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Do you ever look at the price of certain brands of tights *cough* Lulelemon *cough* and wonder what it is like to be a person who has enough money that they can justify spending $150 leggings? Because I do- and I am sure there is a lot of other gals out there that completely get where I am coming from. When there is such things as rent and insurance to be paid- especially on student wages, $150 leggings are a far fetched dream.

So, with $150 leggings out of the question, I went on the hunt for brands with affordable activewear, affordable being not much more than $50 per item of clothing, because HELLLLLO I am not in any kind of financial position to be spending much more than that on clothes I am probably only going to wear once a day for a workout. 

We're going to do this in three stages. Firstly, my initial thoughts on the products so what I think before I put them on, when I first opened up the packages ect. Secondly, what I thought when I put them on- how they fit, how they look, are they comfortable? And lastly how they work when it actually comes down to it- are they comfortable to work out in? are they flexible? are they squat proof? 

Titan Gymwear

 Lifestyle Leggings in Eden with the matching sports bra. 
Lifestyle Leggings in eden- $40.00
Lifestyle Sports bra in eden- $30.00

Initial thoughts: According to the website these leggings were created for "style, comfort and performance" and we are going to put that to the test. My first thought is that the material these are made out of feels like bathers, like what toddlers rashes are made out of. I also may have ordered a size too big- I got a medium in the leggings and in the bra. I am a little bit worried about how supportive the bra is actually going to be but that might have more to do with the fact I brought a little bit too big. 

How it fits: Yep, I was right- I brought the wrong size in both items of clothing I brought. I should definitely have sized down to my normal size small- what possessed me to get a size medium? I an not sure. The bra is super flattering on my upper body which I am appreciative of, and I am sure that if I had gotten the correct size my leggings would look a little bit more flattering than they do- that one is on me. They are bunched at the bottom, at my feet but its fine I quite like the look that- and the "TITAN" logo on the back of the leggings is cute too. 

What did you wear these for? Leg / booty strength day.

Performance thoughts: I was constantly pulling my leggings up after squats/ deadlifts ect but that was completely my fault for buying the wrong size and not the fault of the brand at all. The material was really stretchy and comfortable for the workout. Sweat patches was a major issue with these leggings though, however I am not that concerned by it- I mean its makes it looks like I have gone hard. In all, for the price I am pretty impressed with this set, I obviously should have just sized down.

ECHT Apparel

Arise Leggings V2 in Berry- $55.00
Arise Sportsbra in Berry- $50.00

Initial thoughts: I love ECHT, we all know that, I've posted about them before, they are one of my favourite activewear brands. I usually don't stay too far from the normal black and grey colours but I thought I would leave my comfort zone with this berry colour. I am usually a size small in ECHT leggings so I stayed with my size, but I had never brought a sports bra from here before and decided to go with a medium- looking at the bra now I could have sized down to a small because I really don't have that bigger boobs but its fine.

How it fits: The leggings fit like a glove which is generally what I like in my leggings- they are extremely comfortable too. The large waistband is my favourite thing about these leggings, they hold my stomach in place which is ideal of course. I am in love with this bra as well, I love that it has removable cups AND the bra strap is adjustable- do you know how rare it is to find an adjustable bra strap on a sports bra these days? I am also impressed with the length of the bra as well- its more of a crop than a bra which I love.

What did you wear this for? Lower body HIIT day.

Performance thoughts: Should have got the smaller size bra without a doubt- there was a few almost nip slips during the workout, the girls did not stay in their assigned seats. But, once again this was all my fault and not the fault of the brand, I did adjust the straps and it made a difference to the support, thank god for having small boobs. The leggings are super breathable which I love, they're supportive and they're flattering- butt contours on leggings is my favourite thing ever. They are without a doubt squat proof and flexible.

Cotton On Body

Tempo Mesh Panelled Tight in Spray Spot Thistle- $39.95
Tempo Spliced Sports Crop in Spray Spot Thistle- $29.95

Initial thoughts: I am not sure why I picked up this set in the store- it is not a colour I would usually go for but I couldn't really have four dark coloured sets for this post, could I? I really do like the pattern on these, super cute. I love Cotton On Body Activewear, I have for ages- seriously for the price you get such good quality! I stuck with my normal size of small for both of these products and I'm pretty confident they will fit.

How it fits: SO WELL. The bra is not only super cute but make my boobs look good too, I mean its not a necessity but its a bonus. They have removable cups as well which is great, I always like a bra with a bit more support/ boost. I was worried about the colour of the leggings not being flattering on my shape but I am pretty obsessed with how they look. They're comfortable and cozy on my body. The high waisted band is also a bonus, a bit more of support and structure on my stomach region.

What did you wear this for? Full body strength.

Performance thoughts: This set could have been better suited to a low impact day like pilates or yoga. Don't get me wrong its a great set, it just isn't for strength days. It is a flexible material but it just doesn't have much support in the leggings which I like to have when doing strength days. The bra kept my boobs looking A+ for the whole session which is of course not a bad thing. The back of the legs have breathing holes which is of course a good idea but if I sweat too much they get itchy.

Two Tags

Ladies Highwaisted Core V2 Leggings in black- $50.00
Ladies Wrapped Crop Tank in black- $32.00

Initial thoughts: There wasn't really a sports bra that could go with these leggings so I went with this cute little crop instead. I got the leggings in a size small thank god I remembered to get the right size on this order, however I did get a size extra small in the crop. As a person who has been wearing clothes for twenty one years you would think I would get the right sizes. Although I am not to worried about the crop, it looks like it will fit.

How it fits: I was right, the crop fits fine and it isn't too long which I love- I hate crops that sit right at the top of the leggings, like excuse me I want to show some skin. The leggings are super cute and commutable and they have a bloody side pocket!!! How exciting. They seem to be pretty flattering and a good length.

What did you wear these for? Lower body HIIT day.

Performance thoughts: The crop is my favourite thing ever, I hate crops that are too loose. I do not like seeing my stomach while preforming such exercises as planks and mountain climbers, this crop allows me to not have to witness that. Its breathable and lights which is so good for high intensity days when you are going to sweat. The leggings are super breathable as well and flexible which is also good for HIIT when you're jumping around like an idiot.

Overall initial thoughts: God, I am terrible at ordering the right sizes. Although half of these products are the wrong size I am sure it will all be fine.

Overall initial thoughts: I was right, the sizing was fine, a few tweaks and it would have been perfect. I am so happy with all the sets I purchased. Nothing like a bit of proof that good quality activewear doesn't have to cost the Earth.

Please note: there is an affiliate link used in this post- if you are to make a purchase from ECHT Apparel you won't only be getting some quality, inexpensive activewear you'll also be helping me make a small commission because hey a girl gotta live.

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