Weisberger, Wainwright, Moriarty | Book Club #1

When I was in high school I loved reading anything that had nothing to do with my actual school work, I was more of a reading for enjoyment person than a reading because I have to person. I think because I started having to actually read novels for school and you know, text books, I started not enjoying reading anymore. Once you become an adult and you have to do adult things all day every day its so hard to find the time and the will power to pick up a book and read. Which I think is where apps like iBooks can come in really handy, you have your book on you phone which is usually with you at all times and whenever you get a second, instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media you can read instead. That's something that I have been making more of a conscious effort to do, especially before bed. 

The following post is me telling you a whole heap of books I have read, enjoyed and would recommend for you guys to read. That is pretty much all I have to say, if you agree with my recommendations or have any books you think I should read and maybe talk about in the next book club post, let me know!

When Life Gives You Lululemons Lauren Weisberger

The third installment of the 'Devil Wears Prada' series and probably my favourite out of each book (big call, I know!). I love books that are all about sisterhood, and this list will reflect that because there is a lot of sisterhood going on here. So, the book follows Emily who you will recognise from the previous books, if you've read them- if you haven't you should, but it isn't all that necessary in order to follow along with this book, which is something Lauren Weisberger has done really well, to create a tie in book to her best selling series, but to also create a book that can stand alone. I don't want to give away the plot or anything like that, but I do want to comment on how easy it is to relate the characters in this book, which I think is completely necessary in order to keep people turning the pages of the book. Obviously not in the sense of the Hollywood, fame, money ect, but in the sense of their insecurities and such. Weisberger delves into the characters thoughts and insecurities in way that is still entertaining and light heartedly but relative enough that readers can identify parts of themselves in the characters. I would 100% recommend this book, even if you haven't read the rest of the books, this is definitely a page turner. 

The Mummy Bloggers Holly Wainwright

I feel like this book probably was more targeted to the women that are Mum's so it was a bit odd that I picked this one up, but in saying that- I still loved this book. It wasn't so much the "Mum" aspect, it was the fact that this book was a work of fiction and yet everything in it is what actually happens in the world of blogging. There are people (characters in this book) that do make up and essentially live a lie in order to gain a bigger following, there are the people who do this as a way of release and there those people who do this with a grain of spite. This book is everything, it shows three different worlds and three different worlds of blogging with a height of drama. Right up my alley.

How To Be Perfect Holly Wainwright

The sequel to book we just talked about. This one is a step away from both the blogger and mummy ties from the first book. This book brings up more of the issues that surround social media and the influencers that dominate our social media. I love that Holly Wainwright has found a way to write about such serious issues with a comedic attitude. She brings up serious issues such as drug usage, underage nudity and domestic violence but cushions them in a way that allows the readers to not feel exhausted and heavy from reading the book. 

These Other Women Nicola Moriarty

I feel like I read this book in a few hours, I was that captivated by the storyline. I identified with this book SO much, I've always been the girl who has very little desire to have a baby, to have kids and that is what the book centres around- the women who aren't maternal and have no desire to be so and the outcast that they are given because of that. Not only does the book battle that stereotype, it battles the issue around social media bullying, which is another important issue that needs to be talked about time and time again. My favourite thing about this book is that there is no right side and there is no wrong side, both sides will find themselves in the wrong and also in the right. I find books where there is one clear person in the wrong the whole time to get boring after time, so this kept me interested from the first page to the last page. 

The Fifth Letter Nicola Moriarty 

I have just realised that every book I've talked about is definitely about sisterhood so if you have recommendations to get me out of the genre let me know. This one isn't young girls, this one women, women who drifted apart in the years of adult hood, adults who had children, got married and some divorced, this book is another one that is very real and authentic. I'll be honest the book can get a little bit stale, but if you push through it gets more exciting, trust me. 

Send me your recommendations for the next book club post!