Julie Bishop | Kick-Ass Women

She may not be our 30th Prime Minister- but Julie Bishop is a pretty kick-ass women in her own right.

I was wondering this morning if the Australian government is ever going to be stable / not be laughed at by every other government in the world- the answer to both of my questions is probably no, let's be real. While doing some looking into what was going on in Australian Politics (funny that I'm more interested in politics now than I ever was in year eleven politics and law classes), so while I was trying to understand what the hell was going on with our government- I stumbled across some information about Julie Bishop. While she didn't get handed the title of PM (even though she was probably the most qualified for the job) I want you to know who she is because here at TIA we like to celebrate women.

I just read a statistic that if it were up to the people of Australia, the voters- Julie Bishop would be our PM, but because we got no say in who is running our country the top job went to Scott Morrison who is arguably less qualified for the job than the women who has been second in command of the Liberal Party for over a decade. Just quickly I want to touch on this man because for the most part he seems to be a bit unknown and all of a sudden he is running our country. He has been in parliament since 2007, apparently has the nickname "SchMo" and was the man responsible for "Operation Sovereign Borders"- the harsh policy that saw asylum seekers coming to Australia sent back to the place they were trying to escape or sent to remote pacific islands were the conditions are questionable. That is literally all I want to say on the man, good luck mate.

Back to the actual topic I wanted to talk about- Julie Bishop the women who would have been our choice of PM.

For the past ten, almost eleven years Julie has stayed in her role as the deputy leader of the Liberal Party, watching on as the leader of the party changed multiple times. Ms Bishop was actually the first female to hold this title after being elected during the elections (god, who can forget Kevin07- that is all I think of when I hear anything about the 2007 elections being referred too😂) however now that the newly appointed Prime Minister Morrsion is in top job, he has brought with him a new deputy in the form of Minister Josh Frydenberg.

Ms Bishop became Australia’s female first foreign affairs minister in 2013 when was under the leadership of Tony Abbott, it was the 18th of September when she was sworn in by Governor General Quentin Bryce. Upon being sworn in she was also the only female member of cabinet at the time. Ms Bishop has had a much successful time in her role of foreign affairs minister, she can be credited with a lot of the good things this country has done for people around the globe. Although she was against the action taken by the Gillard Government to secure a two year seat for Australia on the United Nations Security Council, once she was in the seat Ms Bishop took it in her stride. She was heavily involved and responsible for the negotiations surrounding the tragedy of MH17- including being granted full access to the crash site and the passing of a resolution that allowed the set up of a independent criminal tribunal into the flight.
In April of 2015 when Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan were convicted of drug smuggling in Indonesia, it was Julie Bishop who headed the negotiations with the Indonesian Government in an attempt to save their lives- a show that Australia was vastly against the death penalty. Unfortunately the executions did go ahead, but as a show of condemnation Ms Bishop did recall the Australian Ambassador from Indonesia. She did repair the relationship with Indonesia after letting them stew for a few months however.

Something I am so in awe of about Ms Bishop is that she is real, she will call it like she sees it, she doesn’t take shit. Earlier this week she was on a joint press conference with the New Zealand foreign minister Winston Peters, while trying to wrap up the press conference he was kind of working against her by saying he had to answer the last question, with the reasoning “She’s a female, I’ve got to answer the question.” Her reply was “Did you really just say that?” as many males should know, if a women gives you a chance to correct what you just said, you should most definitely take it.
Also earlier this week I had to have a giggle at the expense of old mate Karl Stefanovic on the Today Show. He was asking some questions about the current leadership spills and in reference to Malcolm Turnbull asked how she felt about “talking to a man of death row.” She abruptly shut him down with “Well, I am talking to you, Karl.”
A while ago when asked by media what she thought of her nickname “the cockroach” he response was bloody iconic. “I think a better analogy is that cockroaches lurk in dark corners, hide behind anonymous comments to the media and then don’t have the courage to stand up and challenge me in the party room.” Boom.
While Ms Bishop is well known for being a powerful political figure, I would go as far as to say it is also her trademark death stare which I often see pop up as a meme on Facebook that people recognise.

Do you want to know what else I bloody love about this women? Too bad if not, I’m going to tell you anyway- she is not apologetic for her decision to remain a fiercely female leader in a male dominated world. Last year a male politician was forced to make a public apology after asking the foreign minster how much she spends on flowers- because she is a women. Ms Bishops (incredible) wardrobe and style has often come up in articles and the media. She has featured in magazines such as Vogue Australia, Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire and told Stellar magazine in 2016 “I don’t think we should apologise for our femininity.” Ladies, can I get an amen? She is also quoted as saying “I have always loved fashion and beautiful clothes and magazines and all of that, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a serious career and hold deeply complex, serious conversations about world events with people. To suggest that you can’t do both is insulting.”

I don’t know about everyone else, but I would have voted with Julie Bishop any day.