I'm Back! | How To Creatively Unblock Yourself

Not that type of block.

I have not uploaded any new content in over three weeks, THREE WHOLE WEEKS! Which is a length of time away from writing that I haven't taken in a very long time. If you follow our Facebook page you would have seen why I chose to take some time away from the pressure of creating content regularly. (Hint: it involved my car and a now slightly out of shape tree.) It was an accident (obviously) but it was one that left me feeling completely out of sorts and not in the mood for anything other than staying in bed and binge watching TV shows. (BTW if you're looking for a new one: The Bold Type on Stan- 100% recommend). I worked my actual job from home and once that was done there was not much of anything else going on. Admittedly I could have used my time research upcoming content, but I'll be honest- I haven't even logged into the TIA Instagram in a few weeks, I can just imagine how much my follower count has come down.

I'm not here to be sad over the undoing of what work I had put in over the past few weeks- because the rest break was totally warranted. I'm here to talk about being blocked, creatively blocked. One of the reasons I could not bing myself to research anything or come up with any new content during those three weeks is because I had nothing to say, no motivation or inspiration to say anything, to put a message or information out into the world. Often, I would go for my afternoon walks and come up with some ideas of what I wanted to write and I would be so pumped to get home and smash out some content, but once I sat down at my computer I had nothing, absolutely nothing to say. I would write down my ideas in my notes app on my phone and I would promise myself that I was going to get something written by the end of the next day, it was always like that "there will be new content on the page tomorrow afternoon." but there never was. More often than not I would try and push myself to write and nothing would come out except tears because I was so damn frustrated. There was lot of frustration crying going on- let me tell you.

When it got to Monday of the second week without any new content going on (this was last week), I was over it, I wanted to write something- anything I could. I have my novel plan that I could have kept working on, but I was not feeling it, so, naturally- I Googled it, as you do. I'm fairly certain if you go into my web browser history the actual phrase I typed was "how the fuck do you get over writers block?". Could have done without the swearing but I feel I managed to convey my point fairly well to the search engine Gods, because they delivered the goods.

One of the first things that came up was to 'tap into your subconscious', apparently you come up with your best ideas when you are half asleep. I would 100% believe this, I am forever coming up with research and content ideas when I'm laying in bed trying to get to sleep- at a time when I don't want to pick up my phone because the bright light will probably jolt me back into being wide awake. Obviously, there is more than just one way of recording your thoughts, you don't HAVE to use your smart phone. SO I went back to the old-fashioned way (which I actually use a lot now), I chucked a pen and notebook on my bed side table and awaited inspiration to hit in the dark of the night. (Please note, you can't really write in the dark so you're still jolted into consciousness by a light anyway- you may as well just use your phone.)

As I said, a lot of the time I had the idea I just could not expand on that idea enough to make it into a full post. Google told me to 'redefine the problem'. I didn't understand how to do this at first and thought that it was such a useless thing to do- if I couldn't come up with the words in the first place, I was not going to be able to come up with the words simply by changing the way I thought about the topic. I had a few subjects set out and the angle I thought I wanted to tackle it with, but as I sat there and shrugged my shoulders thinking "well, I couldn't get any less words than I already have", I gave it a go. I came up with new perspectives and new angles (even ones that I didn't agree with) just to prove that there was still some inspiration left in side of me.

Another website told me to take a break from trying to write and do something else that is creative. This one was hard one to step into, I am not a creative person (other than writing). With painting and drawing off the table because I knew my disastrous art would send me into more of a shitty mood, I decided that rearranging the house- that's creative! I stayed away from the main areas because they have heavy furniture (and I have whiplash) and because there was just not much else I could do with the space. SO my back room where I work out was the one to make a sacrifice. It did get rearranged and I felt more accomplished because of it, however it did end up pretty much the way it was t begin with over the next few days, simply because I needed things to be in an area where I could access them quickly. So my creative outlet wasn't painting or drawing or anything like that, it as just to create something else by rearranging my back room.

I didn't find this one on Google but it's always a tool I have used to find the motivation to have an opinion and write about it- drawing inspiration from others. My social media feeds, the websites I read, the podcasts I listen to- they're all a tool to help me find the inspiration to continue creating content. Obviously I don't sit there and copy and paste the words of someone else but another persons content and opinions can help m to form a solid view point which helps me to create content.

Another one not from Google but from personal experience is to declutter your working environment. I CANNOT work if the space around me is messy- if the room feels cluttered then my mind is cluttered and the work I produce (if any) is cluttered. So what do I do? Clean obviously, is there any other way? Most Monday mornings you will find me first thing cleaning up my work office, no matter if it really needs it or not. My house is more often then not in order- if you come to my house and it is in dire need of cleaning you can safely assume I am on a downward slope.

So there we have it, some ways to unblock yourself when you're feeling creatively blocked. Some have been tried and tested by me and some are straight from the realms of Google. I'm going to keep working on this whole being creatively blocked, because I bloody love writing and creating content for this blog.  In summary, I am back baby, get ready for new content, I am excited.