Dry Brushing | Do I Really Need To?

Who here is guilty of tending to the skin on their face religiously- but being lazy when it comes to the rest of their body? Holla, I am! Usually the only day that I really put some effort into the rest of my skin is fake tan day, and even that is starting to come around less and less- I am learning to embrace the pale look (purely because of laziness).

So, in short, the answer to the title is: yes. (But continue reading so I can tell you why!!)

But, as the skin is the largest organ in the body- shouldn't we be doing more to look after it? 

This post is about one thing I have added to my morning shower routine that I think is really benefiting my kin, and hopefully it will benefit yours as well- dry brushing. 

When I first heard about dry brushing I was SKEPTICAL, surely using a harsh brush on my skin was not going to do anything good, but in the name of content I did it anyway. (That has been my excuse for so much lately- "I need) it for the content factor!!"🤣)

First off- let me tell you about some of the benefits I found during my research- because who knew that brushing your skin could potentially be so good for you!!

  • Exfoliation.
    Standard, had to throw it in there in case anyone couldn't gather this on their own. The dry brushing loosens and removes the dead skin cells from wherever you have brushed, usually resulting in softer skin. 
  • Reduces cellulite.
    Now I couldn't find any hard evidence on why dry brushing reduces cellulite, but I could find a few different people who swear it has done wonders for those self-confidence inducing spots. I, for one, have absolutely no issue with cellulite, honey everyone has it!! But wouldn't say no to the opportunity to reduce it. So the dry brushing MAY help to soften those hard, fatty deposits that sit just below the skin and re-distribute more evenly. It is also said to eliminate the toxins that are responsible for breaking down connective tissue. 
  • Increases circulation. 
    By encouraging the elimination of metabolic waste, circulation is therefor increased, which could also be a helping hand in decreasing cellulite. 
  • Lymphatic support. 
    If you are brushing daily (like you are supposed too) the lymph flow within the body can be stimulated and therefore regulated. If your lymphatic system was not working how it is supposed to, a build up of toxins and waste will happen and eventually make you ill, inflamed and suffering indigestion. 
  • Improve moisture. 
    Doesn't make much sense does it? But by dry brushing your skin you are actually stimulating the sweat and oil glands ie. more moisture. 
  • Stress Relief. 
    I feel this one!! It's weird, but dry brushing is very calming, well for me anyway- and other people on the internet evidently. It has also been said to release muscle tensions (I can back this one up, sore muscles from leg day are significantly reduced with the help of dry brushing.)
Dry brushing is great for getting your skin active, should you have inactive skin, it has an impaired ability to remove those toxins that we don't want being left in the body. With approximately one third of the bodies daily impurities being removed from the body via the skin. 
Extra toxins in the body = extra stress on the body. 

So, how do I do it? And what with?

  1. First off you can get a brush almost anywhere- Coles, Woolworths, Target ect, ect, and they aren't expensive either- I think I got mine for less than $10 from Target. Basically you want a natural bristle brush that (ideally) has a long handle so you can reach all areas of your body (ie. your back). I don't have a long handle one, but if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend your fine with a hand held brush.
  2. Usually, I dry brush before I have a shower in the morning which is what was suggested when I was researching. This second bit wasn't suggested, but I am suggesting it to you right now- unless you want to sweep up your dead skin from the bathroom floor, do it in the shower/bath tub.
  3. Start brushing from your feet, and always brush in the direction of your heart. Little, uneducated me began her dry brushing journey doing it in circular direction, which is apparently not on. You do your legs, followed by your arms and then your torso area- I avoid doing my face because could you truly imagine the state of my face should I put a harsh brush on it? *shudders*. Be careful with your sensitive areas, ie. your boobs- I learnt that one the hard way.
  4. Shower- to get rid of all that dead skin (both in the shower and what has clung to your body).
  5. Pat dry your skin once your out of the shower, I found that my skin was too sensitive to scrub dry my skin- it was red, raw and sore. And moisturize!!! So important. 
  6. Repeat- every day. Twice a day if you are that keen. 

Main message of this post was obviously: start dry brushing!!