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Part one to this post was actually posted like a month ago and that was on the first transdermal cream from ATP Science that I tried out- Block E3, so if you missed that one I will link it right here. 

Disclaimer: Obviously I am not pushing these supplements on to my readers, not tell you, you HAVE to buy them or whatever else. I am simply giving you some information on the product and giving you my thoughts and how it has worked for me. Just because a product has worked or not worked for me and my body in no way states that it is going to have the same result for everyone else. Clearly I am not a professional, just someone doing their own research and having their own experiences and sharing them with you. Please do your own research before deciding if the product is right for you.

So, in the post about Block E3 I basically gave you an in depth run down on the product- in a nutshell it is a trans dermal fat burner, it has active ingredients that work to fight the fat pockets that have developed on your body due to estrogen dominance. But again, if you missed it click the link above to read all about it because this post is about Subcut by ATP Science.

What is Subcut?
As I have already said Subcut is a trans-dermal fat burner, a fat burner in the form of a cream basically. This cream targets the subcutaneous fat (the SF, if you will) in the body, which actually makes up the largest proportion of fat you have on your body. This is the fat that is often difficult to move with just diet and exercise alone. We all know that with exercise you can't spot reduce, so you can't pick and choose where you lose fat from on your body- with this cream you *kind of* can.

A magic cream?
Well, no, not really- but let me explain. The fat the we are targeting, the subcutaneous fat sits less than 2mm under the skin, meaning there is poor bloody supply to this area, with this cream we can promote better blood circulation meaning the fat is easier to shift. The label says to apply to the SF fat pockets and lumps on the abdomen, butt, thighs, back of the arms, before exercise daily. The reason many people choose to use a cream is because it is often reported that SF is actually resistant to oral fat burners BUT the ingredients in the cream can all be absorbed through the skin.

So what is in the cream?
The active ingredient in this trans-dermal cream is coleus which is is used for a variety of conditions in the body but has proven to be effective for fat burning. Studies show that the use of this ingredient may increase the testosterone levels, and protect against inflammation. So why is it used in this product I hear you ask? It directly increases cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) which is second messenger and major aid in the fat burning process. The higher your levels of cAMP are, the bigger increase of fat loss. The next ingredient actually has its own fat burning principles but it also works to enhance the effects of the first ingredient, coleus. Guarana contains multiple active ingredients that enhance effects of coleus and alone also enhances cAMP production. Silybin from Japanese Thistle is an ingredient that enhances the effects of catecholamines (a hormone). It inhibits a new generation of fat cells and allows for the prevention of fat gain. Du Zhong is an ingredient that is anti- inflammatory and an antioxidant . The chemicals that are made and released from fat cells making them hard to get rid of are called adipokines and this ingredients helps to modulate them. Black Pepper is something that seems to pop up in a few supplements that I put some research into and that would be because of its effects on the body. In this case black pepper is used as a permeation enhancer- it is included to increase the absorption of the active ingredients into the SF lipid bi-layers. It also has an effect of stimulating microcicrulation in the area and has a thermogenic effect. Rosehip oil- everyone should know what this is! It is now a widely used product in the beauty and skincare industry. In Subcut it is used to once again increase the permeation of this bi-layers, but it also used to increase the skins elasticity.

How do I use Subcut?
So for me it has been fairly obvious that using oral fat burners in an attempt to get rid of those faty pockets- it just does not work. Using oral fat burners I tend to see a difference in the areas that I am not that fussed about instead of the areas that I am really trying to target. Using both Subcut and Block E3 together, I think has really started helping me loose the fat pockets in my "problem" areas. I use Subcut in both my inner and outer thighs and on my hip and stomach area. I used to use it on the back of my arms as well but it seemed to have worked pretty well there because I have really gained some muscle definition in that area. I put this cream on every day (when I remember if I am being honest) in the morning before I do my workout.

Have you seen results?
As I said above I saw results when using Subcut on my outer arm area. Because I saw a difference in my arms and not much in my legs I actually stopped using the cream for a while, just didn't bother with it. It was once I stopped using it that I saw a difference in my legs and I felt they gaining weight quicker. So, I went back to using it, I honestly think that while it does take a while to see the effects this cream helps so much with the fatty pockets. When consistently using the product I notice that my legs feel tight and have more shape to them than when I am not using it.

Great! Where can I get it from?
I purchase mine (and the rest of my supplements) from Fat Burners Only  for $69.86.