The Sensitive Skin Chronicles: Ecotanicals Review

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It has been a hot minute since we talked about skin care- nearly two whole months in fact! What is this blog coming too!! But the whole reason that there has been a break is because I have been trialling a few different skin care products and brands all in the name of content.

Today, I am bringing you some information and a bit of a review on what could possibly be my favourite WA brand ever: Ecotanicals. When I say "WA brand" I really do mean it when it comes to these guys- they are completely WA owned and operated and I am alllll here for it! Designed by cosmetic scientist Nick Vincinguerra, Ecotanicals includes only the most natural of ingredients that can only do good things for your skin!

When you think about the fact that your skin is your largest organ, it makes you question why we use so many products that have harsh chemicals in them. Everything that we put on our body is affecting us in the same way that everything we consume is having an effect on our body. With that being said what drew me to this brand was the fact that all of their products are (are you ready for this?) paragon free, sulphate free, fragrance free, colour free and silicone free AND not tested on animals!

I have two products for me to talk about today (I do want to be completely transparent that I was sent these products, but I am not getting paid to promote them. Obviously if I hated the product I would be honest about it and I probably wouldn't even bother putting it on the blog).

The first has been my actual saviour the past few weeks. Stress, sickness and being exhausted in general has wrecked havoc on my face- I am talking red, sore and ghastly looking pimples all over the lower portion of my face. My normal skin care routine was just not cutting it and in a last ditch attempt to rid my new found inhabitants I grabbed the Detox cleanser for acne from my cupboard and shrugged while thinking "it can't do anything worse to my face than already happening". I swear to you this product has been my Godsend and I am happy to report that in a mere few days my skin is back to normal, I still have a spot here and there but that is nothing compared to what was happening on my face this time last week.

Texture wise this feels just like water almost and you can barely see it when you pump it on to your hands, but you can definitely smell the tea tree oil. It does take a bit of working to get a lather onto your face but it isn't harsh at all (which is obviously an A+ in the sensitive skin books). It is skin friendly enough to use in your morning shower and in your nightly shower (if you're into that, which I am). I would 100% avoid the eyes though, I haven't got it in mine yet but I would assume it would not be pretty, I imagine it would go something like this: "the cleanser drips into the eyes of the unaware girl, the sting starts off small, nothing a rinse can't fix right? Wrong. She hobbles out of the shower, dripping in water and in soap, feeling around for her towel, something, anything to push into her eye balls to stop the burn." Like I said, did definitely not happen to me or anything.

I think most people skip the ingredients sections of my posts but for those of you in the wold who are exactly like me and prefer to know what they are putting on their skin, read on.

  • Tea tree oil- is an anti-inflammatory so its soooo good for soothing irritated and itchy skin, has antiseptic properties and had been shown to help with acne, hence why it is a main ingredient of this cleanser. 
  • Witch Hazel- I used to buy this by the bottle and use it as my toner!! It removes the excess oil, dirt and bacteria from the skin which of course is essential for acne prevention and treatment. 
  • Salicylic acid- this ingredient is responsible for breaking down the bond of dead skin cells on your face, allowing you to get a deeper clean and unclog those pores. 
  • Vitamin E- Not only is this an antioxidant ingredient, it is also responsible for helping out with the ridding of acne scars and marks on the skin. Also good for dark circles under the eyes. 
  • Polyglucoside- the emulsifying agent in the product, makes the cleanser easier to spread on the face. 

On the website you can get this for $14.95 for 125mL of cleanser, *cough* bargain *cough*.

This second product, I think has definitely aided in the process of ridding my skin of these stress pimples that like to pop up unannounced, like an unwelcome guest that "forgets" to tell you they're staying for a few days. Please welcome the Hydrating antioxidant moisturiser day/night. If there is one thing I hate (among the many other things that I strongly dislike) it is heavy moisturisers- especially in the morning. At night I can handle, because that dewiness gets washed off once I hit the shower, but I do not like looking like an oil slick by lunch time, only me? This is a moisturiser that sits on the lighter side- you can feel it is there for like two seconds and then you just feel, well, moisturised, for lack of a better word.

There is barely a smell to this product, because who really wants a face that smells? Not that I smell peoples faces on the regular or anything like that but I imagine a scented face would be somewhat off putting. As stated in the title, it is a day and night moisturiser which is perfect for those on a budget (me + every other student in the world) who cannot afford to pay for one moisturiser for the morning and one for the night when essentially they do the same thing.

Once again ingredients list is below, feel free to skip should you want to remain unknowing (but its all good stuff, so why would you?)

  • Rose hip oil- Full of antioxidants and fatty acids that are essential for your skin, this ingredient is known to be helpful in the reduction of scars, darks spots and those fine lines that pop up on your face. 
  • Green tea- good to drink, BUT also has anti-aging properties. Also has been shown to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin. 
  • Sesame seed oil- the ultimate anti- product. Anti-oxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.
  • Hyaluronic acid- an angel for plumping and moisturising the skin on your face, also has anti-aging properties. 
  • Retinol- I did a bit of research into this product because you do see some negatives about it. Ultimately though retinol does stimulate the production of new skin cells and fade dark spots. 
  • Vitamin E- exactly as I explained above. 
Okay so this one is slightly more expensive, but as I said a day AND night moisturiser and nothing compared to what I have paid for other moisturisers before. $24.95 for 50mL of product.

Look, in all I bloody love these two products and have no doubt that I will continue to come back to these two (one I finish trying all the other products I have listed in the name of content). What makes the brand even more appealing than their use of natural ingredients is that their a WA made brand- and I bloody love supporting Western Australian businesses. Also how good is the price!!! For the price I wasn't sure what to expect, but it in all honesty is up there with some of the pricier products I have used.

If you want to try out these products and see the results that I have (I wish I was smart enough to get a before and after photo but lets be real I was just trying to get these things off my face ASAP) I do have a discount code for you. I don't make any money off this code or anything like that. So, simply select the products you want to buy and when it comes to the actual paying part, use the code MADEINWA for 10% off your order.