An Honest Evaluation of the Goals I Set for 2018

2018 is nearly at an end, which I am slightly thrilled about, I mean I am o.v.e.r this year, but in the same token it blows my mind at how fast time seems to have gone. Were we not JUST in January 2018? No we weren't but you get what I mean. At the beginning of the year I made a post entitled "New Year, New Goals" which I have linked, should you want to have a read. Personally, I don't think there is any point in setting goals and resolutions for the year if you aren't going to get to the end of it and think back to what you set and why. You can't make new goals without first having evaluated the ones you may be leaving behind. So, I've pulled up the post and I am going to go through and have a little evaluation of how I went this year. I am SO curious to see how I went as a whole.

First cab off the rank: Find time to read again. Yes! Yes! Yes! I wrote that I want to read at least one book per month this year and I've just looked at my iBooks library and I've finished 14 on the app, on my 15th now and that doesn't include the actual hard copy books that I have read, which I will say probably sits around five or six (it is just way easier to read on my phone, so easily accessible, always with me and means that I can read while Brodie is soundly asleep next to me). I even started book club posts that is exciting, I mean in school I was addicted to books- I would go the library and be returning the same book two days later. I am sop happy I did stick to this goal and have found enjoyment in reading again. On that note- a new book club post will be up very shortly. 

My second listed goal was educate myself. It seems here I was talking about educating myself about the world around me and using that knowledge to to write informative and interesting blog posts. I think I've done this as well. I spent a lot of time researching for some of my favourite blog posts this year including this one on endometriosis, this one on periods and my personal favourite, my piece on the death of Eurydice Dixon and violence against women. Also in terms of education I finished my certificate in business management and did a short course in marketing, something I have decided I want to continue further. Do I feel more educated than I did this time last year? Hell yeah I do!

Ah, one I didn't quite achieve this year, learn to control my anxiety. I said it a few weeks ago, God knows where, but this year was my worst for anxiety, I haven't ever had a year as bad as this I don't think. I think I am at an even worse spot with anxiety now, but I only notice it every now and again- particularly. I used to be quite a confident driver, but alas that confidence has left the building, understandably so. Absolutely anxiety is something that I have to work on next year. 

Learn to be a morning person. I did this one AND wrote a post about it (are you surprised? me neither). Fuck, this one was hard work, I mean I was a dedicated through and through night owl, you would not catch me out of bed a second earlier than I really had to be, never. I am glad that I did it though, I mean I am never ecstatic when the alarm goes off but I feel so much better when I get shit done early- like I used to work out in the afternoon when I had no energy, but working out in the morning has meant I could push myself further and harder. I still don't eat breakfast thought. 

I knew there was a fitness one in here some where! Be able to do pull ups without assistance. Thumbs down from me, still cannot do a pull up to save my life. I should be able to blame the fact that all of my upper body muscles are well and truly cooked, but that's because of the accident and that happened in November, which I mean if I was going to do a pull up I would have by then. 

Do more things that make me happy. This is a hard one to measure isn't it? I think we kind of got half way on this one, I would spend sometime putting what I want first and then some time fluffing around worrying about what everyone else wanted from me. I didn't do enough of what I truly wanted to do in 2017 and I am going to say I probably didn't in 2018 either if I am being truly honest. 

I loved this next one! Write more, "I'm going to write whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm not going to post what I think other people want to read, I am going to write what I want too." There was a point that I was writing because I felt like I had too, like if I abandoned this blog I would look like a total failure. I was writing shit that I didn't care about and you could tell I didn't have my heart in my work. These days I definitely only write and post content that I have put my heart in and am truly invested in. I mean to measure it, I would have totally written and posted more content this year as well, every three days is what I like to try and stick too!

Another one I probably could have been more successful at, save money. We do have savings, obviously but throughout the year we seem to have found small, but big things that we need to take money out of savings for. We could have saved more if I am being honest, but then what fun things would we have missed out on? I don't know, I definitely don't regret spending the money because we could obviously justify it to ourselves at the time. 

This one went off the rails in a big way, be kinder to myself. I write that I would no longer beat myself up when missing a day of exercise, and not being mad at myself for my mental health. If you read my post about health and fitness and the disordered way of thinking that I managed to get myself in to you would know exactly what I am talking about. I wasn't being kind to my body I was seriously damaging it, but now that I have the knowledge that I do maybe, juts maybe I will find a way to be kinder to myself in 2019.

My last goal is something I am so happy to be able to say I fucking did this one!! Put myself out there. You would know that the biggest thing I sis to leave my comfort zone was flying solo to the other side of the country and attending an event over two days with not one person that I knew personally. That was bloody huge for me, usually not knowing anyone would mean there was no way in hell I was going by myself. I did this for myself, I talked to people who I didn't even know, I put myself out there and God I am so happy that I did, it helped me to build up some confidence. 

In a later post I will share my goals and resolutions for the coming year, I just need to think of some first! I think that if you remember or wrote down your goals (I know not everyone does) you should go back and evaluate them. Be proud of yourself for what you have achieved and acknowledge what you didn't. No one is perfect but we're all growing.