The Sensitive Skin Chronicles: Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin Review

I feel like everyone that watches beauty YouTubers like Shannon Harris (Shaanxo) you will know the product that I am about to tell you about. I am not usually a sucker for buying things just because I've seen it on Youtube/ Instagram/ any form of social media- and even with this purchase I sat and thought about it for a few days before I actually brought it. So, I did buy the Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin brush and I do I regret the purchase? Not one bit!!

The product. 
Okay so because of the whole sensitive skin deal (you all know about it because I mean there is a whole series on products that work/ don't work with my sensitive skin), so because of that I am wary about all these spinning brushes. I know that many of them say that they are good for sensitive skin but I am SO wary, because I just do not want to deal with the aftermath of what would happen if my skin had a bad reaction. 
I went with this brush because it isn't just for your face, you can use it on your body as well, so I hoped that if it wasn't suitable for my face, t might work for the rest of my body. So this product comes with four brush heads, two for the face, one for the body and one for dry skin and callases. 
The cleansing facial brush head has the softest bristles ever and is perfect for every day use. I use it every night with my normal face wash (which you can find a few of my favourites here).
The second brush head is the exfoliating brush and it has some harsher bristles than that of the cleansing brush. The website says you should use this one two to three times a week- I cannot fathom exfoliating my face three times a week, I would be a red and splotchy mess. Instead I exfoliate once a week- usually on Sundays because that is my "get your shit ready for the next week" day.
The third brush is without a doubt my favourite brush- its the larger body brush. I don't use this everyday because really does anyone have time for that? I'll go into a bit more detail on this brush a bit later one because I do want to tell you why it is my favourite. 
The last brush head is the pumice stone which works well on really dry and dead skin. I only use this brush every now and again when I have really gross dead skin in areas such as my elbows and ankles. 

Price & Delivery
On the Vanity Planet website this brush retails for $134.99 AUD, however my biggest tip is you want to try this out is to find an influencer with a discount code, because most of their discount codes are something like 70% off.
These ship out of the UK I believe, but even so I only had to wait around seven to ten days for my order to arrive in the mail, and shipping was only around $10. 

Cleansing Facial Brush
This is my everyday brush- with the exception of very sore and dry skin days- on those days I opt to use clean fingers because anything will antagonise my skin on those days. The first time I used this brush I was slightly scarred due to the fact that it seemed to highlight all my little pimples and scars just that little bit more than usual- BUT in the name of content I continued on using the brush for now around two months.
Many of the pimples on my face are related to stress and hormones and for that reason I was doubtful that anything magical was going to happen to them. In the two months of using this brush daily my skin has cleared up on my forehead and cheeks mainly, however my chin is still my problem area and I think that has much to do with the cause of the pimples themselves.
This brush leaves your skin feeling smooth, fresh and clean in a way that you can't really get when just using your fingers to cleanse.
The website does say that you can use this brush to remove your face makeup but I never have. I always use a wipe or a makeup remover pad to remove my eye and face makeup prior to using this brush. There is just something about a brush caked up with a full face of makeup that I am just not into. 

Exfoliating Facial Brush 
As I said above I don't use this the recommended 2-3 times a week, I could just imagine the havoc that would be wrecked on my face if I did. Usually on Sunday nights I will use this for a bit of a freshen up, you know to rid your face of those dry skin cells. So, on the nights that I use this one, I don't use the cleansing brush- I really don't think my face could handle two different types of brushes in one night. I don't wake up itchy and dry the day after either- except the firs time I used this brush head and accidentally forgot to moisturise afterwards. 

Body Brush
Ahh my favourite brush! I don't use this everyday mainly because it's just a little bit time consuming and I am a lazy person. I do, without fail use this every Wednesday night before I apply fake tan though. Due to the fact that I only tan once a week, my week old tan is usually pretty much gone by the time I use this brush, but it does help to get rid of those extra few patches holding on for dear life. I have also noticed that, even though I don't use it often enough my back acne has cleared up more as well, instead of having millions of tiny little pimples everywhere, I now only get a few every now and again. 

Pumice Stone
I reserve this brush head for two places, my ankles and my elbows, and only use the brush on the Wednesday night tan night. There was one week that I forgot to use this pumice on these areas before tanning and awoke on Thursday morning to ankles and elbows that were five shades darker than the rest of my skin- not ideal at all. 

Extra information. 
The brush runs on four AA batteries that are not included, but are reasonably cheap from your nearest supermarket. Due to the brush being battery operated it is completely safe to use in the shower as it is water resistant. It is recommended that you replace your brush heads every two to three months because of build up and germs, Vanity Planet does offer a refill option, in which you get replacements at a discounted price. As for storage, I store my brush in its original packaging placed inside my bathroom drawer- simple! The brushes are white so they get a little bit stained from time to time, but that doesn't have any affect on the use of the product. 

Obviously, this is not a sponsored post- I 100% brought the product with my own money therefore am give you my honest opinion. I think this product would be a great addition to anyone's skincare routine- nothing better than the feeling of a fresh face!