Get It In Ya' Ears: Podcasts To Listen Too

Its nearly the end of the year which for most people means it is almost holiday time. Some people will have some relaxation time, others flying time, me? I have a whole load of driving time- well I won’t be doing the driving but I will be in the car- bored out of my brains. So, for others in a similar boat to me, or simply wanting some new podcasts to listen to I thought I would recommend some of my favourites to get you through the holiday season.

  •          Shameless Podcast
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If you love pop culture this one is for you. Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald are two journalists who manage to turn something as fluffy and sometimes downright dumb as celebrity pop culture into around a 45 minute episode of smart, thoughtful comments on the world around us, every Monday! I am such a fan of podcasts that are produced and spoken by women (this list will probably reflect that sorry), I’m not sure why but whatever. This podcast has quickly become my favourite and I find myself getting excited on Sunday nights because when I wake up hello new episode!

  •          The Thinker Girls Pod Channel
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These two ladies were the first ever podcast that I listened to, like ever. This is a pod channel so we don’t just get one episode per week and are left seriously craving more, we get two or three episodes per week. I love that there is a mixture of personal experiences mentioned and the lessons these ladies have learnt, but there is also content about current happenings from politics and real life issues and pop culture. I feel like this podcast really represents me as a person- does that make sense? Probably not but that’s fine.

  •          The Cut on Tuesdays
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Gimlet media release this podcast, you guessed it- on Tuesdays. I heard this recommendation from the girls on Shameless and since I listened to my first episode I have been hooked. I love the mixture of content, just like the above podcasts. One day you can be listening to a 45 minute podcast dedicated to talking about pubic hair and the next week you are listening to a complete conversation about gun violence in America through a story of domestic violence.

  •         The Teachers Pet
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You knew this was going to be on the list, didn’t you? I started listening to this when I went to Sydney, I spent a lot of time consuming this podcast, because well I was bloody hooked. I’m sure you probably have heard about the whole situation surrounding this podcast, how could you not? Its all over Australian news at the moment. This is all about the still- unsolved disappearance and probable murder of Lynette Dawson, last seen on the 8th January 1982. So many details and interviews and a complete investigation by Hedley Thomas that the police failed to do.

  •        The ATP Project
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You have seen me talk about ATP products on this blog under The Supplement Diaries series, but did you know that they also produce an incredibly informative podcast as well? Not only do they do podcasts on their products they do information podcasts on the latest health trends, on health concerns and issues that we all have, on anything and everything to do with health and fitness. If you’re into really knowing about your body and health and fitness this podcast is the goods.

  •          The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast
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This podcast is hosted by my favourite health and fitness guy on Instagram Danny Kennedy. I love that this one is pretty much based around everything health and fitness, which is a topic that I am so interested in. In a lot of episodes Danny, who himself is a qualified PT, brings on a lot of guests to his podcasts, which allows us to have so many different insights into a world full of so many different opinions and views.

  •         The High Low
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Unsurprisingly another podcast hosted by two women, shocking. Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes are two British journalists who talk about anything and everything from politics to trashy reality television show. It is kind of similar to Shameless but the British version as to opposed to the Australian version. It’s honestly kind of like listening in on a conversation between to friends, which is what I really love in a podcast.

  •         Lady Startup
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I love so many of the Mamamia podcasts, but this has to be my favourite- why? Because I bloody admire the women who get interviewed on this podcast, I have so much respect for women who take that step and go out and start their own business, they take that plunge and put themselves out there for something they are passionate about. Hosted by Rachel Corbett who has been in radio, television and podcasts for years, I love how Rachel picks the brains of these successful business gals, and somehow gets the questions exactly right, she asks exactly what we want to know.  

  •          Ladies, We Need To Talk
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My last recommendation is an ABC podcast, hosted again by a women who has been in the media industry for a while- Yumi Stynes. This is another podcast for women by women (can you not tell by the title?). I love a podcast that isn’t afraid to talk about the tricky stuff that other people can sometimes shy away from, much like my attitude towards these topics, Yumi doesn’t mind talking about the things that sometimes make us cringe. You get around two episodes per month and while I personally could deal with more, I can see the research and interview efforts that go into this podcast.

Have another podcast that you think should 100% be on this list? Tell us! Sharing is caring.