student, ambassador, model and living the best version of herself. I've always admired Lauras online persona, she really seems like someone who enjoys life and sees the bright side of things (even burpees!) Not only is she some serious fitness inspiration, the fact that she really believes in herself and in her KIC program is more motivation to give the program a try for yourself. (I LOVE the KIC recipes FYI!)
What you will find on her feed: You'll find lots of shots of Laura in the great outdoors (usually in activewear), a few workout videos of her KIC program, a modelling photo every now and again, my favourite shots though are Laura out enjoying life with her gorgeous smile!

Whitney Simmons / @whitneyysimmons

When I first started my fitness journey Whit was my go-girl for incredible workouts that got your heart rate up and your muscles burning, and to this day I still go back to some of my "saved collection" workouts of hers on the 'Gram. Her Youtube channel is also full of workouts for you to try. Whitney is another GymShark athlete and has also found that balance of fitness-lifestyle on her Instagram.
What you will find on her feed: Workour videos galore!! Whether you want HIIT or weights, in the gym or at home Whit has got you covered with it all. You will also find some selfies every now and again and snaps that give you a little bit of insight into her life. 

These are only six of the many, many women that I follow on Instagram and feed off of the inspiration and motivation that they put out. There are so many more- I wish I could list them all for you!!

Please remember that social media is a representation of someones life and sometimes we don't always see the whole picture. 

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