Where Does All My Money Go?| Princess Polly Haul

Another clothing haul- hell yes!!! I love clothes and I love buying clothes, good thing I don't show you every time I buy new clothes because the blog would only be about clothes- Afterpay is a God send. Most of these clothes in today's haul are clothes that I brought in the lead up to my Sydney trip, it was me mentally preparing for the trip. I have a weird mentality that new clothes = being prepared for something. I need to stop because of the amount of clothes in our spare room that is now no longer a spare room, it is consumed with multiple clothing racks of my clothes- and like one or two or Brodies pants.

So without further ado I present you a Princess Polly haul- all of these clothes (I think they're still on the site) can be found on the website. Please note that this link is an affiliate link, so clicking on it and purchasing through this link will give me a small commission, just a heads up!

Size 10 
Cost: $70.00

The story behind me buying these jeans is that I brought this in haste after the jeans I had purchased for Sydney ripped right up the middle of my arse (is this a sign of booty gains??). So, after a few drinks I logged on and brought these without thinking. Size ten fits my waist, size ten however does not fit my booty. SO I didn't get to wear these, and I still haven't worn them, but I refused to return them because they are my "I'm going to wear these when I get to my goal weight!!!" pants. I can't tell you much about the fit, except that if you have a bigger booty you should size up. The quality is super good though, they don't feel like the type of jeans that are going to rip and leave you exposed.

Size 10
Cost: $45.00

I love this top so much that I am seriously considering getting the exact same top in the beige colour as well! It is floaty and light and is going to be perfect for summer. Because it obviously not summer yet, I have worn this layered up and it still looks cute. Sizing is pretty good but if you are more petite you maybe would want to go down a size just so you aren't swamped by the shirt.

Size 10
Cost: $55.00

I have wanted a pair of gingham pants for the longest time and the thoughts of "you couldn't pull them off" and "they'll make your legs look bigger than they already are" were most of the reason I didn't bother spending the money on them. However, without the trio to Sydney I was like "who the hell cares, I am wearing them!!!" Hence why I brought them. These are stretchy and super cute when you wear them- the perfect pair of pants if you are going to have a big meal.

Size 10
Cost: $65.00

I am not usually a person to but white clothes for a few reasons:

1. Sometimes Brodie will try and be helpful and put some clothes in the wash and accidentally put my good clothes in with his work clothes.
2. Fake tan ruins everything.
But today I thought what the hell, and purchased a *gasp* white top. When purchasing I think I was thinking that the material would be much like that of the summer sandbar top, because you know who reads descriptions these days? FYI it isn't made out of that material, it's cord and I fucking love it!! The hemline is frayed, which I also loved because I am about anything that is even slightly frayed these days. It's a very relaxed fit, almost oversized, boyfriend fit.

Size 10
Cost: $55.00

I LOVE the colour of this body suit, so gorgeous. I wore this out the other weekend and noticed two things: I cannot wear a tight skirt/shorts/pants with this because it leaves me with underwear lines which is something I actually cannot deal with. Secondly, it is very booby, like overly booby. Once upon a time I would have been ALL over that, but in my older, wiser, less wanting to put myself out there self I am very self conscious when it comes to how much cleavage I am willing to put out into the world- particularly since my boobs have somewhat shrunk.

Cost: $89.95

Me and heels don't go well together anymore, they used to but I am no longer a person who can tolerate dancing and walking around in heels all night, and I am not about to be a person that walks around a club/street barefoot either, hell no. I lasted all night in these heels without getting sore feet- do you know how rare that is!! I was worried that the straps would dig in to my feet but they definitely didn't and they looked killer all night. I am officially obsessed.

Cost: $99.95

Guess what? I love these also!! They're super comfy, cute and they go with whatever outfit that you seem to chuck on with them. I wore these to the Business Chicks event on both days- one day with the Gingham pants and one day with plain black jeans and both days I didn't have sore feet and my outfit looked A+.

So here is my Princess Polly haul. You know I love PP and I'm not just posting in hopes you'll buy through my link- I bloody love PP clothes, hence why I spend this much money there. If you pick something up let me know!!!

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