Positivity & Productivity: Part Two | Goals

Alright I said part two would be up on Thursday, I lied- its Monday and I'm only posting now, sorry about that. This is what happens when you are one of those people who get sick at least once a month, like a flu or cold type sickness. Whatever, better late than never..right?

If you missed part one to this post on affirmations you can read it right here.

If you didn't see it in the title this part two is on goals and how the art of goal setting can be used to make you, your most positive and productive self. There is probably millions of different types of goals but there is a few that I want to share with you today, you know- the ones I actually use, there is no point me going off on a tangent and telling you about all these different types of goals and how to set them, if I don't even bother with them myself, ya feel? So, the types of goals I talk about today are what I do genuinely use to keep me on track.
I actually use an app to keep myself on track for all of my goals. I used to write them down in a journal-type-diary-thing but I would forget to take it with me and I would wander off course. Using an app works well because hello- who doesn't take their phone with them everywhere? So you always have your goals and to-do list right there with you through out the day, hello convenience. The app I use is called "Goals Wizard" and its on the App store, I have an iPhone, so I have no idea about androids- sorry!

First off lets chat about.. Long Term Goals 

When I say long term I feel like people think, you know 10+ years, I am not talking that long at all. I can barely think about tomorrow let alone ten years away. I know that shit changes all the time and what I value and want to do now is probably going to be vastly different to what I will value and want to do in 10 years time. In the same way that in ten years time my life will probably be totally different to how it is now. When I say a long term I'm talking a year to two years, three years maximum. I think biting things off in smaller chunks is the way to go and doesn't seem as overwhelming. For me in general, 2-3 years just seems more of a realistic time frame.

So, how do you set long term goals? Bloody good question. I start from here- you have to work backwards, figure out where you want to be in three years- so you want to have saved x amount of money, you want to be a qualified whatever, you want to be whatever position in a company, those type of things. These are the long term goals that you can't work at for five minutes and expect to be leaps and bounds closer to completing, these are the ones that are going to take the most effort. This is where you start, you think of your ultimate goals and then break it down into smaller, more comprehensible, bite size pieces. I think the most important thing to remember, especially with long term goals, is that shit changes, your priorities change and you need to be able to adapt- and so do your goals.

Bite size pieces? You mean Short Term Goals?

So if long = 1-3 years, what is short term then? I look at short term goals to be within any time frame from one month, right up until the one year (which is when it crosses the line to become a long term goal). Long term goals have the disadvantage of being so far away it can be somewhat de-motivating, it can be easy to lose sight of your goals because like I said, they're so far away. Short term goals provide you with a way to break that big, long term goal into smaller milestones that can serve as motivation in he form of celebrating these smaller wins. By laying down a clear and structured path with short term goals that can be celebrated you are more motivated to reach your long term goal.

How do I set short term goals? Take your long term goal, consider it. Break that one big goal into smaller, actionable parts. Now, let me tell you about SMART goals, because you need to keep that acronym in mind when you are setting these smaller goals. Don't know what it means? Allow me to explain.

  • S= Specific. What exactly do you want to achieve? Where? Who else is involved? Why do you want to achieve this goal? Having a why listed will allow you to help you out when you're feeling unmotivated. 
  • M= Measurable. For a goal to be 'measurable' you need to be able to identify what success will look like when you reach it. What will you see? What will you feel? Hear? What does success look like in regards to this goals. 
  • A= Attainable. Is this goal suitable for you and your situation? Do you have the time to reach this goal? Do you have the money? The talent? 
  • R= Relevant. Is this goal relevant to you and relevant to your success in reaching your long term goals? 
  • T= Time bound. Set time limits on your goals. Keep a timeline, be realistic with that timeline and make adjustments as you think are necessary. 
How do I get everything done in a day? With..Daily Goals

Daily goals, or a "to-do list" can help keep you productive on the daily. I use these goals to help me get everything that needs to be done completed in a timely manner. Things listed can be as small as "make my bed", you just need to set yourself up to the point that by the end of the day you have ticked off hopefully everything that you wanted to have done by the end of the day, and if not put it at the top of your to-do list for tomorrow. I list everything, seriously everything, so nothing gets forgotten, I list work things that need to be done, blog things that need to be done, housework ect ect. I even include the things that I do every day, and am in the routine of doing every day just for a little bit of peace of mind that they will get done. 

While I can harp on about how good it is to set goals, you need to remember that there is going to be barriers to your goals, barriers that you will need to overcome. You could loose your motivation, life gets in the way, you get busy with other things- its life and shit like that happens to everyone. Prepare for those obstacles to be hurtled at you, expect them and be prepared for them. Never forget your "why" and overcoming hurtles gets a little bit easier. 

There wasn't supposed to be a part three to this series, it was two and that was it. I however, have decided that there is going to be a part three. I didn't realise that I needed to read this content as much as I wanted to write it. Especially this part, it reminded me to be clear on my goals and gave me some motivation to keep myself on track. So, part three is coming (with no set date date because look how that turned out last time): daily habits that make it easier to be productive and positive.