Pros & Cons 2018 | Personal

You read part one of my pros and cons list for 2018 just a few days ago where we recounted the highs and the lows of the world of pop culture, politics and well, life in general. We talked about the greatness of the first same sex marriages in Australia and the incredible year that Ariana Grande had, and the not so greatness of the Barnaby Joyce saga and the celebrity deaths that saddened us all. If you missed that post and want to have a bit of a "holy crap that only happened this year" moment, it will be linked right here for you to have a read of (after this one of course).

Honestly, thank goodness for social media or I would have had no idea what happened this year and what didn't. Currently scrolling through my profiles to find some things to list.


  • My first article was actually published this year on Mamamia. This was such a whim when I was writing it because it wasn't long enough to be a blog post so I was like.. well what do I do with this now? I just shrugged my shoulder and pressed send and funnily enough they liked what I wrote!
  • We celebrated mine and Brodies 21st birthdays with a combined party at the local pub. What better place to have a party than Brodies second home? It was a lot of fun to have pretty much everyone person that we cared about in one room. 
  • I got over my anxiety for four days and solo took on leaving the state on my own. Bloody hell this was a big thing for me, I wasn't sure I was actually going to make it onto the plane at one stage. I did it, and I would do it again. 
  • Also, Business Chicks 9 to Thrive was a pro as well, that was what I flew to Sydney for and I came out of it feeling so inspired and motivated to basically be a boss bitch. I loved hearing people that I had only ever seen on Instagram speak Emma Issacs, Sophie Cachia, Emmy Lou McCarthy, Sally Obermeder- so much fun. 
  • Bit of a weird one to add in here when we are talking about things that are bit more.. heavier? Important? I don't know. But my hair started growing!!! I have been trying to grow my hair out FOR YEARS, years I tell you. Usually I would get a few months in and I would give up and get it cut short again, not this time! I am committed. 
  • Holidays at the start of 2018 were also a plus obviously. We spent just under two weeks doing a whole heap of resting and chilling the fuck out in Kalbarri with the ocean and the river on our door step. 
  • TIA sponsored their first ever event! God this was exciting for me, to see our name as the sponsor for a local event was so cool!! It was my little sisters event raising money for their school camp, and it was kind of like a version of the colour runs that we see in the major cities.
  • I finished my traineeship! I think I kind of just did this because.. well what else was there to do? Business is a pretty broad subject and having a certificate in it wasn't a waste of time at all. It also made me realise that what I actually want to study.  


  • Crashing my car had to be a bit of a low point for me, surprised? I don't think I have even really talked about it on here, more so because I don't want to think about it than anything. While it was a con, it would definitely be a positive that both Harry and I came out fine bar a fractured pelvis and a whole heap of anxiety. 
  • On that note, my anxiety defiantly took over this year. I've never had a year as bad as this one in terms of anxiety. But on the same note I really tried to find ways to over come it and get around it and I still am trying to, I'm getting there.
  • The mentality that I got myself into with food was definitely a low point, I talked about it in a blog post already, I know, but it really was a low point. I look now and I'm so confused about how I was surviving eating so little food and doing the workouts I was doing, how did I learn to silence that voice in my head saying "your hungry?" when I am actually hungry all the time? I am truly perplexed and so grateful to be out of that mentality. 
  • So. many. doctors. appointments. Gee whiz I would not like to go back through my emails and count the number of times I sat in doctors waiting room this year, or a hospital emergency room for that matter either. Hopefully I can spend a few months away from both of them now that I am making changes to my lifestyle (and hopefully Harry gets sick when Mum and Dad are home from now on haha). 
  • I seemed to lose contact with a lot of people. At the start of the year I had a raging social life I will be honest, I was out almost every night, always out on the weekends ect ect. Now the only people I talk to are my family and Brodie, go figure. I can't even really pinpoint why I stopped hanging out with and talking to all those people- I do know however, it has been good for my liver. 
It was so hard remembering all the cons for this year, I mean I don't often post them on social media which is what I was using to jog my memory. I mean I do post when shitty things happen I guess, but I also try to keep my space relatively positive and not put out too many negative vibes. I think there would be more cons if I could remeber but I just can't so we'll just focus on the positives.